Gazpacho, pasta sauce, pizza, ketchup--find tips and recipes for all these tomato dishes and more.

Ketchup vs Catsup: Never Have a Mr. Burns Moment Again

When it comes to catsup vs ketchup, have you ever had a Mr. Burns moment, pondering the difference between the two? Well, spoiler alert: they are one and the same. That's right, there is no difference...

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Vace in Bethesda -- San Marazano(?) Canned Tomatoes

by Bill 19 years ago

Now that I'm an A&H regular, I like stop by Vace Italian Deli afterwards. This week, I picked up Parmesan Cheese, fresh Italian sausage, frozen gnocchi, frozen pumpkin agnoletti, frozen eggplant p...

San Marzano Tomatoes & Fresh Mozzarella

by Middydd 20 years ago

Anyone know where to find canned San Marzano Tomatoes in Toronto? And real fresh mozzarella, the kind made in the morning and you eat it for lunch? Oozing milk and never been ruined by refrigera...

Tomato time - experience with Delicious?

by Hunter 19 years ago

I know there was a big thread on tomatoes a week or so ago but now that the farmers markets have opened here in the NW, I have bought and planted a few. Has anyone had any experience with Deliciou...

Great Tomatoes?

by Cliff 19 years ago

This might have been asked before, but a casual search of this site going back two years doesn't produce a match. I used to love tomatoes before they were "improved" and made tasteless. Now even th...

Tomatoes: What Are People Growing This Year?

by Bob W. 19 years ago

This will of course depend where you live. I'm in the DC area. I have given up on Brandywines and their relatives. I have tried Brandywines, Red Brandywines, and Black Brandywines, and none of ...

Good Canned Tomatoes

by Hunter 19 years ago

Made a simple pomodoro sauce last night using canned tomatoes (Muir Glen) and was highly disappointed - no flavor. Can anyone recommend good canned tomatoes. I know fresh are the best but here i...

Heirloom Tomatos in Manhattan

by tomatohead 19 years ago

Does anyone know where I can buy a few heirloom tomato plants in Manhattan? At a Greenmarket perhaps? Thanks.

half dried/ half fresh tomato

by djk 19 years ago

In paris recently and discovered these italian delis where one could buy a half dried and half fresh cherry tomato to be eaten on its own...does anyone know of a possible source in nyc?

Fried Green Tomatoes

by V. Mukhija 19 years ago

After a recent trip to Memphis, Fried Green Tomatoes have become the alpha and omega of my existence. Can anyone tell me where to find them in NYC? I have tried a variety of soul food stand-bys--Sy...

tomato press - is it a needed tool?

by jen maiser 19 years ago

We just got the first tomatoes of the season here at our San Francisco Farmer's Market, though I am holding out for the tomato onslaught in a couple of months ... but in the meantime, I will prepar...

looking for pickled tomatoes

by tomato fiend 20 years ago

i think i picked up my taste for pickled tomatoes when i lived in nyc. when i moved to sf, i used to find bottles of bubbies pickled tomatoes in the supermarkets. then i moved down to la and whil...

Tomato dessert in Paris?

by scott 20 years ago

I had posted on a "West Wing" TV show thread on the general topics board and was advised to post here as well. Last season, on The West Wing, the President is served a Provencal dinner whi...

pasta without tomatos

by ben f 20 years ago

Since I really don't like canned tomatoes (see the canned tomato thread) My pasta consumption is way down, inconvenient since we got 10 pounds of Italian pasta for Christmas. Does anyone have par...

creamy thai tomato soup

by petra 20 years ago

i recently had a creamy thai tomato soup -- it was wonderful, hint of coconut, cream, onions and chunks of fresh tomatoes. i know i'll be able to recreate it but i was wondering if anybody has a r...

san marzano tomatoes

by tanyal 20 years ago

Can anyone recommend a good/your favorite brand of San Marzano tomatoes. I have an Italian deli close by that has almost a dozen different brands, and the first I tried ( sorry , threw out the can...

Where to get great tomatoes?

by Dan 20 years ago

I'm not yet at the end of my first year in Boston so I still haven't scoped out the best places to get fresh produce in season. Tomato time is fast approaching--does anyone know where to get the b...

Tomato Heaven

by ruth arcone 20 years ago

I was in Hoboken yesterday and saw a notice posted for Tomato Heaven, an heirloom tomato tasting. It will be on Sunday, August 26, starting at 1PM. It is free, with tastings of heirloom tomato...

Un-Refrigerated Tomatoes

by Holly Moore 20 years ago

Over the past few years I've been driven up that proverbial wall trying to find local, vine ripened tomatoes that ripen into the classic "Jersey Tomato" My knowledge is that as long as a tomato h...

Organic Tomatos - Record ?

by Phil Laurie 20 years ago

The Organic Market Stall in Greenwich (London) had Tomatos at over £5.00 per kilo on Saturday, is that a record or just ridiculous? There was a discussion on the General Board last week on what i...

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