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Bundt Pan vs. Tube Pan?

by jasmine 11 years ago

I have a cake recipe I'd like to make that calls for a bundt pan. Unfortunately, I don't have one (and don't really want to buy one) but do have a tube pan. Will the results be the same? Thanks!

Question about a tube pan

by CindyJ 6 years ago

I'm heading out later today to get a tube pan to use for baking an apple cake. I don't know what kind to get. A quick search online shows one that's aluminum that has feet that "elevate the pan w...

another tube pan bites the dust!

by itryalot 9 years ago

My mom and grandmother have had theirs for 30 years. I 've been through 3 in 10 years and the seal at the bottom is terrible. I want the ones where it is in two pieces. Anyone have any recs?

Tube Pan or Bundt Pan

by SusanB 9 years ago

I'm thinking of making an angel food cake this weekend, but I realize I don't have a tube pan. Is it really necessary or could I use a bundt pan? I have one of those, and I'd really prefer not to...

Cake pan vs tube pan

by ziggylu 12 years ago

I should know the answer to this, but don't. I'm sure someone here does though. :-) I had picked up some vanilla bean infused olive oil yesterday and wanted to use it to make a cake. Looked o...

Recipe calls for 10'' tube pan but all I have is 9.5''. Can I use it?

by twinmommy 13 years ago

The recipe is for blueberry pumpkin cake using a 10'' tube pan (which I hope is the same as an angel food pan b/c that's what I bought). Do I just need to change temp./cooking time? I'd appreciat...

Need help converting baking time from a tube pan to a rectangular pan

by KingsKetz 14 years ago

Every year for the holidays I make Joan Nathan's Jewish Apple cake which calls for a tube pan. It is very reminiscent of my brother-in-law's mother's apple cake but she baked hers in a rectangular...

Tube pans with feet?

by Caviar 15 years ago

Why don't tube pans come with feet anymore? All of my mother's old ones have feet so angel food cakes can be cooled upside-down. None of the newer ones have these, and many of them have a tube that...

Lobster Souffle made in a tube pan

by Seafield 15 years ago

I am trying to find a wonderful brunch recipe I used to make in the early 90's which I have misplaced. It was a Lobster souffle/frittata which served a lot of people and was made in a tube pan. It ...

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