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Famous plum torte as muffins?

by Hansel 7 years ago

I love Marian Burros' famous "Plum Torte" recipe, which used to be printed in the New York Times every year. Has anyone ever made it into muffins? I think it would make spectacular muffins, but I...

Springform Pan substitute

by Lorry13 7 years ago

I really want to make this chocolate hazelnut torte from epicurious http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Chocolate-Hazelnut-Torte-10876 but it requires a springform pan. Given I have a ...

Looking for Authentic Esterhazy torte recipe

by baker71 10 years ago

Hello, I'm looking for an authentic Hungarian Esterhazy torte. One that doesn't use flour and one that uses apricot glaze. It seems impossible to find an authentic recipe. Thanks.

12 layer Chocolate Grand Marnier Torte recipe from

by mgreenhp 9 years ago

Help. I'm trying to find a recipe from the 1980's in either Bon Appetit or Gourmet. It was a 12 layer cake that was baked a layer at a time. There were 5 layers of cake, then a cream based filli...

HELP! How do you make flourless torte without a SPRINGFORM PAN?!

by El_Duderino 8 years ago

I'm trying to make a Chocolate Truffle Torte but I don't have a springform pan. All I have are glass baking dishes! Also, I don't have wax/parchment paper. I only have foil. Can I troubleshoot ...

Blitz Torte

by Ruthie789 8 years ago

Many years ago I had a friend(lost contact now) and her Mom used to make a mile high cake, which she called a Blitz Torte. It is now 35 years later and I still remember it. I did try to make one ...

Prantl's Bakery in PGH (Burnt Almond Torte) [Moved from Pennsylvania board]

by mtleahy 13 years ago

I used to live in Pittsburgh, and now live in the New Orleans area. I have searched all around and never found anything close to the Prantl's Burnt Almond Torte. Does anyone know where I can get ...

ISO Dobos Torte recipe

by TerriL 8 years ago

I'm making this as a birthday cake at the request of friend. So far I'm trying to decide between recipes on the Smitten Kitchen and Food and Wine websites and the Rick Rodgers book 'Kaffeehaus'. Th...

European Dobos Torte, where to buy a slice retail?

by ebay3392 8 years ago

Hi all..want to get some for my wife and used to go to Sweet Gallery but they closed down Mt Pleasant and Eglinton location that I know..will be in that region on Monday and wanted to get a slice f...

Chocolate Torte

by bxgirl 8 years ago

I am planning to make a chcolate torte and am wondering if I can freeze it. If it can't be frozen (without affecting the taste) how many days in advance can I make it and should I refrigerate it or...

Passover chocolate walnut torte question

by Diane in Bexley 8 years ago

I am plannning to make the Gale Gand Passover chocolate walnut torte featured on the Food Network web site. It has eggs, butter, ground walnuts, matzo cake meal baked into a 10 in cake. While I am ...

Epicurious Triple Chocolate Mousse Torte

by RoastedChicken 8 years ago

http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Triple-Chocolate-Mousse-Torte-1696 Has anyone tried this or the CI Triple Chocolate Mousse cake? How did it turn out?

Torte recipe.

purple goddess
by purple goddess 13 years ago

My ex mother in law made something called a Saratoga Torte, which was basically dry biscuits ground up with walnut/pecans and cinnamon ( I think ), folded into a meringue mix and baked in a springf...

New York Times Plum Torte--Springform Pan Necessary?

by pastaguy 9 years ago

All, My grandmother makes a plum torte (http://www.nytimes.com/2005/09/21/dining/216frex.html) from the New York Times that everyone loves, and now that I'm both out of the house and having com...

Black Forest Cake/Torte in Cleveland

by markhol 9 years ago

I am looking for a bakery that makes an authentic Black Forest Cake/Torte in Cleveland. I am a Westsider so downtown or on the Westside is preferred. ----- Westsider Cafe 1180 Walker Ave NW, Grand...

Looking for Maida Heatter banana cake (torte?) recipe

by cherrybounce 9 years ago

This cake had rum and it had some kind of custard/cream filling. Thanks!

Foolproof flourless chocolate torte recipe...help?!

by lawkitty 9 years ago

Hi all, I need a foolproof flourless chocolate torte recipe. I had a great one, can't find it, and now all the reviews I see for seemingly solid recipes are all over the board. I am afraid to inves...

a trip report: gnudi, Schwarzwälder Torte, lahmacun, xiao long bao & zeppole di San Giuseppe

by prima 9 years ago

dinner at the Spotted Pig I loved this place. Shared the devils on horseback, devilled egg, gnudi, the burger with frites and the ginger cake. Perfect amount of food. Also ordered their ginger soda...

Dobosh Torte

by roseink 9 years ago

We are looking for a Dobosh Torte, with fond memories of Fantasia Bakery. Do any readers know of a bakery making this Hungarian torte? Thanks.