Tomato Sauce

You're Going to Fall in Love with Kushari, the National Dish of Egypt

Unless you’re Egyptian (or frequent Egyptian or Middle Eastern restaurants), you probably haven’t heard of kushari (sometimes spelled koshary or koshari). But, expect to see this unique menu item—which...

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Cooling tomato sauce quickly (don't have ice readily made)

by glassonion91168 2 years ago

hi all, i just finished cooking my tomato sauce, and i need to take my son and i to the grocery store for a few things as well as household errands. can i turn off the burner and leave the sauce...

What's your favorite jared tomato sauce?

by catspercapita 8 years ago

I usually make my own, but there are the times when you need to open a jar and eat. I like Rao's but it's so expensive, even when they go on sale. Other than that I'll buy Trader Joe's Organic toma...

Freezing Thawed Tomato Sauce

by JerkPork 2 years ago

Are there any issues with re-freezing tomato sauce? Fresh homemade tomato sauce was originally frozen, thawed, re-simmered with some raw meatballs and we didn't use it all up. Is it OK to put back...

Vodka Sauce Canning?

by juliaaax2 2 years ago

I've searched high and low for a way to can my homemade vodka sauce, and all I've seen is that dairy cannot be home canned. So here's my question: how are we able to buy vodka sauce at the grocery ...

Marinara/Red sauce/Tomato Sauce/Gravy Help?

by Nanners84 7 years ago

So making the perfect marinara sauce has been a recent quest of mine, so I was hoping some chowhounders could help me out. I should preface the rest of my post with saying that I know the "perfect...

Hazan's tomato sauce with onion and butter

by bananie 12 years ago

I love this sauce and was wondering if anyone has doubled or tripled it before. Not sure if I should double or triple the onion in it (or the butter for that matter!)

Authentic Italian Gravy

by Weiszguy 14 years ago

My next door neighbor is a 70-something Italian lady with an accent so thick that most of the time I have no idea what she is saying. Periodically she brings us a bowl of "gravy" - the most delici...

Parm-reg rinds?

by smilingal 3 years ago

I have been saving them in my freezer, as I had read on here. Today I am cooking a BIG batch of tomato sauce and threw a bunch in. I see they are melted and pulled one out while it was still recog...

Afraid of Botulism from Curing Green Olives and Storing tomato sauce in jars

by Hasmato 4 years ago

I learned a good way to cure unripe green California olives about 10 years ago but have now been reading about the safety and I am a bit afraid because I can't find the recipe I use online for gree...

Help! Added too much salt to tomato sauce

by SarahKC 11 years ago

Can you please help me? By accident I added too much salt to a tomato sauce I was using to make lasagna. Any ideas?

disappearing meatballs??

by kseiverd 3 years ago

Made big batch of meatballs (in sauce) a few days ago. I consider it a "dump" recipe... NO measuring done. Ground meats, bread crumbs, egg, minced onion (actually in form of a few spoons of dried...

Polpo tomato sauce recipe

by bxgirl 3 years ago

Can someone direct me to, or repost the rcipe from Polpo for tomato sauce? I see so much love given and so many references to it, but can't find the actual recipe, and my library does not have the...

Making and preserving homemade tomato sauce

by sixelagogo 12 years ago

My dude and I picked about 20 lbs. of roma tomatoes yesterday in a pick-yer-own frenzy...we'd like to make a basic tomato sauce recipe that doesn't scream "I'M ITALIAN!" , as we'd like to use the ...

Best sauce recipe for bland, mealy tomatoes?

by jen223 4 years ago

My mother proudly gave me a bag of tomatoes she grew in her backyard. I was excited until I tried one - it was bland and mealy. I have a LOT of these tomatoes (they look to be plum) and a few reall...

sardines in tomato sauce

by rebs 12 years ago

hi! i have a couple of tins of sardines packed in tomato sauce. i did a search for sardines already and came up with a few ideas like sauteed with capers and lemon. i was wondering if anyone h...

Modifying a recipe for stove top instead of slow cooker?

by kitkat12 4 years ago

A recipe says to cover skinless, boneless chicken breasts with tomato sauce in a slow cooker for 5 hours on low / 3 hours on high. I don't own a slow cooker, so I'd like to use a pot on the stov...

Super easy Redsauce, and making it a meal for under $5

by TinyhouseWife 4 years ago

This is a recipe feeding two people, four times (yep, your gonna use your freezer) Things you need: 4 cans chopped tomatoes/ AK Price: About $3.00 [however if you buy the big bulk container ...


by Fleur 12 years ago

I used to have terrific recipe for a fresh uncooked tomato sauce made with ripe tomatoes, garlic, basil, EVOO and some other things. It was a popular summer recipe in Connecticut, and originally c...