Tonic Water

Your Standard Gin and Tonic Deserves a Summertime Upgrade

Step into a basic liquor store, or a specialty liquor shop, and notice the gin aisle stocked with countless bottle options, from the U.K.’s classic Beefeater to lauded German boutique producer Monkey...

Port & Tonic

by Tehama 1 year ago

I recently saw an article mentioning that a white port & tonic is the "new gin & tonic". I love G&T, so I'm intrigued! However, I have two full bottles of red Port I'd love to find a use for......

Cinchona bark in Toronto?

by Wahooty 10 years ago

Does anybody know where I might find cinchona (either in pieces or powder) locally? I know there are online sources, but I was hoping to be able to pick up a little bit to experiment with before d...

Tonic Water - Seagrams?

by wagoneer79 10 years ago

I have read a lot of the other posts about various tonic waters, but never see anyone mention Seagrams as an option. Most people seem to focus on the standards (schweppes, canada dry) or the slight...

Tonic Water & Migraines?

by kaleokahu 6 years ago

Is there any connection? My wife suspects that, for her, there is, especially if the brand is not Schwepp's. What do the cocktail experts opine? Thanks.

Gin and tonic Info please

by foodseek 5 years ago

I recently returned from vacation in Italy and Switzerland. When ordering gin and tonic (favorite summer drink) at restaurants/bars, the drink was served with gin over ice, sometimes with lime or c...

Best Gin for G&T?

by The_Real_Lloydy 4 years ago

Hey, I'm from the UK, the summers coming up and I want to get into Gin & Tonics this year. Last year was my year of rum. Or specifically DarkNStormy's. This year I fancy something new, and, craft g...

Homemade Tonic Water

by mdzehnder 11 years ago

I've noticed several good bars in my area are starting to make their own tonic waters, understandable since most of what's commercially available is oversweetened crap. I would like to try this at ...

Diet tonic water in small bottles?

by vb_lady 14 years ago

Does anyone know if they sell diet tonic water in small single serve cans or bottles? If so, what brand and where did you find them?

Fever Tree Bitter Lemon - availability in Boston area?

by johncb 7 years ago

I know from time to time I have bought Fever Tree tonic water -- but I can never seem to find it when I'm actually looking for it. In particular, I'm looking for the tonic waters and the bitter le...

Tonic syrup -- your favorite, and places to buy?

by WilderPenfield 5 years ago

Title says it all: I'm looking for somewhere within a quick drive of Coolidge Corner so that my soda stream and I can make g&ts for summer.

Tonic Syrup (concentrate)

by Enso 6 years ago

Hmm, I wonder what it is about August that brings out the liquor questions...I notice another one just recently posted. :-) Mine is about finding a local source of above-average tonic syrup--kn...

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