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Truffle oil, Black or White?

by Kristine 17 years ago

I've been reading the posts and have noticed truffle oil seems to come up a lot as one of those condiments that can really take a dish over the top. I've decided to buy some but need to know what i...

Is all truffle oil made with artificial flavorings?

by mistermike 17 years ago

The prior post about white truffle oil got me thinking about an article I read some time ago stating that all truffle oil is made with artificial flavorings. Is this true? I have a bottle of white ...

Uses of White Truffle Oil

by PhillipJ 17 years ago

I received a bottle of white truffle oil as a gift and I am seeking suggestions for the best ways of making the most of this oil. Thanks

what to do with white truffle oil?

by Raconteur 17 years ago

I have acquired a bottle of white truffle oil. I bought it after tasting it on bread and nearly swooning. What else can I do with it other than mashed potatoes or dipping bread? Will the flavor s...

Does white truffle oil go bad???

by Irongirl 17 years ago

We've had a smallish bottle of White Truffle Oil that hasn't been opened. Purchased it a year ago and I think we've been intimidated to use it! Now that I know not to be scared of oil, I'm now wo...

Truffle oil

by Sharon Lebewohl 17 years ago

I remember that several months ago someone requested a source for truffle oil. I just purchased it from Kosher Depot. They carry products that I never imagined would have a hechsher.If a product i...

black winter truffle oil

by Laughing Goddess 17 years ago

I meant to buy white truffle oil today, but wasn't paying attention and got black winter truffle oil. Googling isn't bring up much of anything that says "black winter truffle oil". Will this b...

Trader Joe's truffle oil

by EHunt 17 years ago

I spotted white and black truffle oil the last time I was at Trader Joe's. It is a decent sized bottle and I believe it was about $8 or $9. Has anyone tried it? Is it worth getting? Thanks in adv...

White truffle oil vs black

by Ruth Lafler 17 years ago

Trader Joe's has a new batch of truffle oils in, both white and black, $8.99. Since I've never used truffle oil at all, I pondered which one to buy and finally bought the white. Can anyone enligh...

Black truffle oil dilemma

by fooddude37 17 years ago

Okay, so after using white truffle oil for god knows how long, with many successes, I decided to pick up some black. I'm really having trouble balancing out flavors. I just had some scrambled egg...

how do you use truffle oil?

by delectable 18 years ago

I tried tossing it with pasta, but I found the flavor to be a little faint. Maybe I should be using more, but the bottle I bought was so small it seems to suggest that you're only supposed to use ...

Truffle Oil - need small bottle

by at203 18 years ago

Where can I get a small bottle of truffle oil? I am making a dinner this weekend, and need the stuff, but I'm not sure when I'll need it after that. So I want a small amount... where can I obta...

Truffle Oil

by Ciaohound 19 years ago

What is a good brand of Truffle Oil, what foods does it enhance best, and is it available in San Francisco Bay Area? Grazie Tanto

Truffle oil

by Janice 19 years ago

Am a complete truffle addict and have been through one oil after another-looking for a good one- but the search has ended. I have found a GREAT one. Both the black and white are excellent(tho I con...

black truffle oil

by mike 19 years ago

I just bought a bottle of black truffle oil at Trader Joes for less than $9.00.i HAVEN'T TRIED IT YET.

How does Truffle oil taste on Foccacia?

by Elle 19 years ago

Is the taste absolutely wondeful? I have heard of it on pasta, but was just wondering how it is on breads.

What are the uses for Truffle oil and what does it taste like?

by Elle 19 years ago

I see this all the time in the gourmet food shops, but I have never been quite sure of how to use it or the type of flavor it adds to a dish.

what to do with white truffle oil?

by no cilantro 19 years ago

a friend gave us a bottle of white truffle oil as a gift. i haven't had much luck with recipes calling for it. anyone have excellent concoctions to share? or should i just dab it on my wrists to se...

storing truffle oil and balsamic vinegar

by Rachel Hope 21 years ago

I recently bought a bottle of truffle oil and a really nice aged balsamic vinegar and am wondering how best to store them. In the cabinet? How long will they keep? Should I keep the truffle oil a...

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