Hashiguchi & Taichi but don't speak Japanese

by dwaynetrain 2 years ago

I am very excited to have reservations for Sushi Hashiguchi and Sushi Taichi (thanks to concierge). I chose those res...


JTpearl commented 4 hours ago

1 Tokyo Sushi Meal

by linkersing 18 hours ago

Given only 1 meal to choose between Shirokane Taira and Marufuku. Which would you go for?

Solo female in Tokyo and Kyoto - confused with food choices

by Aynat62 13 days ago

Hi, I'm going round and round in circles trying to work out where I could eat for 5 nights in Tokyo and 4 nights ...


mutton biryani commented 3 days ago

Sukiyabashi Jiro Honten May 23rd report

by od_sf 3 months ago

Had lunch at Jiro today. Some random thoughts: - Price has gone up (again). This time I paid Y38,700 - no alcohol,...


Lucil commented 24 days ago

Tsukiji fish market moving - will it affect restaurants?

by johnandjane 28 days ago

I had a reservation at Saito in Hong Kong on October 14th... just got an email from the restaurant cancelling it. The...


od_sf commented 28 days ago

Japan trip report May 2018

by Belkisw 3 months ago

Here are my foodie notes from our three week trip to Japan earlier this month. As you will see, I essentially tried t...


Air_wick commented 1 month ago

Tokyo Sushi Recomendation

by bractune 1 month ago

I know this subject has been discussed many times.... Going to Tokyo in late August. I have tried to get reservati...


bractune commented 1 month ago

How to make tsukemen broth creamy and thick?

by Chili_Junkie 2 years ago

Hello dear Chowhound community, I love ramen and make good ramen myself. (White tonkotsu for 13 hrs, marinate my o...


Ketsani commented 1 month ago

Looking for Ginza / Shimbashi non-sushi recs

by od_sf 1 month ago

Looking for some non-sushi recommendations for Ginza / Shimbashi areas: Tonkatsu: I usually go to Bairin. How's Ni...


od_sf commented 1 month ago

Tokyo Sushi

by alantpgoh 1 month ago

Hi all, Sorry to add to the myriad of sushi thread here. I happened to be in Tokyo on a last minute trip with an ...


od_sf commented 1 month ago

Must try restaurants in Tokyo?

by CatherineMartin88 5 months ago

My husband and I will be in Tokyo for four days and want to be sure all the best local food while we're there! The...


Uncle Yabai commented 1 month ago

Sake Pairings at Sushi Restaurants

by Erodent 1 month ago

Hi all, Noob question. Do most sushi-ya provide a sake pairing, and how much would such a pairing typically cost? ...


Erodent commented 1 month ago

Sushi Ya

by mikey8811 3 months ago

Hi Has anyone been to Sushi Ya post Takao Ishiyama? Has the quality been maintained? As an aside, where has Ish...


od_sf commented 1 month ago

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Hakone food recommendations

by jessnutella 2 months ago

Hi, I did a search on must eats in Hakone only to find an unanswered post. Does anyone have recommendations? D...

Tokyo/Kyoto Top Sushi on Short Notice (end of Feb/early Mar)?

by sundropforever 6 months ago

hey CH! i've had flights booked for months and months but haven't nailed down hotels etc. until, well, now. i'll be i...


aprmayjun commented 2 months ago

Advice on high end Tokyo hotel location

by alemon 1 year ago

Hi All, I've been researching an upcoming trip to Japan extensively on this site and I am very thankful for all of...


od_sf commented 2 months ago

Vegetarian traveling with omnivores in Tokyo and Kyoto

by kcmorders 8 months ago

I'll be visiting Tokyo and Kyoto this spring with an extended family group. I'm the only vegetarian (ovo/lacto/no das...


kcmorders commented 2 months ago

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Sushi Arai - 7/15 lunch need one more person

by yana3 2 months ago

Friend can’t make it anymore, prepaid for reservation via Tableall. Lunch at sous chef counter. Anyone want to go? 26...

A couple of recomendations for Tokyo restaurants

by LauraVG 4 months ago

Hi, we are visiting Tokyo in the beginning of June. Could anyone recommend a sushi restaurant where it is not imposs...


bootzilla commented 2 months ago

Tokyo Sushi Post 4.14 Hashiguchi

by IanW 4 months ago

My first time back in Tokyo since 2000. Back then I was just a 23 year old kid with no idea what to get in Tokyo (I a...


tanseaway commented 3 months ago