Tipping Barcelona / Madrid

by zurwella 1 month ago

What is the tipping protocol for higher end restaurants in Barcelona (Disfrutar) and Madrid (Dstage + DiverXO)? tha...

erica commented 1 month ago

Tipping before or after added tax?

by marymac 6 years ago

When we go to a restaurant, I always tip on the whole amount. My friend says you should tip only for the food, not th...


CaliforniaJoseph commented 1 month ago

Alinea gratuity question

by crunchbury 3 months ago

Hi, I have a question for those who have dined at Alinea before. I've been myself a couple times. Each time, I've enj...

nsxtasy commented 3 months ago

Tipping for Catering Drop-Off?

by Jacquilynne 12 months ago

A caterer is dropping off a buffet dinner in chafing dishes for a party and then picking up the chafing dishes the ne...


JoannaNYC commented 4 months ago

Tips and expensive restaurants

by Scharn 4 years ago

Normally I tend to tip about 20%, so for a bill of $49 I would probably pay $60 and for a bill of $79 I would give $1...

hotoynoodle commented 5 months ago

Susur Lee and sons ripping off employees

by Charles Yu 6 months ago

From an original report by blog.to, this has mushroomed into a movement!! https://www.change.org/p/levi-lee-lee-re...


CocoTO commented 6 months ago

How much do I tip on catering delivery?

by Isolda 4 years ago

We're having food delivered and set up, but not served, for a party this weekend. What percentage of the total bill s...


Aly200 commented 7 months ago

How much should I tip the delivery guy?

by juice 9 years ago

Ordered Chinese the other day and had it delivered because I was too lazy to pick it up. The order was around $40. ...


MyOpinion500 commented 7 months ago

Can't Afford To Dine Out In Seattle

by JayDK 9 months ago

With $15 minimum wage why should we tip? Mandatory 20% tip plus tax! One Seattle restaurant even adds a 4% surcharg...

babette feasts commented 8 months ago

Square Calculated Tip On Tax

by JayDK 8 months ago

At Little Uncle last night I paid by credit card which was processed via Square. I chose a 15% tip. They emailed th...

Bob Martinez commented 8 months ago

Tipping for BBQ

by dblairx 9 months ago

Hi, I am hosting a BBQ at my house for a large group (150 people). We hired a BBQ truck with a pit crew, including th...


MikeG commented 9 months ago

Bug in Food - Should I Have Tipped?

by Philly Ray 9 months ago

Stopped in a local bar for a quick dinner. I sat at the bar, ordered a beer and some food. Halfway through eating, I...


HoosierFoodie commented 9 months ago

Sign at register: Please refrain from putting tips on credit card to keep prices reasonable

by ebchower 9 months ago

This was at a New Jersey diner. My first thought was "how tacky." But if somebody has already decided to pay by cred...

hotoynoodle commented 9 months ago

Tipping and confronting

by Kidco 10 months ago

Regular non tipping husband and wife. Non tippers. Bill comes to approximately $50. Finally, decided to say somethin...

bagelman01 commented 9 months ago

Gratuity/hospitality-included restaurants

by Multifoiled 11 months ago

I'm curious to hear from people as to what they are doing at their favorite restaurants that have adopted the no-tipp...


ricepad commented 11 months ago

Are credit card payments cheating waitstaff?

by Howard_2 12 months ago

I have a message I would like to post on some forum frequented by restaurant waitstaff. I have not yet been able to ...


MikeG commented 12 months ago

Should you tip on tax?

by josephnl 9 years ago

I have always been, I think, a reasonably generous tipper. I almost always leave 20% of the total (including tax) in...


Harters commented 1 year ago

What Should Be on the Food Policy Agenda

by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

Eater has updated its look at Trump's possible food policy agenda, last discussed here, https://www.chowhound.com/pos...

HeidiCooksSupper commented 1 year ago

Foreigners Not Tipping

by Motosport 1 year ago

We had Sunday brunch at Maison Kayser. It's a semi upscale French bakery and café, moderately expensive but not over...

Motosport commented 1 year ago

Servers who ask if you need change...

by kali43 10 years ago

Had an experience at a rare lunch out with my husband today and would love to hear others' opinions about this. Went ...

Motosport commented 1 year ago