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Before you travel, dig into our Chowhound trip reports to get the insider information on where to go, what to do, and—most importantly—what to eat. And don't forget to post your own trip report when you return!

A magical drive to The Lost Kitchen, Freedom, Maine...

by gutreactions 10 months ago

This past May, self-taught Chef Erin French, proprietor of The Lost Kitchen located in rural Freedom, Maine, publishe...

Bob W

Bob W commented 28 minutes ago

Ann Arbor Last Call

by stuartlafonda 4 days ago

And so it ends here. Four great years at UM for my daughter and four great years for her parents. We had some fine m...

coney with everything

coney with everything commented 3 hours ago

Japan trip report May 2018

by Belkisw 3 days ago

Here are my foodie notes from our three week trip to Japan earlier this month. As you will see, I essentially tried t...


Belkisw commented 8 hours ago

Tokyo Sushi Post 4.14 Hashiguchi

by IanW 25 days ago

My first time back in Tokyo since 2000. Back then I was just a 23 year old kid with no idea what to get in Tokyo (I a...


tanseaway commented 1 day ago

Muraglia-Conchiglia d'Oro, Varigotti, Liguria

by mawrbryn 2 days ago

This is a restaurant with an extremely high reputation, almost universally recommended by international and Italian g...


Powers commented 1 day ago

Piemonte 2018

by allende 18 days ago

In the Langhe for the next two months. You can look at the two threads from last year and 2016 to see more descrip...


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Northern Italy in April - Trip Report

by damiano 1 month ago

So, I've just come back from 9 days in Northern Italy. I've had some incredible food and experiences, and have been i...


mawrbryn commented 2 days ago

Piemonte 2017

by allende 11 months ago

We'll do it much differently this year. Here is a short recap after two and a half months here. I'll publish some po...


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Piemonte Trip May 2018

by Powers 8 days ago

Il Centro Priocca It is always a pleasure to return to Il Centro in Priocca. From the warm greeting when you arriv...


Powers commented 7 days ago

Piemonte Trip May 2018 II

by Powers 7 days ago

Osteria dell’Enoteca in Canale About fifteen to twenty minutes northwest of Alba is the beautiful town of Cana...


Powers commented 7 days ago

Ischia - trip report

by abby d 14 days ago

I'm just back from a few days on Ischia and having done some of my research on here I wanted to report how we got on....


erica commented 10 days ago

Milan in April -- a Brief Report

by jnwall 11 days ago

We were in Milan for 4 nights in late April, with an agenda that emphasized museums and churches rather than food. As...


jnwall commented 11 days ago

Asturias, Food Notes, in Brief

by erica 23 days ago

I neglected to report on the trip to northern Spain that I took with my partner late last year. We had just under ...


erica commented 11 days ago

Paris Trip Report - The All-We-Did-Was-Eat Edition

by ChimRichalds 3 months ago

First things first, I want to thank everyone that helped answer some of my questions in my previous thread about our ...

Charles Yu

Charles Yu commented 13 days ago

Success in NYC

by rcburli 18 days ago

Spent three nights earlier this week in the city. We had three great dinners. Cote, Marea, and La Vara. Cote had a...


erica commented 13 days ago

Asheville trip report

by ksbee 2 months ago

Reporting back from our annual (or sometimes semi-annual) trip to Asheville. We had never tried Rhubarb, and thought ...


JeffRhinoBannister commented 14 days ago

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Kitchen Ter(re) Has Solid Fusion Cuisine

by sarafinadh 14 days ago

This evening called for something easy and lighter. The short walk along the Seine to Kitchen Ter(re) was lovely in t...

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LA Trip Report

by ad7yn 16 days ago

I loved the documentary on Jonathan Gold (LA Times food critic). It inspired me to go on a short trip to LA. Three da...

Great Trip to St. Louis

by rlcole4346 8 months ago

Spent a few days in St. Louis recently with the grandkids. We arrived a day early for a date night. Had a great meal ...


rlcole4346 commented 17 days ago

Two Lunches in Emilia Romagna

by Powers 18 days ago

Thursday we went to Da Ivan in Roccabianca about thirty minutes northwest of Parma. There was only one other table oc...


DavidT commented 18 days ago