Transporting Food

How to Get Your Holiday Potluck Food to the Party in One Piece

We rounded up some of the best products for packing food and bringing it to a potluck or party—because sometimes plain old plastic wrap just won't do. If you've been invited to a holiday potluck, figuring...

Have to transport some frozen peanutbutter pie in 90 degree heat

by hjd1 1 year ago

Hi, I have to bring a frozen peanut butter pie on about a 20 min bike ride. Any way of doing this w/o dry ice where it isn't a puddle?

Chafers, Hotel Pans, Transporters...

by Sigurd 2 years ago

How do these work? Can I expect to put whole chafers in a food transporter or just the inserts? Are 'hotel pans' made to go in transporters and chafing water pans? Are the rectangular 12" ac...

Calling All Caterers: Help w/Christmas Potluck Item - Transport, Hold, Serve Advice

by cheereeo 3 years ago

I’m bringing Asian chicken meatballs in a coconut curry lime sauce and rice to my sisters’ for her Christmas buffet. She does not have oven space obviously. My plan was to cook everything at my h...

Transporting Spiral Ham

by pumpkinspice 3 years ago

I have a 12 lbs spiral ham to bring to a potluck this weekend (amongst other things). We will arrive around 3PM and likely eat around 6. I won’t be able to monopolize the oven to cook this thin...

Help with logistics on transporting Christmas breakfast and other items

by janehathaway 3 years ago

We will be spending Christmas in our new vacation/eventual retirement home this year. Due to my daughter’s schedule, we are unable to arrive there until Christmas Eve. I’m hoping to maintain a fe...

The Best Lunchbox?

by Libranflight 3 years ago

Sorry chowhound, not sure where to put this, but I am looking for suggestions on a superior food travel container, so not about the actual food in the box, but what to use to take food to work, if ...

Need to fly with two loaves of fresh baked bread

by farinap 4 years ago

Should I pack in carry on or checked bag? How to protect them from getting crushed? It's braided challah. Should I freeze them?

Best roast duck in SF, how to travel with it?

by aloncise 4 years ago

I am traveling from SF to the East Coast and my mom wanted me to bring a Chinese roast duck (she lives in a rural crap hole). First question, who makes the best in SF? Surrounding areas are doable...

Transporting Ice Cream

by mobiledynamics 4 years ago

Not really cookware but this is where I hang my hat.... Just short of dry ice, will a boatload of ice in a cooler transporting a ice cream cake be okay for a 60-90 drive to destination. Hell, ...

Transporting fried food?

by Spiteful Chef 13 years ago

Hi all, I've been asked to provide fried pickles for a meeting at my fiance's hospital. I have NO idea how to transport them without them getting soggy or cold. Any ideas would be greatly appr...

Best Way to Transport Breaded Cutlets?

by zackly 4 years ago

I’m bringing spinach & ricotta manicotti and breaded chicken cutlets to a relatives pre-Easter dinner tomorrow, Saturday. The manicotti is no problem to transport but I’m wondering what the best wa...

Best way to travel with cakes...

by ILuvGrub 5 years ago

So, I make all the desserts for the holidays. I have to travel 1 and 1/2 hours - not that far. However, last year, it was far enough to make the cakes crack while driving. It was a little annoying,...

How well does Pecan Lodge brisket travel?

by sheriff 5 years ago

I've got a quick business trip to Dallas next week and plan on stopping at Pecan Lodge for lunch on my way to the airport for my return flight. I'd really like to bring back a pound of brisket for...

Treats for troops in Afghanistan

by laredo 12 years ago

I am in a group which is preparing treat boxes for troops in Afghanistan. I would like to include some homemade goodies along with the books, booklights, socks, batteries, and the like. Does ...

How make sure pies keep well on 12 hour road trip? (Apple, Cherry, Pumpkin)

by kerissam 5 years ago

I was thinking to get an ice chest and keep them in there... I know I could make them at my finally destination but it's the first time I'm meeting my boyfriends family.. and I hate cooking in oth...

Bringing Cheese Home

by foocray 5 years ago

Leaving Paris after one year and would love to bring some cheese back home (SF). Any chance it will last the flight though? If so, any recommendations on the more durable would be appreciated. Not ...

How do I keep potato skins warm and crispy in advance?

by niccirenee22 5 years ago

i'm having a carry in at my work and i wanted to make potato skins but im afraid if i keep them in a crock pot they will be soggy. normally i use a deep fryer to make them crispy, could i do that a...

Operation beef pot pies

by EVE321 5 years ago

i need some advise i ordered beef pot pies from a company in Georgia to be sent to New York they packed them in gel packs ( not dry ice) they arrived warm not cold c...

Shipping Iowa Sweetcorn

by chrissue1958 5 years ago

What would be the cheapest, safest and fastest way to send Iowa Sweet corn to San Antonio , Tx ?