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Fixing an overly sweet tomato pasta sauce

by poloprincess 5 years ago

Hi everyone, My MIL gave me a very nice homemade tomato/beef pasta sauce but it is overly sweet, I think from too ...


Crystalline888 commented 22 days ago

Baking Soda to Reduce Acidity of Tomato Sauce

by Funwithfood 13 years ago

Has anyone used baking soda to reduce the acidity of tomatoes in either tomato sauce or tomato soup? What was the ...


rtaulton commented 1 month ago

Tomato sauce from grape tomatoes?

by pine time 4 years ago

Help--I'm drowning in grape tomatoes. Have frozen pints and pints. The neighbors run away from me lest I foist more...


pine time commented 1 month ago

Tomato Puree v. Sauce

by Reddyrat 9 years ago

I have a recipe that calls for 14 oz of tomato puree. What can I substitute for the puree? I'm assuming it's a ...


stiv99 commented 2 months ago

Problems with San Marzano tomatoes in sauce

by DoctorQuality 10 years ago

i grew up on my grandmother's pasta and she's always used regular old store bought canned tomato sauce for the base o...


cspvln commented 6 months ago

Where to buy bulk canning tomatoes in NJ?

by drdavidge 10 months ago

Hey, my family is from Italy and we have a tradition of canning (plum) tomatoes once a year in August to make sauce f...


MrKmart commented 6 months ago

How long is tomato sauce good once opened?

by danna 14 years ago

I have a half jar of nice sauce in the fridge that I opened two weeks ago today. Is it still OK? What about "fresh"...


harrymont commented 8 months ago

What are tricks to the perfect spaghetti sauce?

by cups123 9 years ago

What are some great recipes for homemade spaghetti sauce or some tricks that you think are key to getting it right? I...


Dogboa commented 9 months ago

Looking for bacon/red sauce pasta recipe

by kbear10 12 months ago

When I was a kid, I had a babysitter who took me to her house one night for dinner. Her mom baked a spaghetti in the...


kbear10 commented 12 months ago

Will tomato paste + water = tomato sauce substitute

by redthong 8 years ago

My coupon-clipping teenager recently purchased 20 cans of essentially free tomato paste. So far I've used one. Toni...


Bella1999 commented 1 year ago

Cooling tomato sauce quickly (don't have ice readily made)

by glassonion91168 1 year ago

hi all, i just finished cooking my tomato sauce, and i need to take my son and i to the grocery store for a few th...


glassonion91168 commented 1 year ago

What's your favorite jared tomato sauce?

by catspercapita 7 years ago

I usually make my own, but there are the times when you need to open a jar and eat. I like Rao's but it's so expensiv...


lz4004 commented 1 year ago

Freezing Thawed Tomato Sauce

by JerkPork 1 year ago

Are there any issues with re-freezing tomato sauce? Fresh homemade tomato sauce was originally frozen, thawed, re-si...


JerkPork commented 1 year ago

Vodka Sauce Canning?

by juliaaax2 1 year ago

I've searched high and low for a way to can my homemade vodka sauce, and all I've seen is that dairy cannot be home c...


juliaaax2 commented 1 year ago

Marinara/Red sauce/Tomato Sauce/Gravy Help?

by Nanners84 6 years ago

So making the perfect marinara sauce has been a recent quest of mine, so I was hoping some chowhounders could help me...


ky_hall commented 1 year ago

Hazan's tomato sauce with onion and butter

by bananie 10 years ago

I love this sauce and was wondering if anyone has doubled or tripled it before. Not sure if I should double or triple...


Bethy1 commented 1 year ago

Authentic Italian Gravy

by Weiszguy 13 years ago

My next door neighbor is a 70-something Italian lady with an accent so thick that most of the time I have no idea wha...


joonjoon commented 1 year ago

How to Neutralize Anchovy Flavor

by DeeBK72 1 year ago

Hi all, I made a tomato sauce from scratch that called for a small tin of anchovies (2 oz) and 2 28oz cans of cru...


DeeBK72 commented 1 year ago

Parm-reg rinds?

by smilingal 1 year ago

I have been saving them in my freezer, as I had read on here. Today I am cooking a BIG batch of tomato sauce and thr...


treb commented 1 year ago

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