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Before you travel, dig into our Chowhound trip reports to get the insider information on where to go, what to do, and—most importantly—what to eat. And don't forget to post your own trip report when you return!

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Notes from Big Island

by thranduil 4 days ago

We had a short vacation to the Big Island at the beginning of March - we haven't been back for over 5 years since bef...


kathryn commented 3 days ago

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Moab, Castle Valley, Bluff trip report

by katelynne 4 days ago

We had the good fortune to vacation in the Moab area, staying in Castle Valley, and with a side trip to Bluff. Here'...

Montreal Trip Report: Feb 23-27, 2017

by meghann 13 days ago

Hi everyone, my husband and I spent a few days in Montreal last month and had a great time. I always use others’ trip...

GreyFloors commented 7 days ago

Another London report, more random, some Manchester

by Joanie 13 days ago

I did lots of snacking and eating at markets while in town, not much for "nicer" places but a couple. Spent a lot rid...


Harters commented 7 days ago

New Yorkers In New Orleans, A Very Brief Ongoing Report

by erica 20 days ago

I received so much incredible help and advice here and before I forget, I want to post some notes on where and what w...

erica commented 9 days ago

Trip Report - March 2017 (Le Grand Bain, Le MaZenay, Le Servan, Le Bon Saint Pourcain, Tomy and Co, Alliance)

by sam1 18 days ago

Just wanted to thank everyone on this board for their help planning this dining itinerary. We picked the restaurants ...


sam1 commented 10 days ago

6 Nights in Prague - Trip Report

by sarahbeths 14 days ago

I just have to say this…. we were coming from Rome and some of the best meals we had eaten a long time. Transitioni...

sarahbeths commented 12 days ago

Memorial Trip Rome - REPORT

by sarahbeths 14 days ago

Short Memorial Trip Dining Report- Most of these meals were dictated by places my mom ate at or liked, with a few ...

sarahbeths commented 12 days ago

Brief Japan Report

by Barry Strugatz 14 days ago

Over Christmas and New Years went on a two week trip through Japan. Here’s a brief run down of some of the Chow hi...


Barry Strugatz commented 13 days ago

Tokyo trip report - November sushi extravaganza

by od_sf 4 months ago

Sushi Iwa 4th visit, but first evening visit. Not quite as good as the last couple times I've gone. The shari wasn'...

od_sf commented 13 days ago

Trip Report: 3 days in Savannah GA

by dori_pm 16 days ago

Just back from 3 days in Savannah, and wanted to report back on the food, in the spirit of giving back to those that ...


dori_pm commented 16 days ago

First visit to Minneapolis report

by rcburli 16 days ago

Just had a great few days in Minneapolis. Dinner #1 and #3: Butcher and the Boar- fantastic- so good I went back. ...


KTFoley commented 16 days ago

Rome Trip Report

by stuartlafonda 18 days ago

After five days in Barcelona visiting my "study abroad" daughter the family went to Rome for three days. First time i...

sidcundiff commented 17 days ago

Pleasant surprise....Veranda for dinner

by zook 3 months ago

Just returned from another Vegas jaunt. Ate at a couple of old family standbys (Chada Thai, Todds), but had two dinn...


zook commented 25 days ago

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SoBe (South Beach) Florida report

by Motosport 26 days ago

We recently spent a long weekend in SoBe. I was hoping to find some good steamed blue claw crabs but they were not i...

A Great Weekend in Portland

by enofile 1 month ago

We had a grand three days in Portland eating and drinking. These are my reflections: DINING - Nostrana - Great ...

stevewi commented 28 days ago

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Three Days College Hunting Mini Report

by Ziggy41 28 days ago

Family of 4 from NYC. Food. especially of the seafood kind, was a secondary secret mission of sorts. One night was ...