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Slow-Cooking Brisket in an Oven

by mborghese 5 years ago

Hi there; I just bought a whole beef brisket (10lbs). I created a Texas-style dry rub from a recipe I found on...


jeff3545 commented 1 day ago

Troubleshooting Homemade Ricotta

by foodandscience 3 years ago

The other day I was making the ultimate lasagna bolognese. Bolognese simmered for 6 hours, homemade pasta, besciamel...


practicebalance commented 3 days ago

J-E-L-L-O problems

by tom S. 11 years ago

(first of all, yes i failed at making the simplest of all things, jello) So, i followed the instructions. 2 cups hot ...


Foxeyblue commented 5 days ago

Refilling a disposable pepper or salt mill

by Lgalen 10 years ago

I'd like to try to get the top off of my empty Trader Joe's salt mill. My McCormick pepper mill is also nearly empty...

useratl commented 6 days ago

Caramel trouble

by Alicia 8 years ago

I am trying to make caramel for turtle brownies using the Cook's Illustrated recipe, and my caramel is gritty. Can I ...


ricid commented 8 days ago

When a recipe calls for 'chili sauce,' what do you use?

by Jjjr 5 years ago

Just a question out of curiousity. Whenever I see a recipe that calls for 'chili sauce,' I get a little annoyed b...


Remag commented 8 days ago

St Germain HELP please

by strawbrritadreams 2 years ago

I received a beautiful, brand-spankin' new bottle of St Germain over the holidays and I CAN'T WAIT to use it. One lit...


dgmom commented 9 days ago

Help with homemade pasta dough!

by breadchick 7 years ago

My son bought me the pasta attachments for my KA stand mixer. (Such a nice boy!) Anyway, I tried to follow the ...


SteveF28 commented 9 days ago

The Perfect Biscuit - what are your secrets to make it happen?

by cstout 5 years ago

I don't care if it is buttermilk, sour cream, baking powder or what, I just want to eat a perfect biscuit. Can't y...


masha commented 18 days ago

Reusing deep frying oil? What are "the rules"?

by DigitalVelvet 7 years ago

I looked for a thread on this topic, but was unable to find one. What are the rules of thumb for saving and reusing ...


Combatmedicc72 commented 24 days ago

Crusty brownie top

by bakeaholick 4 months ago

Hi there. I've made so many brownies over the past few months that i cant even recall how many. BUT, i just cant seem...

stecworld commented 24 days ago

Roast Beef Woes...

by penguinmeat 1 month ago

I haven't done many roast attempts, because when I do, even if I try one of the so-called "foolproof" ones, or those ...


zackly commented 24 days ago

Cooking seafood to perfection?

by cookiekakie 28 days ago

Hello Chowhounds! I typically buy frozen and fresh seafood in large quantities, but since my family is small, we ge...

Ttrockwood commented 27 days ago

Your secrets to crispy chicken skin

by ucanahdooit 7 years ago

Hi, I was wondering what your methods are for baking crispy chicken skin (no frying!) My chicken always comes out ...


ePressureCooker commented 28 days ago

Please share your 'secret' to baking whole wheat bread!

by FluffyKiwiFruit08 7 months ago

I have been trying (and failing) to bake bread using all whole wheat flour. I do not want to add white flour if at al...


Bella1999 commented 1 month ago

Request to Bakery Bakers

by Querencia 1 month ago

Years ago I made this request and had gracious response from professional bakers and now have lost the recipe. So gra...

tim irvine commented 1 month ago

Scorched layer of rice at bottom of rice cooker -- always

by Raeviola 10 years ago

I love using my rice-cooker for all kinds of rice. However, the bottom layer of rice always has a scorched, brown "cr...


vicjoli5 commented 1 month ago

fresh turmeric root... how to use it?

by luckiestduck 5 years ago

I impulsively bought some fresh turmeric root as a friend was espousing its various health benefits. I have no idea w...

Ttrockwood commented 1 month ago

Home made Corn Tortilla..Can't get em to puff up?

by tunapet 5 years ago

Just started making them and am having a problem with them puffing up..I have used both a cast iron skillet and a big...


shellsoul commented 1 month ago

pork chops in the oven- do you prefer a slow oven or a hot oven?

by prima 4 years ago

I find my pork chops dry out/toughen up if I bake/roast them at 350, and usually end up more tender if I bake/roast/b...


evans65 commented 2 months ago

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