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7 Tips to Make Amazing Kimchi at Home

If you want to learn how to make kimchi, there is no one end-all be-all kimchi recipe, but the process isn't complicated. In fact, DIY kimchi is one of the more accessible at-home food projects out...

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Sous vide - reheating leftover steak in your hotel room via your coffee maker :)

c oliver
by c oliver 6 years ago

We just came off an Alaska cruise ship and are on a few days onshore. We had dinner on ship in their steak restaurant and they were really, really good. Not about to leave them behind, we brought...

Home made ice cream -- what am I doing wrong?

by freia 8 years ago

I can never seem to make home made ice cream that is any good. It just either comes out grainy, or not creamy, or it is runny, or it is a frozen chunk of blech on the paddle or it freezes to the si...

Turkey Day 2013: Lessons Learned

by mazwe 6 years ago

It's over. Right now you're probably thinking: never again. Or maybe it was so successful you want to do it all over again soon. I'm somewhere in between. The feast was great. Everyone raved an...

What things do you add to your oatmeal to make it interesting?

by thunderbug84 13 years ago

I love oatmeal and I eat it almost every morning, but I usually just add some local maple syrup. I'd love to hear about some of your weird but terrific oatmeal concoctions so that I can mix it up a...

Fresh "ham roast"?

by AngelaID 7 years ago

We ordered a pig this year. I popped one of those babies in the oven, mouth watering in anticipation of a slow roasted, fall apart, melt in your mouth, ham. And was sorely disappointed. The flav...

Fluffy rice from a rice cooker?

by rworange 8 years ago

I love my rice cooker because I can just throw the rice and water in there and not watch it. However, it always comes out sticky. How to fluff it up? I've been using long grain rice. Should i u...

What is the secret to the firm dense shrimp for shrimp cocktail served in the best steakhouses and restaurants?

by chowhounder411 7 years ago

The best steakhouses and restaurants serve dense firm shrimp for shrimp cocktail. They are not light and airy like what is commonly served. Is this a different species or is the cooking technique d...

Pork Chops in a Skillet - Time to Cook?

by Dansky 10 years ago

Hello, Fellow Chowhounds: I have a question regarding what time most of you use to cook bone-in pork chops in a skillet, either cast iron, or aluminum. The chops have been approximately 1 inch thi...

Tips (or Recipes) for Moist, Tender Meatballs

by unpoedic 7 years ago

What are your tips for the ultimate moist and tender meatballs? Incorporate soaked bread (the softer and whiter, the better)? Slow cook them in the sauce, or pan-fry vs. baking? A certain combinati...

Gingerbread House Tips and Tricks?

by Aprileats 7 years ago

I'm going to attempt to make a gingerbread house from scratch this weekend. I'm planning to use Martha's Molasses-Gingerbread Cookie Dough. http://www.marthastewart.com/339021/molasses-gingerbr...

How do I thicken my soup?

by JennS 11 years ago

I made a winter squash soup to serve tomorrow night and it came out thinner than I intended. I may have blended it too much. The recipe (can't find it online) is from Cooking Light and it includes ...

Pork Tenderloin Temperature and Cooking Time

by lemony05 7 years ago

I want to roast a pork tenderloin for dinner tonight. I stuffed it already with onion and sage stuffing. I used two tenderloins, butterflied and tied together. The stuffed tenderloin weighs about 2...

Runny frosting! What am I doing wrong?

by CookieEater 12 years ago

My frosting always ends up runny, no matter what I do. End result, my cakes always look like the leaning tower of Pisa. Tastes good, yes, but looks nasty. Especially if it's chocolate frosting. ...

Why did my pie come out runny?

by Eric_Cartman 8 years ago

The first time I made a blueberry pie, it came out nice and thick. I loved it so much, I went and made it again. It was like someone poured juice into my pie. :( I even let it chill overnight. $24...

how to cook a family "stuffing" recipe outside the bird ?

by lindae3213 8 years ago

Our family stuffing recipe includes cooked pork sausage, celery, bread, minced onions, and raw eggs among other items and cooks inside the turkey.....how do I now make that same recipe as dressin...

Does anyone ever make tender pork chops?

by LIMary 8 years ago

I just can't manage it, so matter what. What cut do you get and what is your secret?

Trick to a good Roast Beef?

by missmar79 9 years ago

What is the trick to a good roast beef? Type of Cut? Rub? marinade? I made my first roast beef- I had a 2.5 lb angus top sirloin I braised it in a dutch oven then roasted at 375 for 40 m...

Stumbled upon great way to keep bread fresh!

by meatn3 8 years ago

I have a household of one and have trouble keeping breads fresh long enough to use them up. Sometimes I just don't have room in the freezer... I purchased an artisan loaf (olive and rosemary, no...

Home cooks + professionals -- anyone have problems with dry hands?

by darrentran87 8 years ago

Hi, sorry if this is in the wrong forum, but as a home cook I have a huge issue with dry hands. Especially when my hands come in contact with salt or even water/liquids for a prolonged period of t...

Need tips for separating pumpkin seeds from the stringy guts

by rainey 8 years ago

I love roasted pumpkin seeds and we're having Dorie Greenspan's Pumpkin Stuffed with Everything Good tonight for dinner. I could be munching yummy pumpkin seeds over The Daily Show if it didn't ta...

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