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Why are my real Périgord black truffles tasteless?

by tbessie 3 days ago

So my dad lives in a village in Périgord (Brantôme to be specific). I visit him there almost every summer. Usually ...

Alba white truffles now

by Robert Brown 1 month ago

We read that the price is up and the supply is down. But is there anyone in Piemonte now who can tell me what it is l...


SB foodie commented 18 days ago

Help with Truffle Menu

by tboner6 24 days ago

I am hosting a few of my foodie friends for a multi course white truffle tasting menu. We are starting with poached ...

Ttrockwood commented 22 days ago

Freezing Truffles?

by CupcakeFarmer 3 months ago

I'm a student, but I have a heavy coursework load (Fine Art, Photography and English Language) so I don't have much t...

babette feasts commented 3 months ago

Truffle-related gift in the D.C. area?

by kathryneganbrown 4 months ago

Hi, all! My husband is rather fond of truffles (sadly, I'm one of those people for whom truffles just taste


ilovecilantro commented 3 months ago

Advice - Truffle Hunting in Tuscany

by evansaunt 8 months ago

I will be at an apartment in Tuscany for a week beginning May 20th (near Siena). I have an experience booked with The...


TNExplorer commented 8 months ago

Piemonte White Truffle Advice?

by upstatefoodie 8 months ago

We will be returning to Piemonte in October for the truffle festival and realized that we do not know much about what...


DavidT commented 8 months ago

BC Truffle Festival Happening Soon

by Sam Salmon 11 months ago

Not sure what to make of this-will it be as flaky even embarrassing as the Poutine and Taco 'festivals'? Anyone be...


repartee commented 11 months ago

Substitution for lemongrass??

by im_nomad 10 years ago

I want to make a thai truffle recipe i found this weekend..but there is not one piece of lemongrass to be found ANYWH...


eangellmn commented 11 months ago

Should dried black truffle have a strong scent?

by dost 12 months ago

I have enjoyed truffle butters (white and black) and truffle salt over the years, and decided to splurge on a contain...

C. Hamster commented 12 months ago

Where to buy fresh truffles in Boston

by Bugsey34 1 year ago

Looking to buy a white truffle at the end of the month. Besides Russo's, Formaggio Kitchen, Savenor's, Wilson Farm an...


gracenote commented 1 year ago

A Bumper Truffle Crop!

by DavidT 1 year ago


Michaelspont commented 1 year ago

Does Anyone REALLY like truffle fries?

by jfood 7 years ago

Here is another new trend jfood cannot buy into. There are a few places where you order a nice bacon cheeseburger and...


catdady15 commented 1 year ago

There are no truffles in truffle oil

by chkarl7777 1 year ago

I just ran across this interesting article and thought I would share. Am I the only one who didn't know this? htt...

Multifoiled commented 1 year ago

Restaurants & Bars Be the first to comment

Black Truffles Pasta

by chnstud 1 year ago

I used to go to Terroni for this dish. They brought out a food scale and shave the black truffle onto the scale so yo...

Fresh truffles covered in mold - ok to use?

by celeriac 6 years ago

I was given a gift of some fresh black truffles. They were unfortunately stored in a sealed plastic bag for several d...


Unkle Al commented 1 year ago

Any place in San Diego to buy fresh white truffles?

by keith stone 11 years ago

Just got back form Vegas. Had a great dish at Guy Savoy with white truffles. Does any one know if we can find/buy t...


sunnyskies12 commented 1 year ago

Black Perigord Truffles

by TwirlyGirly 3 years ago

So...I was in my local Whole Foods a couple of days ago, and saw they are taking orders for Perigord Truffles. Having...


TwirlyGirly commented 1 year ago