Tipping for Catering Drop-Off?

by Jacquilynne 9 months ago

A caterer is dropping off a buffet dinner in chafing dishes for a party and then picking up the chafing dishes the ne...


JoannaNYC commented 23 days ago

Tips and expensive restaurants

by Scharn 4 years ago

Normally I tend to tip about 20%, so for a bill of $49 I would probably pay $60 and for a bill of $79 I would give $1...

hotoynoodle commented 2 months ago

Susur Lee and sons ripping off employees

by Charles Yu 3 months ago

From an original report by blog.to, this has mushroomed into a movement!! https://www.change.org/p/levi-lee-lee-re...


CocoTO commented 3 months ago

How much do I tip on catering delivery?

by Isolda 4 years ago

We're having food delivered and set up, but not served, for a party this weekend. What percentage of the total bill s...


Aly200 commented 3 months ago

How much should I tip the delivery guy?

by juice 9 years ago

Ordered Chinese the other day and had it delivered because I was too lazy to pick it up. The order was around $40. ...


MyOpinion500 commented 4 months ago

Can't Afford To Dine Out In Seattle

by JayDK 6 months ago

With $15 minimum wage why should we tip? Mandatory 20% tip plus tax! One Seattle restaurant even adds a 4% surcharg...

babette feasts commented 5 months ago

Square Calculated Tip On Tax

by JayDK 5 months ago

At Little Uncle last night I paid by credit card which was processed via Square. I chose a 15% tip. They emailed th...

Bob Martinez commented 5 months ago

Tipping for BBQ

by dblairx 5 months ago

Hi, I am hosting a BBQ at my house for a large group (150 people). We hired a BBQ truck with a pit crew, including th...


MikeG commented 5 months ago

Bug in Food - Should I Have Tipped?

by Philly Ray 6 months ago

Stopped in a local bar for a quick dinner. I sat at the bar, ordered a beer and some food. Halfway through eating, I...


HoosierFoodie commented 6 months ago

Sign at register: Please refrain from putting tips on credit card to keep prices reasonable

by ebchower 6 months ago

This was at a New Jersey diner. My first thought was "how tacky." But if somebody has already decided to pay by cred...

hotoynoodle commented 6 months ago

Tipping and confronting

by Kidco 7 months ago

Regular non tipping husband and wife. Non tippers. Bill comes to approximately $50. Finally, decided to say somethin...

bagelman01 commented 6 months ago

Gratuity/hospitality-included restaurants

by Multifoiled 8 months ago

I'm curious to hear from people as to what they are doing at their favorite restaurants that have adopted the no-tipp...


ricepad commented 8 months ago

Are credit card payments cheating waitstaff?

by Howard_2 9 months ago

I have a message I would like to post on some forum frequented by restaurant waitstaff. I have not yet been able to ...


MikeG commented 9 months ago

Should you tip on tax?

by josephnl 9 years ago

I have always been, I think, a reasonably generous tipper. I almost always leave 20% of the total (including tax) in...


Harters commented 9 months ago

What Should Be on the Food Policy Agenda

by Melanie Wong 9 months ago

Eater has updated its look at Trump's possible food policy agenda, last discussed here, https://www.chowhound.com/pos...

HeidiCooksSupper commented 9 months ago

Foreigners Not Tipping

by Motosport 11 months ago

We had Sunday brunch at Maison Kayser. It's a semi upscale French bakery and café, moderately expensive but not over...

Motosport commented 10 months ago

Servers who ask if you need change...

by kali43 10 years ago

Had an experience at a rare lunch out with my husband today and would love to hear others' opinions about this. Went ...

Motosport commented 11 months ago

tips for to go order?

by monkfanatic 10 years ago

what do you do when you pick up a to go order, should you tip or not? for the longest time I though I don't have to t...


Harters commented 11 months ago

Should I tip extra when I'm given some items for free?

by phil123 1 year ago

Quick question: If you are a regular and your server gives you a couple of items (a drink, say, and or dessert) at n...


Harters commented 1 year ago

Tipping before or after added tax?

by marymac 6 years ago

When we go to a restaurant, I always tip on the whole amount. My friend says you should tip only for the food, not th...


JoannaNYC commented 1 year ago