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How long can I leave my confit duck in its own fat for?

by stef75 5 months ago

Hi Please can anyone help me? i know its a old post and im not expecting a rely. I made some confit duck legs, salted...

hotoynoodle commented 5 months ago

Top Chef Season 14. Charleston - who's watching?

by ratgirlagogo 12 months ago

besides me! Starts this Thursday December 1st. Not that jazzed about the rookies vs. veterans angle- but enjoyed t...

Shrinkrap commented 9 months ago

New Top Chef Canada Panel

by happycamper 9 months ago This should be interesting.

Charles Yu commented 9 months ago

Top Chef Charleston #3 12/15/16

by Worldwide Diner 11 months ago

I started this topic just to ask wtf happened to Casey's hair? The quickfire was a mise en place race with a coo...

Shrinkrap commented 10 months ago

Top Chef Charleston #1 12/1/16

by MplsM ary 12 months ago

Eight new chefs and eight returning chefs. I suck at recapping, so here are random thoughts and many links. The re...

Shrinkrap commented 11 months ago

Chefs and SMOKING

by freia 6 years ago

OK, so I'm watching Top Chef (we are a few episodes behind in Canada) and I've noticed that whenever the chef contest...


Alaskachell commented 1 year ago

Table Talk with Carla Hall, Chef/Partner of Carla Hall’s Southern Kitchen

by The Chowhound Team 1 year ago

This is our *lucky seven* Table Talk edition, and we're excited to host Carla Hall, Chef/Partner of Carla Hall’s Sout...

Shrinkrap commented 1 year ago

Top Chef January 7 "Big Gay Wedding"

by Shrinkrap 2 years ago

Lots of forshadowing...When Marjorie gave props to Angelina, I figured she would live to die another day. And BIG und...

COOLMOE commented 1 year ago

Home Cooking Be the first to comment

"Make a Dessert Fit for Top Chef"

by Indy 67 1 year ago

I'm not sure why an article about a recipe Marjorie Meek-Bradley made early in the TOP CHEF competition got published...

Paul Qui - Chef, accused of abuse

by slowcoooked 1 year ago

I guess the quiet and demure looking dude on Top Chef might not be quite so. If the reported accusations are true, T...


ratgirlagogo commented 1 year ago

Top Chef Season Whatever, Finale Part 2, of course there are spoilers

by Joanie 1 year ago

Wow, no one else wanted to do a quick wrap up? We started with Tom cooking for Amar and Jeremy saying basically cook ...

Joanie commented 1 year ago

Top Chef Season 13 Finale Part 2 Spoilers!

by MplsM ary 1 year ago

I'm so glad I watched. It was the anti-hoopla of part 1. Tom cooked a great meal for the finalists and talked to t...


RhodyRedHen commented 1 year ago

Next Top Chef is in....

by LaLa 1 year ago

Charleston. I am beyond excited.


RhodyRedHen commented 1 year ago

Top Chef Season 13 Ep 14 Finale pt 1, spoilers

by Joanie 1 year ago

Let's see what I can remember. They're in Vegas and that guy Rick from Chicago is a guest judge for the quickfire wh...


Indy 67 commented 1 year ago

Reports on The Table in Cambridge?

by 5thAndNowhere 1 year ago

Can't tell if the search isn't cooperating ("Siri, please search 'the table' on Chowhound), things are slow here, or ...

beetlebug commented 1 year ago

Top Chef: where are they now (ongoing)

by Ruth Lafler 8 years ago

I thought it might be handy to have a single thread to comment on post-Top Chef news/appearances by former "cheftesta...


DGresh commented 1 year ago

Spoilers!....."Top Chef California 2016 Recap: Finale – Who Won Last Chance Kitchen?"

by Shrinkrap 1 year ago

From "Gossip and Gab". Can I still give Kwame credit? Jeremy picks Kwame and wonders why no one picked him sooner. ...

chefhound commented 1 year ago

Top Chef Season 13 Ep 13 w/ H. Keller (spoilers)

by Joanie 1 year ago

Just a quick note to comment on the episode. I missed the first 15 min and was surprised to see Carl in the bottom of...


thimes commented 1 year ago

Any Top Chef restaurants worth visiting in San Francisco?

by Tripcipe 1 year ago

My friend is visiting me to San Francisco and she's a *huge fan of Top Chef. I want to surprise her with a dinner re...

moto commented 1 year ago