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Warm Holiday Cheer: Hot Toddies, Hot Buttered Rum . . .

by Melanie Wong 4 years ago

While we're all still kvetching about the current cold snap, I'll report that I joined a friend for a holiday drink a...

Melanie Wong commented 2 years ago

Filtron versus Toddy

by brendastarlet 9 years ago

We had a discussion on Saturday about a Filtron cold coffee brewer versus a Toddy. The Toddy is cheaper and more wide...

LaureltQ commented 3 years ago

Cold Brewing Coffee Without the Toddy?

by Pei 11 years ago

Has anyone tried this? There's no way I'm going out and buying another coffee making contraption, but I thought I cou...

corneygirl commented 3 years ago

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Progress Toddy Coffee Imitation

by slowcoooked 4 years ago

I first tried using Sprouts' Guatemala Huehuetenango ( $ 9 / lb, Volcanic Red roasters) last sunday to make a gallon ...

Toddy maker sold in Montreal?

by Peaches to Poutine 4 years ago

After years--long gone, thank God--of working in a coffee shop, I am spoiled during the summer months with a love of ...

Peaches to Poutine commented 4 years ago

Seeking an EV or LES bar with hot drinks - cider, toddies, etc.

by small h 5 years ago

I see the Library at 7 Ave. A has hot cider - have you noticed any other contenders? Nuthin' too fancy, and bonus poi...


kathryn commented 5 years ago

What's your favorite hot toddy recipe?

by tristis 5 years ago

Fall is upon us, winter is creeping up, and the temperatures are dropping, especially at night here in San Francisco....


cheesehead in recovery commented 5 years ago

IT IS FREEZING!! Where's the best hot toddy in new orleans??!

by lisanola 6 years ago

Where is the best place to get a hot toddy in this city? OR - what's the best hot toddy variation you've had?? I...


nolatummy commented 6 years ago

Where to get a Hot Toddy in LA?

by alphazulu 6 years ago

The gale-force winds and cold weather have given me a hankering for a Hot Toddy. But where to get (a good) one in LA...


crystaw commented 6 years ago

Pizzanista, formerly Toddy G's is making really really great pizza

by blackbookali 6 years ago

NY style with some premium ingredients and a premium price tag. Garage pizza and 9th street are good pies but Pizzani...


Ideefixed commented 6 years ago

Toddy G's Pizza in Downtown Los Angeles?

by sloanedone 7 years ago

Anybody been? They say they're New York style but everyone is raving about the deep dish. They say they do slices b...

JAB commented 7 years ago

Who's serving hot toddies in downtown Toronto?

by gisaster25 8 years ago

It's cold out. Northern Europeans have been hitting the mulled wine for months now. High time for some hot boozy drin...

gisaster25 commented 8 years ago

Toddy coffee - anyone use?

by josephnl 9 years ago

Many years ago, I had a friend who used a contraption called a "Toddy" to make coffee. It seems to me that it was a ...


crowe27 commented 8 years ago

Looking for Good Hot Toddy in midtown

by sjjn 9 years ago

On 57th and 6th and looking to go out and have a nice hot toddy somewhere near after work. Anyone have any suggestio...


sjjn commented 9 years ago

Hot toddies?

by taster58 9 years ago

Can anyone recommend any Baltimore area bars or restaurants that serve hot drinks, like hot buttered rum?

littlew1ng commented 9 years ago

hot toddy?

by megapax 9 years ago

Its cold and dark and I have a hankering for something warm and winter-y. There are tons of recipes but who has thou...


jdwdeville commented 9 years ago

Warm Whiskey Sour?

by David A. 13 years ago

Last night I made myself a drink that really hit the spot on a cold evening: Canadian whiskey, lemon, sugar, and hot ...


Maccar555 commented 9 years ago

Toddy cold coffee brewer in LA?

by french roast 9 years ago

I wanted to pick up one of those nifty Toddy cold coffee brewers I've seen online. I'm so tired of ordering things o...


french roast commented 9 years ago


by cor 10 years ago

So I'm not feeling that great, and I've had hot toddies before but never made them. Do recipes abound on the spiri...


oystersallday commented 10 years ago

Spicy, Hot Winter Drinks? Rum Toddies?

by Brigita 10 years ago

Where can I get a good rum toddy with lemon and real spices blended in? It seems like the perfect way to fight winter...


mrnyc commented 10 years ago