Transporting Food

Need to fly with two loaves of fresh baked bread

by farinap 1 month ago

Should I pack in carry on or checked bag? How to protect them from getting crushed? It's braided challah. Should I f...

KarenDW commented 1 month ago

Best roast duck in SF, how to travel with it?

by aloncise 2 months ago

I am traveling from SF to the East Coast and my mom wanted me to bring a Chinese roast duck (she lives in a rural cra...

Melanie Wong commented 2 months ago

Transporting Ice Cream

by mobiledynamics 8 months ago

Not really cookware but this is where I hang my hat.... Just short of dry ice, will a boatload of ice in a cooler tr...


Chowrin commented 8 months ago

Transporting fried food?

by Spiteful Chef 9 years ago

Hi all, I've been asked to provide fried pickles for a meeting at my fiance's hospital. I have NO idea how to tra...


acgold7 commented 9 months ago

Best Way to Transport Breaded Cutlets?

by zackly 11 months ago

I’m bringing spinach & ricotta manicotti and breaded chicken cutlets to a relatives pre-Easter dinner tomorrow, Satur...


masha commented 11 months ago

Best way to travel with cakes...

by ILuvGrub 1 year ago

So, I make all the desserts for the holidays. I have to travel 1 and 1/2 hours - not that far. However, last year, it...


thdoyle26 commented 11 months ago

How well does Pecan Lodge brisket travel?

by sheriff 1 year ago

I've got a quick business trip to Dallas next week and plan on stopping at Pecan Lodge for lunch on my way to the air...

C. Hamster commented 1 year ago

Treats for troops in Afghanistan

by laredo 8 years ago

I am in a group which is preparing treat boxes for troops in Afghanistan. I would like to include some homemade go...


jmasker commented 1 year ago

How make sure pies keep well on 12 hour road trip? (Apple, Cherry, Pumpkin)

by kerissam 1 year ago

I was thinking to get an ice chest and keep them in there... I know I could make them at my finally destination but ...


sparky403 commented 1 year ago

Bringing Cheese Home

by foocray 2 years ago

Leaving Paris after one year and would love to bring some cheese back home (SF). Any chance it will last the flight t...


Robert Brown commented 1 year ago

How do I keep potato skins warm and crispy in advance?

by niccirenee22 1 year ago

i'm having a carry in at my work and i wanted to make potato skins but im afraid if i keep them in a crock pot they w...


ricepad commented 1 year ago

Operation beef pot pies

by EVE321 1 year ago

i need some advise i ordered beef pot pies from a company in Georgia to be sent to New York they pac...


zackly commented 1 year ago

Shipping Iowa Sweetcorn

by chrissue1958 1 year ago

What would be the cheapest, safest and fastest way to send Iowa Sweet corn to San Antonio , Tx ?

Ttrockwood commented 1 year ago

Bringing butter to Japan?

by colettemomoko 1 year ago

Hello! I'm about to set off on a trip to see family in Japan and am trying to figure out what kind of omiyage to brin...

colettemomoko commented 1 year ago

Bringing food through customs

by collardman 1 year ago

I've seen a few past threads that weren't too clear on this, as is the online regulations that ban importing "meat". ...


Bkeats commented 1 year ago

Transporting homemade donuts

by iheartcooking 2 years ago

Hi hounds! I would like to being my boss some homemade donuts to show my appreciation for her supporting me- they're ...

hotoynoodle commented 2 years ago

Sliced banana on a cake -- how long?

by Kaymoz 2 years ago

For a charity dinner tomorrow night, I am making some cakes which will be delivered in the morning and sit around un...


Kaymoz commented 2 years ago

Traveling with Spices

by livlaugheat 2 years ago

TL;DR: Can I travel with spices? Basic American pantry dried spices? (Tarragon, thyme, paprika, ground mustard, etc.)...


tastesgoodwhatisit commented 2 years ago

Can you transport mousse?

by leca 2 years ago

I want to have a taste off a few different recipes of chocolate mousse at a get together. It takes too long to cook ...

Ttrockwood commented 2 years ago