Trip Report

Before you travel, dig into our Chowhound trip reports to get the insider information on where to go, what to do, and—most importantly—what to eat. And don't forget to post your own trip report when you return!


Din Tai Fung Santa Clara

by trueblu 2 days ago

We wanted to venture to the Peninsula today and since we've not actually eaten at a Chinese restaurant in exactly 18 months (last such meal, for CNY was at Da Dong in Beijing!!), we really wanted a...


Northern Italy trip report: Liguria - Emilia - Venice - Milan

by dostrovs 4 days ago

I have just accomplish a blitz food intensive tour of Northern Italy in the company of my adult son. While the impressions are still fresh I am putting the feelings about the places together. I...

NY June restaurants report back

by Belkisw 8 days ago

We came to NY in late June for a week to see friends, family and have some good food and I thought worth putting together a little write-up. The highlights were the two Mexican spots we went to,...

Gates and Sons - Brooklyn Ave

by bighound 1 year ago

heard the legend of Gates BBQ for years so was excited to go. an extreme letdown of an experience i must say. this location on the day we were there was awful. The ordering process was very chaotic...

Jack Stack BBQ - Didn't live up to the hype

by bighound 1 year ago

Dinner at Jack Stack BBQ was a bit of a disappointment given the good reviews. It was more like a steak house restaurant environment (situated in a Spanish-style mall) with the high prices rather t...

Vienna’s Steirereck contemplation

by Belkisw 8 days ago

In late June we came back to Steirereck for our third or fourth meal here over the years. As always, amazing services fabulous breads and cheeses and wines and as always we left feeling that we ha...

Super Duper Berkeley

by trueblu 20 days ago

First visit to this local burger chain. It seems to get a lot of recs on this board, but very few actual write-ups. We went with out of town guests: most had the mini (quarter pounder) burger. ...

Maykadeh, North Beach

by trueblu 20 days ago

Had out of town visitors last week: they like their food but generally don't plan trips around their food, but had only two stipulations: a decent chelow kebab, and a decent burger: yep, not exactl...

Trip Report

by Gspeed37 1 month ago

Thanks to all you Hounds for some great recommendations in Nags Head NC for our 5 night stay. You did not steer us wrong! 1) For take-out or eat-in sandwiches/salads the Country Deli in Nags Hea...

Portsmouth stuff

by Joanie 2 months ago

By the time I realized how crappy Mem Day weekend was gonna be, it was too late to cancel the hotel. So we slogged around but still had a good time, here's what we hit. Drove up Sat. (from Boston) ...

Asturias, Food Notes, in Brief

by erica 3 years ago

I neglected to report on the trip to northern Spain that I took with my partner late last year. We had just under two weeks and, except for a one-night foray to the province of Leon in order to ...

A magical drive to The Lost Kitchen, Freedom, Maine...

by gutreactions 4 years ago

This past May, self-taught Chef Erin French, proprietor of The Lost Kitchen located in rural Freedom, Maine, published her first cookbook. It piqued our curiosity. We had heard almost mystical stor...

Our Recent Week in Paris

by mitchleeny 1 year ago

Maison Sota - We recently spent an anniversary birthday week in Paris. Herewith, some of what we ate...and maybe drank. We like to head out an hour or two early before dinner, for a long walk a...

LITTLE DUMPLING, Queens, at Horace Harding Blvd south

by erica 7 months ago

I think this is a small chain; we have been stopping at the Springfield Blvd location en route to NYC from Long Island. Prices are higher than in downtown flushing but two advantages are free park...

North Conway report

by Joanie 3 months ago

Figured I'd add something new to the board. Spent 4 nites in North Conway in March and have come to really like that town. Here are the stops, trying to keep it brief (but that's impossible for me)...

Road Trip: Roanoke, VA, East Tennesee, Asheville, NC

by Steve 9 months ago

On a road trip from DC to Asheville, we had a few memorable meals despite COVID restrictions. Our first stop was the Green Goat in Roanoke, which is in a park setting with plenty of outdoor seat...

Trip Report -- San Sebastain, Granada, Alicante, Denia, Valencia, Barcelona Sept 2020

by silverlim 10 months ago

We have a whirlwind gourmet trip in Spain in September and we're glad we did the trip despite Covid-19 threat. 1) Extebarri--3rd visit, we managed to score a seat 3 days before our visit and the...

Quick Maine Trip report

Bob W
by Bob W 10 months ago

Maine trip Sept 20-26, 2020 Just got back from my only Maine visit this year. Did more at-home eating than usual so the list is sort of random and not as long as usual. Here are a few words on e...

South Carolina 2020 road trip

by bighound 8 months ago

Enjoyed a delicious 60th bday road trip through South Carolina based in Charleston. i'm adding reviews i have also posted elsewhere from our mostly delicious and fun dining. here you go: Fish...

Signs of restaurants reopening in Fairfield County, CT...

by gutreactions 1 year ago

We crossed the Westchester line into Greenwich, CT. yesterday afternoon to observe the partial reopening of restaurants in Fairfield County. Outdoor seating is now allowed, with restrictions. Drove...