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Advice for cooking in wide tin-lined copper saute pan

by manolotraveler 3 years ago

So as I mentioned in a couple of other posts, I've just started investing in a few tin-lined copper pieces of cookware. One of my favorites is a 9.5" saute pan. I have one question for use, thoug...

Newly tinned copper pot with cracked lining

by Computta 3 years ago

Hi Guys, just received a pot back from a retinner and it does not look nice. In the photo attached there are webbed cracks in the tin linning. Do you know if the darker parts of the cracks are actu...

Tin lining - need retinning?

by Staubfan 3 years ago

Hello- I recently made caramel on an electric cooktop with my copper pot (despite knowing better). Upon removing the caramel, I noticed a shiny spot on the bottom. It is also rough whereas the r...

Thermodynamics again: Copper linings

by Bluecroc 3 years ago

Hello again! I am back at the discussion table with a new question on linings for modern copper pans. I have learnt - mostly out of the discussions I have seen in this platform - that different met...

Action acidic foods on tinned pans

by TJFRANCE 4 years ago

Hello, as promised, here are some pictures of a pan that has been tinned new then used for 2 years (about 50 firings). You can see the state of the tinning. Then I cleaned the tinning to show you...

Brooklyn Copper Cookware - artisanal masterpieces!

by Toronto416 5 years ago

The big box from Brooklyn Copper Cookware (BCC) arrived this evening, and I just unpacked the 6 QT casserole + lid, and the 3 QT sauté pan. They are thick and heavy hand-made tin-lined 3mm copper p...

High heat and Tin plated copper pot / pans?

by thesilentwind 5 years ago

Hi everyone, I recently purchased a couple of nice tin-lined copper pots and pans (all new). I tried boiling milk with some herbs in one of the small pots on a high flame, but I noticed later th...

Relining an old Copper pot with worn nickel lining

by gestur 9 years ago

I have several related questions about getting a copper pot of mine re-lined. First of all, it’s a very well made French piece, a small .75 qt. sauce pan that I’m 99% sure has a nickel lining and I...

Handles and Rivets for Copper Cookware

by alexrander 5 years ago

I've of course seen brass and bronze handles on copper pots, usually the thinner ones, sometimes thick, especially with the cocottes. A while back I read on a website that bronze is not that therma...

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