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What Is Aleppo Pepper?

Plenty of chefs have a secret—one of the most prevalent in the last few year was the answer to: “Where do you get your Aleppo pepper?” Known for its’ bright red hue and distinctive smoky flavor, Aleppo...

Istanbul October 2018 visit

jen kalb
by jen kalb 2 years ago

At long last posting a report on our October week in Istanbul. The istanbullis are avid chowhounds and we only got a very small sampling of what is available and possible to enjoy there due to t...

Poultry sausage--pork casing

by AdamL 17 years ago

My wife doesn't eat red meat or pork. The other day I picked up a package of chicken & turkey sausage from TJ's. I was feeling mighty pleased with myself for finding a new alternative to throw on t...

Upcoming Trip Uzbekistan and Istanbul Recommendations?

jen kalb
by jen kalb 3 years ago

We are heading out next month for a visit to Uzbekistan , focussing on the silk road cities, followed by a week in Istanbul. I am not aware of any Chowhound posts ever on Uzbekistan and weirdly, f...

Five Days in Istanbul

by herby 3 years ago

I am planning a short (five days) stop over in Istanbul mid-March and would greatly appreciate any advice: where to eat, what to see, where to stay, what to buy and anything else you care to share....

Sell saffron

by ehsan684 3 years ago

How can I sell my Iranian pure saffron in turkey? Do you know any place?

Where does Jacques Pepin get his bright green pistachios?

by suepea 4 years ago

On episodes of Heart & Soul and other series, Jacques cooks with pistachios that are amazingly plump and green. I've searched high and low for a source for these and cannot find anything. Everythin...

Last minute turkey thaw

by nanobabes 5 years ago

So I bought a 12 lb turkey Wednesday night and it is now Friday morning. I was aiming for a Friendsgiving dinner on Saturday, served at 5 pm. I put it in the fridge right away, but I know that ac...

Does Market Basket sell any "upgrade" type turkeys?

by nrthshr 5 years ago

What I mean by this is, do they offer something that is better in quality than the super cheap turkeys, but more expensive? I usually cook for about twelve-ish people, including kids. I have ro...

Best knafeh in Istanbul?

by unamuno200 5 years ago

Where can I find The best knafeh in Istanbul?

Best Authentic traditional turkish restaurants in Istanbul?

by unamuno200 5 years ago

I will be staying in Istanbul for 2 nights. What are some essential restaurants that I have to try? I'm looking for traditional Turkish food. I'm not looking for modern fine dining. I'm open to any...

Best kunefe in Istanbul?

by unamuno200 5 years ago

Where can I find the best Kunefe in Istanbul?

Turkey carcass in water??

by kaydills 6 years ago

Cooked a turkey breast for Christmas (Friday), and the cut away the meat from the carcass to make soup. The carcass has been sitting in the fridge in a pot full of water and onions. It's now day 2 ...

Looking for a good smoked turkey

by Cheshrcat3 9 years ago

I drove by Brett's BBQ in Encinitas the other day and they had advertised a smoked turkey for Thanksgiving. I thought that sounded really good, but I've read many so-so reviews for Brett's as well...

Restaurants in Istanbul

by yossiw 6 years ago

We will be in Istanbul for 4 days and I am bewildered by the variety and number of restaurants. Some of the ones we are considering are: Modern Turkish: Lokanta Maya; Yeni Lokanta Mezze: Mezz...


by matika 6 years ago

Hi, We a re about to leave for Turkey and will be in Istanbul, Cappacovca, and Kudasi . Would love to hear from chow hound folks about their favorite places to eat. Have done some research as ...

Turkeys 2015

by itryalot 6 years ago

Anyone seen any decent prices for frozen heritage or organic turkeys in grocery stores (GTA to London, Ontario area)? Pces or whole.

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