Turkey Giblets


My turkey's missing its giblets!

by spkspk 13 years ago

I'm making my turkey stock tonight and went to pull the neck and giblets from my turkey. I was up to my elbow in the turkey, but no giblets to be found. Aside from being bummed that I won't be abl...

My Turkey Was Incomplete

by therealdoctorlew 3 years ago

My Thanksgiving turkey was Incomplete. I bought a frozen Aaron's Best turkey at Best Market. When I opened the package after thawing for roasting, I discovered there were no giblets inside, and, ...

Where can I purchase Turkey Giblets?

by s4zando 4 years ago

Does anyone know where in the TCs I could purchase some turkey giblets and neck (equivalent to what's typically in one turkey)? I've tried Kowalskis and Von Hansons... I've been tasked with mak...

When you make "giblet gravy," what counts as a giblet?

by gfr1111 5 years ago

It's getting on toward Thanksgiving, so when the recipe for giblet gravy blithely tells me to chop up the giblets put them in the gravy, what, exactly, are we talking about? A bunch of stuff is wr...

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