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A trifle loosely translates to layers of deliciousness. Find out how to make one, where to buy one, which restaurants offer them, and more from other dessert fiends in our community.

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What to do with Italian Pandoro Cake (Trifle?)

by mtleahy 11 years ago

My mother bought two Italian Pandoro Cakes at Big Lots, and now I have these two big red boxes with no idea what to d...


cookbetterthan commented 1 year ago

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Jelly Rolls Toronto?

by h2eats 1 year ago

Anyone know where I can find small Jelly Rolls in Toronto/GTA? They are increasingly hard to find each year for trifl...

Bird's Custard Powder - Help!

by TrishUntrapped 10 years ago

I am making a trifle and bought a can of Bird's Custard Powder (From the "English" section in a Shaw's Supermarket in...


paulj commented 2 years ago

looking for old Bon Apetit recipe- choc/cran trifle

by edinaeats 14 years ago

Several years ago- 7-plus- a Nov or Dec issue of Bon Appetit ran a recipe for a chocolate cranberry triffle made with...


sbcoulter commented 2 years ago

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How long can I keep a trifle out of the fridge?

by monam 2 years ago

How long can I keep a trifle made with whipped cream out of the fridge? I have a party and I'm afraid it'll spoil if ...

Trifle with cookies?

by sweetpotater 4 years ago

A friend wants to base a trifle—either in a large dish or individual jars—around cookies, not cake. No alcohol, and h...


nothingswrong commented 4 years ago

Where to find trifle sponges in LA?

by ErikaEsau 6 years ago

Can anybody lead me to the place that will have the appropriate traditional "sponges" to make a real British trifle f...

LA Buckeye Fan

LA Buckeye Fan commented 6 years ago

Gingerbread Trifle - Help

by peigna 6 years ago

I am putting together a trifle for my husband's office potluck lunch tomorrow and I need some feedback please. I am e...


peigna commented 6 years ago

Savory Trifle?

by cheesecakejenny 7 years ago

Hello, I'm a long time reader, a first time poster. I'm in search of a savory trifle recipe. This is the fourth year ...


magiesmom commented 6 years ago

Sticky Toffee Pudding TRIFLE

by Bliss149 8 years ago

Anybody have a recipe? Or maybe I can just convert my Udne Arms recipe to a trifle? TIA.


Bliss149 commented 7 years ago

Help me tweak my Black Forest Cake Trifle

by DebinD 7 years ago

I'm making a black forest cake trifle for a Christmas Party - I'm trying to make it easy for me to make and super...


chowser commented 7 years ago

Trifle dessert variations? chestnut puree and chocolate?

by tearingmonkey 8 years ago

I was thinking of trifle for xmas dessert but looking for a new combination. I have a can of chestnut puree that I wa...


sarahjay commented 8 years ago

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Order Trifle

by mtampoya 8 years ago

Does someone know where I can order a trifle? I'm not a baker so am not even going to entertain the thought of making...

Almond Joy Trifle Recipe Needed

by gsus458 8 years ago

Does anyone have a yummy almond joy trifle recipe they don't mind sharing with me? My cousin asked me for one and I d...

Hank Hanover

Hank Hanover commented 8 years ago

A generic mix and match guide to making a trifle

by tonka11_99 8 years ago

I started making a guide to making a trifle for my own amusement and as I got into it decided to post it. If you want...


chowser commented 8 years ago

Cake for trifle, pound or sponge?

by middydd 9 years ago

I've been making a raspberry trifle for Christmas and usually use a homemade pound cake, recipe from Fine Cooking. ...


soupkitten commented 9 years ago

Sweet Liqueur in lemon trifle question

by javaandjazz 9 years ago

In the latest edition of "Everyday Food" there is a recipe for an easy lemon trifle made with lemon curd. It calls f...


Stellar D commented 9 years ago

what's your favorite trifle combo?

by jujuthomas 9 years ago

I made a lovely trifle today with chocolate cake, fresh raspberries, vanilla pudding and whipped cream. I started won...


Emme commented 9 years ago

A trifle trifling over a trifle

by howchow 10 years ago

need some help with a great recipe for a christmas trifle?


chowser commented 10 years ago

Need Your Yummy Yet Easy Trifle Recipes

by isadorasmama 10 years ago

My mom gave me a trifle dish and I have a potluck brunch to attend on Sunday with my family. I had been racking my br...


Joebob commented 10 years ago