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Japan Trip in September - need help on restaurant suggestions please

by pmyok 4 days ago

My husband and I are going to Tokyo, Kruizawa, Kanazawa, Takayama in Mid September. I have been looking at all the r...


tanseaway commented 2 hours ago

Sushisho Masa

by andieg 2 months ago

I will be going to Tokyo next month (end of July) and just landed a reservation at Sushisho Masa, which I am VERY exc...


sockster commented 6 hours ago

3 to 4 Tokyo Sushiya with Different Kinds of Rice

by Algerena 7 days ago

Hello all, I was wondering if anyone can recommend 3-4 "high end" sushi restaurants in Tokyo that each serve nigi...

od_sf commented 5 days ago

Looking for Solo Lunch suggestions in Tokyo/Osaka

by Haruhi7 7 days ago

Hello! A friend I'd planned to travel with can no longer join me when I go to Japan in September so I'll be going sol...

Robb S commented 7 days ago

Tsunoda-san has left Iwa

by angler 9 days ago

We've been going to Iwa annually for several years. We've been looking forward to our upcoming trip in September, bu...

od_sf commented 7 days ago

Where to eat Wagyu/Kobe in Tokyo

by andieg 22 days ago

I will be in Tokyo in three weeks, and I really want to try Japanese Wagyu or Kobe beef while I'm there! I want to ge...


andieg commented 13 days ago

Help choosing Tokyo Izakaya specializing in seafood

by arturchik 2 months ago

I understand that different Izakayas specialize in different foods (i.e. seafood, chicken, etc). I think I am more i...


happecamper commented 15 days ago

High end and friendly Sushi restaurant in Tokyo to celebrate 20th anniversary

by capri103 20 days ago

Hello ! My husband and I are going to Japan in September to celebrate our 20th anniversary. We will be staying two d...

od_sf commented 19 days ago

Lunch Deals: 2017 Edition (Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto)

by JBG89 28 days ago

Hi Folks, I'll be fortunate enough to be taking a short trip to Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka and the budget concious tr...


JBG89 commented 21 days ago

Shinjuku restaurant recommendations

by mlin1 1 month ago

I will be traveling with my husband and 8 yo daughter to Tokyo on mid July. We will be staying for most of the trip a...

Charles Yu commented 22 days ago

Meals in Tokyo

by thwysg 1 month ago

Having a trip with the mister from late Jan to mid Feb 2018. We will only be staying in Tokyo for 5 nights before mov...


Drgiggles11 commented 28 days ago

No Reservation Sushi Lunch Tokyo

by andieg 1 month ago

I'm going on a trip to Tokyo in about a month. I am a HUGE sushi lover and I am beyond excited to eat sushi in Japan!...

lecker commented 1 month ago

Looking for some non-sushi recommendations in Tokyo

by od_sf 1 month ago

Looking for a few recommendations: - Tempura place, open for lunch, very good but not too hard to book, in the Y8,...


Shirang commented 1 month ago

Chow Report for Sapporo, Hakodate and a bit of Tokyo

by curiousgeo 2 months ago

Recently returned from our first trip to Hokkaido, visiting Sapporo and Hakodate. Both were great cities, Sapporo bus...


curiousgeo commented 2 months ago

Suggestions for our Honeymoon (Tokyo/Kyoto)

by therunningman 2 months ago

My fiance and I will be going to Japan in December for our honeymoon. I'm really looking to book a couple of special ...

od_sf commented 2 months ago

Tokyo Concierge Restaurant Booking

by sleedy9 2 months ago

Hey all, I'm planning a trip to Tokyo in the fall and I've noticed a few places people recommended The Royal Park ...


Steve commented 2 months ago

Japanese tea ceremony

by arturchik 2 months ago

Hello I tried searching, but did not find extensive posts on the topic, so decided to ask. First of all, is going...


arturchik commented 2 months ago

Sushi Oogawara (鮨 大河原) - anyone dined there before?

by LilJerky 3 months ago

Chowhounders based in Tokyo (or regular visitors) , I was wondering if anyone of you have had dinner at a Sushi place...

od_sf commented 3 months ago