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Baptism Luncheon Location Ideas in Toledo/BG Area

by stechsla 8 years ago

My husband and I are having a joint baptism with his brother. Our daughters are 1 month apart, so we thought a joint baptism would be easier on our families. We are looking to have the luncheon a...

Breakfast in Toledo

by johnbycz 8 years ago

Going to Toledo this weekend. Where's someplace good for breakfast on Saturday morning? Thanks.

Resurants in Toledo, OH

by jmcousino 9 years ago

My wife and I are planning a weekend getaway to Toledo, OH this coming Saturday. If we have one late afternoon and evening can you give us some fun items to consider doing. We are also looking fo...

good eats in Toledo

by ellaMBO 9 years ago

Any suggestions for a good dinner spot in the Toledo area? Preferences are local/organic or ethnic (Indian, Thai, Mediterranean, etc)

Recs driving from Detroit to Toledo?

by traub9556 9 years ago

Tomorrow evening I will be driving from the Detroit airport to Toledo around 10 pm. Any recs for a good place to eat along the way? Open to all types of food. Thanks.

Toledo, OH restaurants

Stephan Fury
by Stephan Fury 13 years ago

I have been to tons of restaurants in Toledo, OH and now Im looking for some place that is really good I may not have come across before. Ideas anyone????

roadside chow on I-80 entering OH towards toledo

by tnitro 10 years ago

I don't need a white tablecloth spot per se, but i was scanning my route from I-80 from PA into ohio (up to toledo) and did not see many towns that rang a bell. Is there any reputable spots to gra...

Lunch spot in Toledo / Red Well's?

by lghvllypa 10 years ago

Looking for a good lunch spot in Toledo. Never been to Toledo before, or Nothern Ohio for that matter so ideally would like something unique to the area, aside from Tony Packo's which we are planni...

Toledo Client Lunch

by deweyweber54 10 years ago

All - Will be in Toledo late June to take a client out to lunch, and need some help on choosing a restaurant. Looking for something moderately priced ($10 to $15 a person?) Considering: Beirut, G...

fun places between Toledo and Cleveland?

by Jim M 10 years ago

Heading out to some of the bird migration hot spots along Lake Erie. I haven't had much luck in towns like Port Clinton and Sandusky -- I remember someone praised a diner in of those two places on ...

Mexican in Toledo?

by Jim M 10 years ago

There used to be just a few Mexican places there, but was just in town and noticed them all over the place. Any standouts/places to avoid? I've lived in CA and like the real thing, but it's also tr...

Good place for an early morning breakfast near Toledo Amtrak station

by Rheta 10 years ago

Picking up my daughter and her friend early in the morning on Wednesday. Thought a nice hot breakfast would hit the spot for all of us. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Taqueria in Toledo?

by alane 10 years ago

Does anybody know of a decent to amazing Taqueria in Toledo? I moved here from Chicago a few months ago, and the lack of good Mexican is saddening. Particularly, I'm looking for good al pastor ta...

Diva is Dead in Downtown Toledo

by Pizzahound 12 years ago

I cannot believe it! I was waiting for the semester to end so that my academic professor foodie wife and friends could head up to Toledo to try this place, which by most accounts was one of the be...

Lunch in Illinois Between Toledo and Mt. Vernon (I 57 Corridor)

by Davwud 11 years ago

Hey Hounds We'll be travelling on I-57 and will be in the area above around lunch time. We're looking for a great, not to be missed lunch stop. We like Mom and Pop, Meat and 3 type places. We're...

Lunch stop - Sunday - I80/90 - nr Toledo?

by ctbrit 11 years ago

All, We'll be travelling from Streetsboro, OH to Chesterton, IN as part of a multi week trip from CT to MT. We need a lunch stop off I80/90 for a Sunday - probably near Toledo...or just pas...

Toledo Fine Dining

by CityGal 11 years ago

I'm trying to come up with a list of fine dining places around Toledo that, to the best of my knowledge, are still open... -Georgio's -Fifi's -Ciao -Treo Sylvania -Avenue Bistro -Stella's ...

I90 between Sandusky & Toledo

by vtmark 12 years ago

Hi - Will be driving from Vermont to Seattle in early September and our first projected night is somewhere between Sandusky & Toledo and looking for reccomendations. Don't really have a pref...

downtown Toledo restaurants?

by jonplaywright 11 years ago

I'm going to be in Toledo next week, staying at the Toledo Club (near Toledo School for the Arts). I won't have a car, so I'm looking for restaurant recommendations that are within walking or reas...

Hosting an important dinner meeting in Toledo

by Dick814 11 years ago

I will be hosting an important dinner meeting for 14 people in Toledo in May and need to have recommendations as to where to schedule it. I want to make a good impression and be able to rely on o...