Truffle Oil


Kosher White Truffle Oil

by Kosher Goose 17 years ago

Does anyone know of a brand of white truffle oil that is kosher with some respectable certification? I can't find one anywhere. Thanks!

Durum Wheat Semolina Pasta with Truffle

by samwis 2 years ago

Hi all, I received a gift pack (pictured) and really struggling to find recipe ideas. (annoyingly it came with no suggestions!) I've not cooked with semolina pasta and am not sure how to best i...

Sourcing Truffle Oil and Wild Mushrooms in NW LA Area

by whiner 9 years ago

I'm a bit disappointed with what I can find at Whole Foods. Anyone have ideas for nice specialty shops with good selections of fresh wild mushrooms and / or places with nice selections of truffle ...

Mushroom and Truffle Oil Panini

by tvan614 4 years ago

I want to make a panini with mushrooms and truffle oil. What is the best way to ensure the mushrooms will have the most flavor from the oil? Should I sautee them in the oil before "panining" the...

There are no truffles in truffle oil

by chkarl7777 5 years ago

I just ran across this interesting article and thought I would share. Am I the only one who didn't know this? https://priceonomics.com/there-are-no-truffles-in-truffle-oil/

truffle oil

by Minisox 6 years ago

does anyone know where to buy san pietro a pettine truffle oil in the usa?

Popcorn & Truffle Oil & Truffle Salt

by bowmgbo 11 years ago

I've recently started making popcorn. Today I flavored it with butter, white truffle oil, parmesan, salt. My friend has been urging me to switch from salt to truffle salt. My question is: t...

favorite truffle oil

by Bellachefa 8 years ago

yes, I know it can be a bain, but when used with a light hand in the proper preparation it can elevate a dish. Anyone have a favorite black or white truffle oil to keep in your pantry for when a...

Making truffle oil and other trufflish R&D

by RicRios 15 years ago

We got a batch of wonderful fresh white truffles, and are about to do a bit of R&D at home. For starters, truffle oil. Tradition dictates the use of olive oil. We're thinking a less-flavorful oi...

truffle oil

by yeggy 6 years ago

Can one buy truffle oil anywhere or only in specialty shops and does it taste like truffles?

Source of Mussini black truffle oil?

by Hubby Santa 6 years ago

I'm looking for Mussini black truffle oil in the Toronto area. It was available at Loblaws, but is no longer. Anyone know of a source?

So.. truffle oil in Paris...?

by Ljubitca 13 years ago

I know here in the states the truffle oil you normally find is genetically engineered and added to olive oil. I know this might sound naive but we were unaware that the white truffle oil we wer...

Where can I find REAL truffle oil

by secondsplz 10 years ago

I've heard that all the truffle oil that is sold is really still just infused chemically, even if it states differently. Could that be true? Where do I get the real stuff??

Truffle oil...619 calories per tablespoon??!!

by FoxReindeer 7 years ago

I'm normally not one to count calories...but 619 per tablespoon?! This is a typo, right? That's more than a Big Mac! Isn't it just EVOO? And before anyone gets all "Holier than thou"...YES, I'...

Your favorite brands of walnut oil and truffle oil

by ScottnZelda 8 years ago

I've bought a number of LeBlanc oils over the years, but wonder about trying some of your favorite brands of walnut and truffle oils, if you would please provide the names and where I might find th...


by ospreycove 10 years ago

Here is a quote from Jean Georges Vongericten in an interview that he had with a Wall Street Journal Reporter,22 January 2011. "The most overrated ingredient is truffle oil. It's like gasoline. I ...

Truffle Oil and Natural Truffle Flavor

by pitu 15 years ago

I just tried a truffle oil - or rather truffle aromatic condiment with EVOO and natural truffle flavor. Product of Italy. The brand is TrentinAceti s.a.s. of TAIO (TN), whose product line is usuall...

Da Rosario truffle oils

by ratgirlagogo 8 years ago

We were given two little bottles of it for Christmas (the white and the black). Not thrilled with the gift as our understanding is that all truffle oil is chemically enhanced. But the packaging (...

truffle oil - what to do with it other than potatoes

by frozenmitte 8 years ago

i like it. i thought of adding it to avocado mash. but i want more ideas of what to do with it. tnx

Craving truffles and truffle oil

by bobby06877 13 years ago

Ever since I took my daughter to Aquagrill for their truffle crusted cod and truffle oil, she has been driving me crazy to take her back. She loves dishes prepared with truffles or truffle oil. I h...