7 Reasons Why Tri-Tip Is a Steak Worth Knowing

Tri-tip steak is trending, according to Google. And it's no wonder, because this meaty cut is versatile and delicious—but it's been hard to find in many places until fairly recently. If you've never...

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Good bbq tri-tip at Mac Que's, Sacramento

by beanbag 14 years ago

I picked up lunch today at Mac Que's, a barbecue place out at Elder Creek and Power Inn. The place is small and does a brisk business --- all 7-8 tables were occupied at lunchtime. A truck driver ...

BBQ Tri-Tip at Westchester Farmer's Market

by qwip 14 years ago

The Westchester farmer's market on Wednesdays has a BBQ vendor from Lake Elsinore. I've been going there for lunch for the last few weeks because there tri-tip with specy BBQ sauce is pretty good. ...

Santa Maria tri-tip in LA?

by chris 14 years ago

Where in this town does one go for the best, most authentic SM tri-tip?


by Claire 14 years ago

Just saw a show on this Santa-Maria style BBQ cut of beef - anyone cook with this often? Tipes, suggestions on how to season? I live in the philadelphia area, hopefully I can find this cut.

Freedom Meat Lockers...meatgasm to the max! (tri-tip sandwich)

by Carb Lover 14 years ago

Back in April, I asked about Freedom Meat Lockers (160 Hi Grade Ln., Freedom) after seeing a blurb about them in the Mercury News. For those who don't know the area, Freedom is a small town that ab...

Tri-Tip, I'm the only soul on this planet who has never tasted/cooked one

by Sherri 14 years ago

I've caved in to the pressure of family/friends and bought a Tri-Tip roast. Now what do I do? Everyone swears this is better than the second coming but I am clueless. Hot & fast? Low & slow? I...

where to get tri-tip in annap/metro area?

by JenaeR 14 years ago

Does anyone know a butcher who carries a good tri-tip cut of beef, prefereably near Annapolis but we can look further? And does it go by a different name on the east coast? My west coast brothe...

How to grill a tri-tip (w/pics)

by petradish 14 years ago

With all the recent talk about using Weber bbqs & wood flavor, here's what we did today. First we made coals from red oak logs. We slowly grilled the 2 lb tri-tip over low heat for 1.25 hrs. Aft...

Tri-Tip Saturday at Hows Market

by carter 14 years ago

Well, the grill will be in the Granada Hills store today, per the attached link which also shows future stops for the balance of the month(sorry Pasadena, no more planned for May). Link: http://...

How's Market Tri-Tip BBQ ending in less than an hour

by yokozuna 14 years ago

Just had 2 tri-tip sandwiches at How's in San Marino/Pasadena on Huntington Drive. It was delicious. Thin sliced and tender with BBQ sauce in a hoagie roll. $5.00 for tri-tip sandwich $15 for ...

How's Market Tri-Tip BBQ

by monkuboy 14 years ago

Just a heads up, the next tri-tip bbq date for How's Market in Pasadena/San Marino is scheduled for this Sunday May 1. Apparently it is some anniversary celebration and that is why it is on Sunday...

How's Market Tri-Tip

by Monkuboy 14 years ago

Finally after reading so many raves about the once-a-month bbq at each How's location, I finally went to the one in San Marino yesterday. I don't know what took so long since it is so close to our...

an unexpected tri-tip sandwich

by theconiglio 15 years ago

i arrived at how’s in granada hills this afternoon to pick up my christmas prime rib roast (thanks to the recommendation of fellow chowhounders) that i’ll be dry-aging. i found a beautiful 12.25 l...

tri-tip or california cut steak- where can i buy this in ny?

by mark r 15 years ago

a friend of mine just brought to ny someehing he called tri tip steak. it's also called a "california cut". it was delicious and a perfect cut to bbq with. does anyone know of a butcher that sell...

What to do with Tri-Tip Roast

by Fatemeh 15 years ago

I've never cooked a tri-tip. I've done some research, and found a few interesting preparations. But I trust my hounds to give me tips (no pun intended) for getting a nice, rare to med-rare, very fl...

Seeking Santa Maria Style Tri-Tip Sandwich

by Adrian 15 years ago

I went school in San Luis Obispo and got hooked on the Tri-tip sandwiches up there. I now live in the South Bay and I'm looking for any place in the LA area where I can get a good classic Santa M...

Santa Maria to SLO - BBQ/Tri-Tip recommendations

by RSMBob 16 years ago

Hi all, We are making our annual pilgrimage to Lopez Lake near Arroyo Grande for 5 days next week. In addition to hitting THurs night in SLO, I am looking for some great BBQ - ribs and tri-tip in p...

Suggestions for cooking Kobe beef tri-tip?

by Ruth Lafler 16 years ago

I was cruising a market with a small but upscale meat counter, and stopped dead in my tracks at cryovaced Snake River Kobe beef tri tips at an "introductory price" of $8.99/lb (I'll post the locati...


by Barbara 16 years ago

Before moving the SF Bay area (from Florida) 3 years ago, I never heard of tri-tip. Is that because it is only sold in the west, or is it a new cut? And what is it actually? I have had beef tri-...

East Bay Tri-Tip

by ads 17 years ago

California' contribution to BBQ (even if its not technically BBQ). Mmmm. I need suggestions for more places. Where I've found in the East Bay: Village Market in the Oakland Hills (which is a ...

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