Restaurant Gems in Torrance and Thousand Oaks?

by Rubee 3 years ago

Hello all! We're road tripping from Phoenix to California and will be spending most of the time in Torrance and Conejo Valley. Naturally, our trip revolves around where to eat and drink. Neither o...

Pressed Almond Duck

by mochi-mochi 16 years ago

Does anyone know of a decent Chinese Restaurant in Gardena/Torrance that serves pressed duck with real gravy not sweet and sour sauce. OR even decent Chinese Take Out! Thanks.

La Bella Napoli opens - Best real Naples Pizza, Pasta & Desserts in Socal!

by trooper1 4 years ago

The best Neopolitan pizza I've ever had recently opened in Torrance - La Bella Napoli. I've tried many of the top rated places in L.A. & NYC, plus a couple dozen in Italy, and this is better than a...

Smorgasbord 1970's Torrance

by mamayama 4 years ago

Does anyone remember the name of the smorgasbord on Hawthorne (near Sepulveda) in the same center as Gable House Bowl?

Kansha Creamery: Organic ice cream & good works in Torrance

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 5 years ago

Next door to the original Shin-Sen-Gumi Yakitori in the same Gardena strip mall is Kansha Creamery. It offers handcranked Japanese-style shave ice flavored with a featured syrup homemade of local i...

New and Exciting in the South Bay/Beach Cities?

by PorkJops 5 years ago

Hi Guys, can anyone report anything new and exciting restaurant/cafe wise in the South Bay?

Suggestion in Torrance/South Bay area

by pkkz124 7 years ago

Going to be in Torrance/Redondo Beach area for family and holidays for 1 week. Grew up in the area, but now live in the NYC area. but haven't been back in a long time. Need following suggestions:...

Flossie's in Torrance Closed

by thechez5 6 years ago

http://la.eater.com/2015/8/14/9154339/flossies-south-bay-torrance-soul-food-closed-the-shutter-fried-chicken As someone who ate at Flossie's quite often, this is shitty news.

Need Korean restaurant in Torrance/Gardena

by siam 5 years ago

Mom wants to go to a Korean restaurant for Mother's Day. Any suggestions in the South Bay? We used to go to one on Western but it's been closed for awhile. If you have any suggestions for orderin...

Pan Dulce (Mexican Bread)

by gilbertdoubleg 6 years ago

I'm looking for one specific type of Mexican Bread, they're called libros. I use to get them in E. LA, (La Mascota), but can't find any in the South Bay. Can anybody help?


by gilbertdoubleg 6 years ago

Does anyone know a place in the South Bay where you can buy Pazole to go?

Torihei Yakitori Robata Dining (A Photo Story and Review)

by TheOffalo 7 years ago

[From http://theoffalo.com/2014/12/torihei-yakitori-robata-dining/.] Yakitori is, to borrow my friend chrishei's oft-used phrase, so hot right now, to the point where trolls come to our fair bo...

New Seafood Buffet in Torrance

by Clinton 6 years ago

Has anyone tried the new seafood buffet Mikuni which replace the old Grand Chinese Buffet on Hawthorne Blvd next to Cost Plus?

Interesting Chinese Discovery in Torrance

by lapizzamaven 6 years ago

I happened to be down in Torrance for Mac repair and my friend suggested we get dinner at one of his favorite Chinese restaurants...I was taken to Sea Food Town on Hawthorne Blvd...anyone familiar ...

Chinese pork chops in Torrance

by js76wisco 6 years ago

I can't remember the name but I've had these great deep fried pork chops on the bone with a cumin, salt, pepper type crust. When you order them to go they give them to you in a open Chinese take o...

Grand China Buffet in Torrance Closed?

by Clinton 6 years ago

Can someone verify that it's closed? I called and the message says that it's been disconnected.

Torrance Memorial Hospital - anything nearby?

by rezpeni 6 years ago

Long shot I know but going to be spending a few days with a sick relative at Torrance Memorial Hospital on Lomita in Torrance, do you guys know anything good around here?

sushi near hollywood or torrance

by anitasmith 6 years ago

I like sushi but I am not particularly adventurous with the raw varieties. I especially like creative maki rolls that combine western ingredients. My husband however cant be found near it, he ha...

Get your butts to Mitsuwa Torrance ASAP

by Xan7hos 6 years ago

Because Japanese crab and uni bento are in and holy crap the balance of sweet and umami is just amazing. Warning it was $27 after tax but they have rolls starting at $14. They also have pork bowls ...

New Italian in Torrance/PV – Lou’s on the Hill

by PomsMoms 7 years ago

Went with some friends during their soft opening. It’s located in the Hillside Village plaza where Restaurant Christine is, only further back. In the interest of full disclosure, I have to add tha...