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Are there any Toledo hounds?

by SLOLindsay 15 years ago

I am a California transplant from Perrysburg on my way home next weekend and I'm curious if there's anything new I should know about. When I left it was all about Diva. What's new? My parents live ...

anything good in Toledo, OH

by regina webster 14 years ago

Meeting my brother in Toledo area we're coming from differnt directions on I-80. Any decent restuarant,cheap to slightly pricey? I don't want another family restaurant, ethnic okay. Relatively nea...

Restaurant Pacific, Toledo (Sylvania, OH)

by StuckinTOL 15 years ago

Tried this asian fusion place last night. Attentive service, seems to be family owned, food was fresh and flavorful. Casual and warm. About 12 tables and 6 seats at a sushi bar. I ordered the ...

One lunch in Toledo - what shouldn't I miss?

by ahab 15 years ago

After sorting through some older posts, here is my short list: - Tony Packo's - Byblos Looking for a memorable, quick and inexpensive lunch in Toledo on my way to Chicago. Interested in someth...

Toledo, OH

by Like Go Eat? 15 years ago

Five of us (from 10 yrs old to 80 yrs old) are taking a road trip in late June and stopping for one Saturday night / Sunday morning in Toledo. We like to eat where local familes eat and enjoy home ...

Middle Eastern in Toledo

by DTE Refugee 15 years ago

Hey all: Have had some tremendously good, hearty food from the deli in the "Toledo Market" on Dorr street near the University of Toledo. The Toledo Market is "middle eastern" in scope. They sel...

decent cheap meal in toledo area

by philly 16 years ago

I am driving from Philadelphia to Northern Michigan this weekend with a stop in the Toledo, Ohio area. Would love a recommendation for a kid-friendly burger-type place nearby. Thanks.

Toledo to North Central Indiana - Amish or Other Recs?

by Andrew Langer 16 years ago

Hello all - and thank you for your prior recommendations. I'm a DC-area hound driving to North Central Indiana next week for a family event. We'll be staying near Toledo overnight (no, I'm not go...

Quick trip report: Toledo -> Detroit -> Saint Clair

by SBCochran 16 years ago

Went on a quick trip weekend before last up to Saint Clair, MI, along the absolutely beautiful Saint Clair River. Along the way we pulled off I-75 to Front Street in Toledo to arrive at Tony Packo'...

toledo/maumee restaurants

by the old coastie 16 years ago

Heading for Toledo/Maumee for the holidays. Don't want to bust the budget, but hope to spend some at a decent restaurant. Any suggestions? Cuisine's not a consideration - just looking for a good...

Toledo, Ohio

by Steve 16 years ago

I will be in Toledo, Ohio for a few days. On previous trips, I have had no success finding good restaurants. Steak and/or seafood would be the preferred. can anyone recommend a restaurant?


by Dick C. 16 years ago

I am responsible for arranging a fine dinner in Toledo, Ohio for 10 people and do not know the territory. Please offer your opinion as to the top three restaurants. Cost is no object.

Downtown Toledo lunch?

by ohboy 17 years ago

I'm going to be in Toledo on business for a few days and am looking for lunch suggestions. I've heard there's a new place in the HCR building called Focaccia's -- anyone been there? And is Murphy...

Toledo Breakfast Spots?

by Brad Ballinger 17 years ago

I'll be staying in Rossford (just south of Toledo) a weekend in February at the Courtyard by Marriott. They offer a room rate that includes the breakfast buffet. I did this last year, and am incl...

Toledo, Steubenville, Chillicothe

by DinahG 17 years ago

I'm bringing a film crew to Ohio for ten days in October (small crew, small budget.) Any suggestions for good food in these areas? Healthy lunches, decent dinners in a restaurant that is open at ...

Toledo suggestions?

by Travis L. 18 years ago

Need places for dinner. Been to Caio and Winfield's.

Toledo Lunch

by Lorenzo 18 years ago

Is there any lunch spot in the Toledo area as good as the old Beirut bakery? It had the best middle eastern food at a great price... so of course it's closed. (I'm not talking about the nearby Be...

Toledo, OH area restaurant suggestions needed...

by Garnet 18 years ago

What would be a good restaurant to celebrate a 35th wedding anniversary in the Toledo area? A friend's parents will be doing just that and they live in a small town near Toledo. My friend would lik...

Fun places in Toledo Ohio area?

by Tim 18 years ago

A couple times a month, I'm passing through the Toledo Ohio area on I-75 headed back to SE Michigan after going SCUBA diving in Ohio with various friends. Usually by the time we're in the Tol...

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