Trip Report

Before you travel, dig into our Chowhound trip reports to get the insider information on where to go, what to do, and—most importantly—what to eat. And don't forget to post your own trip report when you return!


CT weekend road trip

by Joanie 5 days ago

I had asked what was open in New Haven on Sun. and figured I'd report the various places as we traveled the long way from Boston (almost all food was split for the two of us). First stop was the Ed...

Update on Galveston 2019

by curioussheridan 12 months ago

Gaido on the Seawall lived up to reputation for seafood: they have a dozen different ways they serve oysters, and the sauces sounded interesting so I chose the oyster special for $22 that had one ...

Back In The Day Bakery-- Savannah GA

by bbqme 10 days ago

Did some fine eating and drinking while visiting Savannah-- The Grey, Cotton & Rye-- but what stood out was the biscuit at Back In the Day Bakery. I had the ham & gruyere, basically a biscuit versi...

Chow Report for Sapporo, Hakodate and a bit of Tokyo

by curiousgeo 2 years ago

Recently returned from our first trip to Hokkaido, visiting Sapporo and Hakodate. Both were great cities, Sapporo bustling and busy, Hakodate very laid back. We were impressed with the city infrast...

Quick Palermo report

by Willem 20 days ago

so... Zia Pina, an old favorite, is already closed for rebuild for more than 1 year, and from what I see happening it does not look promising (heading to become a tourist trap). That New York times...

Report from our Brazil adventure

by Belkisw 24 days ago

We are back from an incredible 2 week trip across Brazil, and I thought worth writing up our meals since there isn’t much on Chowhound by way of Brazil recommendations. Paraty: Banana da ter...

Visit to New Orleans in October (4 days and nights)

by jcoves73 1 month ago

Hey everyone... I will be visiting New Orleans in October for 4 days and nights and was wondering what places you would do for breakfast and dinner as a first time New Orleans visit. Dinners I am c...

FVG short-trip report

by vinoroma 8 years ago

Friuli Venezia Giulia is one of our favorite regions for wine & food, we have been visiting for 12 years now (even before we moved to Italy), we recently (at the end of August) spent 4 days in the ...

Trip Report - Paris during the strikes (with a few excursions)

by Gman 1 month ago

Our 15th year of spending the Holidays in Paris with a week in the country preceding or following. This year, we were in Brittany for eight days prior and arrived in Paris on December 21st. Had b...

Brittany, December 2019 Trip Report

by Gman 2 months ago

My husband Bob and I stayed in Cherrueix, between Mt. Saint-Michel and Cancale, for a few days last year and liked it so much we decided to go back for a longer visit. ISTRENN, Hirel Had gone ...

Unfound Neighborhood Restaurants

by Gastronomos 2 months ago

https://www.newsday.com/lifestyle/restaurants/meritage-wine-bar-review-glen-cove-1.40058114 About Meritage Wine Bar: "...They're really trying to revitalize the downtown area of Glen Cove, an...

Denver Trip Report, Summer 2019

by patsully 6 months ago

Earlier this summer my wife and I took a trip to Denver, staying for five days. We built the trip around a concert at Red Rocks and stayed at The Ramble Hotel specifically because of the presence o...

Tao's Fusion in Selden

by Gastronomos 2 months ago

This underrated Sichuan dish made an appearance at my table when I visited Tao's fusion in Selden. No matter how you call this dish: Suan Tang Fei Niu 酸汤肥牛 / Beef with House Made Pickle in ...

San Miguel De Allende... very brief food notes

by erica 4 years ago

I’ve just returned from a 17-day Mexican visit, split between San Miguel de Allende and Michoacan. There is not much recent info here on San Miguel eating, so I will offer a few brief notes on the...

Thanksgiving in Mexico - Eating well in Mexico City, San Miguel and Queretaro

by rrems 2 months ago

My husband Stanley and I spent 9 days in Mexico, staying with our friends Danny and Patricia, and had many wonderful meals. I will submit several posts here. Part 1 - Mexico City We began with ...

Barcelona 4th foodie trip report

by Belkisw 5 months ago

I suggest folks who are interested refer to my previous posts here: https://www.chowhound.com/post/september-barcelona-foodie-trip-detailed-review-1076270 https://www.chowhound.com/post/3rd-foodi...

La Mesa, Massapequa

by Gastronomos 3 months ago

https://www.newsday.com/lifestyle/restaurants/la-mesa-massapequa-1.39154074 Our very own, the Fabulous Erica Marcus, has a nice write up on a place I find worth a mention here. When you do go, ...

Quick Portland report

by Joanie 11 months ago

Took a drive up from Boston a couple weeks ago starting with lunch at Jitto's in Hampton (or Portsmouth, right on Rt. 1). Have passed this place 100 times and glad we finally stopped in, split a sm...

Trip Report from New Orleans 3.0

by saffrongold 3 months ago

I should have written a follow up while the trip was young, but here goes to the best of my recollection from a visit late September. Dinner at Coquette was our best dining experience of the tr...

Chicago Reviews Nov - First in a Series

by bighound 3 months ago

Back from a chicago b-day trip. gonna post meal reviews here. please add to the discussion. Luke's Italian Beef-not as good as expected First time in Chicago and first Italian beef. Lunch was I...