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Delicious New Tricks for Canned Tomatoes from Two 'Top Chef' Alums

Canned tomatoes are a must-stock pantry staple for cooks around the world, including the two 'Top Chef France' contestants who shared some new tricks for making this humble ingredient sing. Having lived...

Top Chef Amateurs

by Amandarama 1 year ago

So. This is a thing that is happening. https://www.foodandwine.com/news/top-chef-amateurs-new-series Thoughts?

Table Talk with Superstar Chef Lorena Garcia

The Chowhound Team
by The Chowhound Team 1 year ago

Perhaps you know chef Lorena Garcia from her tenure on “Top Chef Masters,” or “America’s Next Great Restaurant.” Or maybe it’s one of her best-selling cookbooks “New Latin Classics” and “New Taco C...

New chef at Bedford Post Inn, Bedford...

by gutreactions 1 year ago

Roxanne Spruance has taken over the kitchens at Bedford Post Inn in bucolic Bedford. Chef Spruance arrives with major culinary experience. She has worked for such formidable restaurants as: Blackbi...

Michelin Chef has a Maytag Oven

by kelvin_of_ranard 2 years ago

Every once in ten years, a special opportunity arises. Today, I visited a Los Angeles chef at her home. It just happens she owns a restaurant recently recognized by Michelin! Cannot say her name,...

Table Talk with Chef Anita Lo: LGBTQ+ Pride Edition

The Chowhound Team
by The Chowhound Team 2 years ago

To list ALL of Chef Anita Lo's awards and credentials would take quite a bit of time as the celebrated Chinese-American chef from Birmingham, Michigan has a culinary resume to rival anyone in the i...

Fatima Ali of Top Chef has passed away

coney with everything
by coney with everything 3 years ago

Profoundly sad, although we knew it was coming. Condolences to her family and friends

James Beard Award 2018 winners announced!

by gutreactions 3 years ago

The awards were handed out on May 7th. Here is a list of winners and runner ups: www.eater.com Who's been? Anyone experienced any of winners? Tell us your thoughts...

Calling all chefs!

by ChefAnthTO 3 years ago

Hey, I'm new here! I wanted to say hello to everyone and introduce myself. I'm a self-taught chef that loves cooking and eating amazing food. I also run a software company and I'd like to use te...

Reports on The Table in Cambridge?

by 5thAndNowhere 6 years ago

Can't tell if the search isn't cooperating ("Siri, please search 'the table' on Chowhound), things are slow here, or if no one's been to this place yet? Carl Dooley, on current season of Top Ch...

How long can I leave my confit duck in its own fat for?

by stef75 4 years ago

Hi Please can anyone help me? i know its a old post and im not expecting a rely. I made some confit duck legs, salted then first then cooked in duck fat for a few hours till almost tender. I placed...

Table Talk with Richard Blais Chef, Restaurateur, and Author of So Good: 100 Recipes from my Kitchen to Yours

The Chowhound Team
by The Chowhound Team 4 years ago

If you had the chance to ask Richard Blais one question, what would it be? We just got word that Richard Blais will be visiting our studio in New York and he will answer the five most voted ques...

Top Chef Season 14. Charleston - who's watching?

by ratgirlagogo 5 years ago

besides me! Starts this Thursday December 1st. Not that jazzed about the rookies vs. veterans angle- but enjoyed the teaser of the first episode Bravo aired on Saturday - show the judges the bes...

New Top Chef Canada Panel

by happycamper 5 years ago

https://twitter.com/FoodNetworkCA/status/834825724263534592 This should be interesting.

Top Chef Charleston #3 12/15/16

Worldwide Diner
by Worldwide Diner 5 years ago

I started this topic just to ask wtf happened to Casey's hair? The quickfire was a mise en place race with a cooking challenge at the end. The faster team had a 3 minute additional time advan...

Top Chef Charleston #1 12/1/16

MplsM ary
by MplsM ary 5 years ago

Eight new chefs and eight returning chefs. I suck at recapping, so here are random thoughts and many links. The returning Katsuji asks "Am I getting subtitles this year or not?" Newbie Jim -...

Chefs and SMOKING

by freia 10 years ago

OK, so I'm watching Top Chef (we are a few episodes behind in Canada) and I've noticed that whenever the chef contestants are filmed during their off hours, they are all smoking. I've noticed that...

Table Talk with Carla Hall, Chef/Partner of Carla Hall’s Southern Kitchen

The Chowhound Team
by The Chowhound Team 5 years ago

This is our *lucky seven* Table Talk edition, and we're excited to host Carla Hall, Chef/Partner of Carla Hall’s Southern Kitchen. Carla Hall is a co-host of ABC’s popular lifestyle series “The ...

Top Chef January 7 "Big Gay Wedding"

by Shrinkrap 6 years ago

Lots of forshadowing...When Marjorie gave props to Angelina, I figured she would live to die another day. And BIG under the bus throwing. Giselle crossed three lanes to throw man bun! Starting ...

"Make a Dessert Fit for Top Chef"

by Indy 67 6 years ago

I'm not sure why an article about a recipe Marjorie Meek-Bradley made early in the TOP CHEF competition got published in the WASHINGTON POST this week, but it was. The full title of the article is ...