Transporting Food

How to Get Your Holiday Potluck Food to the Party in One Piece

We rounded up some of the best products for packing food and bringing it to a potluck or party—because sometimes plain old plastic wrap just won't do. If you've been invited to a holiday potluck, figuring...

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Bringing butter to Japan?

by colettemomoko 5 years ago

Hello! I'm about to set off on a trip to see family in Japan and am trying to figure out what kind of omiyage to bring. I got a bunch of jars and bottles of little Brooklyn, NY specific food and ca...

Bringing food through customs

by collardman 5 years ago

I've seen a few past threads that weren't too clear on this, as is the online regulations that ban importing "meat". We travel to Holland every other year and this year we have been requested to...

Transporting homemade donuts

by iheartcooking 5 years ago

Hi hounds! I would like to being my boss some homemade donuts to show my appreciation for her supporting me- they're her favorite. She likes filled donuts but I can make glazed or powdered, since...

Sliced banana on a cake -- how long?

by Kaymoz 5 years ago

For a charity dinner tomorrow night, I am making some cakes which will be delivered in the morning and sit around until dinnertime. In my ideal imagined world, I would top one of them with sli...

Traveling with Spices

by livlaugheat 5 years ago

TL;DR: Can I travel with spices? Basic American pantry dried spices? (Tarragon, thyme, paprika, ground mustard, etc.) Childhood friend is living in Japan and interested in learning to cook to ma...

Can you transport mousse?

by leca 5 years ago

I want to have a taste off a few different recipes of chocolate mousse at a get together. It takes too long to cook there so I was thinking of making it at home and bringing it. I've got the cool...

Vanilla beans through US customs?

babette feasts
by babette feasts 10 years ago

I checked the website and it seems like vanilla beans should be fine to bring back through US customs, but I thought I'd check for personal experience before I buy any. Are they considered a spice...

OK to bring frozen turkey into Ontario from US?

by Nyleve 6 years ago

Does anyone know if it's ok to bring a frozen turkey across the border from New York State? Longish stupid story but I need a large kosher turkey which I'm pretty sure will be much cheaper down the...

lemon meringue pie - how to transport?

by basil4me 9 years ago

I have been requested to bring a lemon meringue pie to a dinner party next Sat. I've never made this before and don't know how well it will hold up? I have to travel about 23 miles to the dinner ...

pumpkin seeds

by vstobaugh 6 years ago

Does anybody know if I can take pumpkin seeds from Istanbul to us

Large Amount of Spices

by preciousone 6 years ago

Can a tourist visiting US bring large amount of spices for his friend? (such as, black pepper powder, plum powder, processed dried plum, Chinese quince, licorice root, etc)

Checking in wine

by cchavez 6 years ago

DH is executive platinum with AA so we get two back of checked in luggage each. We would love to check in some wine when we return from or trip to Sonoma/Napa. Is our best bet just to use wine skin...

Wine shipping boxes for sale in Beaune?

by knclouse 6 years ago

I will be in Beaune next week and would like to buy a few bottles of wine here and there as we are tasting. Will I be able to find a place in or near Beaune to purchase a 12-bottle shipping contain...

Shipping boxes in Beaune?

by knclouse 6 years ago

I will be in Beaune next week and would like to buy a few bottles here and there as we are tasting. Will I be able to find a place in or near Beaune to purchase a 12-bottle shipping container to b...

Portable Christmas Dinner

by lsnmcg 6 years ago

Odd request: My husband works in the Emergency Room at a hospital an hour away from our home. He is required to work Christmas Day. Bless his heart! It is always a hard time for us. This year...

Food Omiyage to Bring To Japan

by PAO 7 years ago

Will be going to Japan again. Have several friends there. What kind of food omiyage might they appreciate from the Pacific Northwest? Must also be easy to transport and not need refrigeration.

Sausage storage

by daves_32 6 years ago

I got some pork brats and breakfast sausages from a small butcher. I'm traveling with them. They were frozen. I've been putting them in a cooler bag to move them between the houses I'm staying. The...

Frankfurter Wurstchen and other German sausages

by mkmoe 6 years ago

Hello, I will be in Frankfurt for about a week and I'm looking forward to having some German Sausages. I am also hoping to bring back some but I'm not sure if they will last the 13 hour flight. ...

Peanut butter bars-to ship or not to ship?

by gourmanda 6 years ago

I'm having second thoughts about mailing these to our nephew in Japan. It's been taking about two weeks for packages to arrive and I'm concerned the bars will be a melted mess. The crust is graham...

Preparing food beforehand

by hildesofie 6 years ago

I am cooking a dinner at a remote place, and I want to do as much of the prepping beforehand. I am mostly looking to reduce the mise-en-place stuff such as cutting, dicing, washing vegetables etc. ...