What Is the Difference Between Ravioli and Tortellini?

Whoever thought of stuffing pasta with cheese deserves all the awards. There are actually more variations than you probably realized but two types of stuffed pasta have emerged as the most popular versions...

[POLL] Tortellini - Frilled Edges vs Straight Edges

by Moromilas_Radec 2 years ago

Tortellini edges. Which do you think is better and why? Thought of this while shopping for a new tortellini stamp/cutter and not being able to decide. https://www.strawpoll.me/19500700 Frill...

What goes with chestnut?

by outRIAAge 5 years ago

A friend is currently gaga about chestnuts, and I sent her this Saveur recipe for tortellini made with chestnut flour and filled with chestnut and ricotta: http://www.saveur.com/chestnut-tortell...

Tortellini salad clumped together

by mushroomaffairs 5 years ago

I had an office lunch and made cold tortellini salad which clumped together. I added a lot of a vinaigrette I made which the tortellini absorbed. I did add more oil before refridgerating overnigh...

Help with a Meat Tortellini Recipe

by sinamin 6 years ago

My father used to drive to Plymouth MA (approximately 40 years ago) where he bought homemade meat tortellini from Italian women who were making it in their kitchen. At that time the ladies were in ...

Egg Rice Allergies

by rrogers79 6 years ago

I am looking for suggestions - my daughter has been diagnosed with Allergies to eggs and rice but loves tortellini - anyone know who makes a product that uses neither item. Previous post have sugge...

ISO Tortellini to Cook at Home

by Velda Mae 7 years ago

Where can I get good tortellini, either fresh or frozen, in Boston or Metrowest? I've been buying my filled pasta at Dave's for years and the last batch of porcini tortellini I had were terrible. ...

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