Turkey Breast

How to Make Thanksgiving for One (or Two)

Thanksgiving for one (or two) can be just as festive as any big to-do. The key is scaling back but still making it special. Thanksgiving is traditionally a time for family members to come together to...

Turkey Panini!

Jim Leff
by Jim Leff 1 year ago

Trader Joe's "Simply" Roast Turkey Breast Trader Joe's Mango/Ginger Chutney Trader Joe's Sliced Smoked Gouda Spinach/egg white omelet Shake of red pepper Portuguese Bread The combo of Mango...

My turkey's missing its giblets!

by spkspk 13 years ago

I'm making my turkey stock tonight and went to pull the neck and giblets from my turkey. I was up to my elbow in the turkey, but no giblets to be found. Aside from being bummed that I won't be abl...

Slow Cooker Turkey Breast

by MSK 4 years ago

I found what looks like a good recipe to use to have some extra white meat on hand for Thanksgiving dinner. When I brought the breast home it was wrapped in a tight ball with a net. The recipe ...

Roasting pan size for large turkey breast?

by cathyeats 4 years ago

Hi, I'm going to be making a 9 or 10 pound turkey breast for a small Thanksgiving. I have a roasting pan that belonged to my grandmother, which is oval and 8x12" - do you think it would fit the la...

Instant Pot - Boneless Turkey Roast

by Veggigal 6 years ago

Has anyone here tried making a boneless turkey roast in an Instant Pot? I can find recipes for a Turkey Breast. But this is the actual roast. I was just wondering how long to cook it. Thank you!

Butterball stuffed turkey breast roll

by Lacey1958 5 years ago

Does anyone know if you are supposed to cover when cooking the turkey roll or not? Doesn't say in the instructions.

In Search Of Stuffed (rolled) Turkey Breast

by MikeR 5 years ago

Has anyone run into this in a local market this season? I used to get it at Trader Joe's, but they aren't stocking it this year. It's a breast removed from the bone and rolled around a wad of stuff...

Saving smoked turkey breast?

by jafreeman22 5 years ago

Hello! I recently smoked a turkey breast in a professional, restaurant smoker which I intend to serve at Thanksgiving but am concerned about saving it. I brined it in salt/brown sugar and smoked it...

Turkey Breast: Remove backbone before roasting?

by TwirlyGirly 5 years ago

In general, when a recipe calls for a bone-in whole turkey breast, does one generally remove the backbone before roasting? The first time I bought a whole turkey breast, I was surprised to see t...

Boneless turkey breast - cook for how long?

by That Don Guy 5 years ago

I am considering cooking a 3-poind boneless turkey breast for Thanksgiving. The two companies I have seen with "bagged" turkey breasts (Butterball and Perdue) say to cook it at 325° for the better...

Slow Roasting a Turkey Breast

by walker 5 years ago

I got a 3.5 lb turkey breast and had the butcher bone it and then tie the meat to the bone so that I can carve it more easily later. I'd brined it for 2 days in water with sugar and salt. Before...

Help me make the best turkey breast

by walker 5 years ago

I bought a half turkey breast, 3 ⅓ pounds, bone in, butcher tied it up. I brined it about 20 hours in water, ¾ cup sugar, ¾ cup kosher salt. 350° and I kept checking temperature with thermapen....

Turkey breast roast

by stan319 6 years ago

Hi guys, it's me again. I just watched a you tube video and in it they sprayed the turkey with cooking spray before roasting it. Should I do this or don't it matter.

Turkey Final Temp? And How long to rest the bird?

by Mellicita 13 years ago

To what temperature do you cook your turkey? I have seen recommendations from 140 to 170 in the breast. I've had trouble with getting a non-dry breast, even in the brined birds. And How long...

where to buy Bone In Turkey Breast in DMV

by trishna87 6 years ago

This Thanksgiving we're having a smaller affair, so instead of the whole bird we're thinking about doing a 5-7 lb turkey breast. Now per the recipe I'm looking at, I'd need bone in, skin on turkey ...

Please help. How much many pounds raw turkey breast equals roasted cups?

by MsBees 6 years ago

Hi all. I make a turkey chili with roasted turkey breast cubes. I often make this with leftovers. But this time I'm roasting turkey breast specifically for the chili. Does anyone know where I can f...

Where can I find turkey when it's not Christmas or Thanksgiving?

by 4X4 6 years ago

I have been trying to find turkey breast at some local stores but none of them have it this time of year. I've tried Giant, Costco, Safeway and Harris Teeter. Anyone know of local stores that sell ...

brine & temp for smoked turkey breast

by biggreenmatt 8 years ago

Hey all! With Passover just around the bend, I'm looking to do something a little lighter this year- a full turkey breast is the first thing that comes to mind. Now I've smoked turkey breast ...

Home: Freezing Roasted Turkey Breast

by MjDematteis 8 years ago

Has anyone successfully (quality maintained) freezed Roasted Turkey Breast? Have read to include broth. Thanks

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