The Great Copper Cookware Gallery on Chowhound

by SognSpatula 5 months ago

It was recently mentioned in another thread that we should have a central gallery for copper cookware since so little real info is available online. This is that thread. So post up your copper ...

HELP!! tin baking pan black after dishwasher cycle

by cinvowell 7 years ago

I'm sorry if there is a recient thread like this, but I'm new. I'm at my wits end. I have a tin pan that was my mother's when I was growing up. It's been through the dishwasher countless times. ...

Copper: Tin lining vs Stainless steel lining. Falk vs Mazzetti. Which is better?

by Tektrex 1 year ago

Ok so after much research both here and elsewhere I've pretty much learnt all there is to know about copper cookware and thus am fairly informed of the various quirks owning such a piece might enta...

White crust / coating on tin?

by manolotraveler 2 months ago

Hi all - I recently picked up a nice old Barth & Son copper saute pan, and I'm trying to decide if it needs retinning or not. There's a dull, white layer over the tin and I'm not sure if it's some...

Learning about my new copper pan

by manolotraveler 3 months ago

I'd been wanting a larger copper saute pan for a while since my 10" was getting kind of crowded for some meals, so I finally took the plunge and got this new one on ebay. Now i'm trying to learn m...

Are all tinnings equal?

by adriageerz 6 months ago

Hi everyone, While looking at the different tinning techniques used by some manufacturers, I wonder if there are tinnings that are better than others? Do the tinning methods make any noticeable ...

Who has copper saucepans of 1.1 / 1.3mm?

by TJFRANCE 6 months ago

Before developing an idea that is important to me, I would like to know if you have saucepans of 1.1mm / 1.3mm thick? If so, what interests me most is to have an idea of the number of people who n...

Saute pan, Wok and tin wok suggestion needed

by gamma50g 12 months ago

Can anyone suggest a saute pan and a medium sized wok. I'm looking for something lighter than cast iron. I need the saute pan preferably to be nonstick (not TFal but seasonable if that's an option)...

New Copper Roaster Help

by luisbravoavi76 9 months ago

Hello all, Im a big fan of copper cookware, I have a few pieces by Debuyer, some from Mauviel and recently a new roasting pan from CU Artigiana in Italy. The roaster is tin lined and is around 16" ...

Would you re-tin or cook in this copper pan?

by BreadCat 9 months ago

So, I saw this pan on eBay, cheap. Seller described it as vintage, great condition. Per the photos, I could see the inside was not in great condition. Dark patches, greenish areas, what looked like...

Saddest Tin Lined Copper Pan in the World...

by rmarisco 1 year ago

This is (was?) an heirloom crepe pan. It hadn't been used in years. I put it on my glass topped stove on the only burner that would fit it, which happens to be the hottest burner. The rest of this ...

Copper retinning in France

by Vinomattic 9 months ago

Does anyone have the name/contact info of one or more reputable copper retinners in France? I have to get some pans retinned, and would hate to have to carry them back and forth. Thanks in adva...

Help identifying cookware (& whether I may continue using them to cook)

by onefemalecanuck 1 year ago

Hi everyone, Very pleased to have found you. I recently purchased these beautiful three pieces from an antique shop. The only information available on them is that they are stamped 'Made in ...

Copper cookware--Duparquet

by HungryHobbit 2 years ago

Anyone familiar with this brand? Is it comparable to Brooklyn Cooper Cookware (I doubt it)? The site seams to lack some important information, and I can't tell if he makes all the cookware himself ...

Copper pots brands stamped or not? Thickness in first!

by TJFRANCE 3 years ago

I see that some people still raises the question of whether a tinned copper pot thickness of 3mm or more with a mark above is better than a pot of the same thickness that is not stamped? We must...

Tin-lined vs. Stainless-lined Copper Rondeau

by Politiceaux 1 year ago

I recently scored a fantastic deal on a tin-lined 3.2mm Mauviel 28 cm Rondeau. I am curious as to whether this or stainless lined would be more ideal for how I cook. I tend to cook a lot of ...

Brooklyn Copper Cookware large 11" rondeau - making duck ragu

by Toronto416 1 year ago

BCC have begun producing larger diameter pots, and the 11" 5QT rondeau is the perfect size for cooking for a dinner party of 4 or more people. I posted a short review previously of the 11" rondeau...

The Copper Skillet Controversy

by betsy_VA 1 year ago

I was reading an old eGullet thread about copper cookware where Sigma made a dismissive (but compelling) remark about copper skillets: "If you look at the Dehillerin site you will see no skillet...

French Copper Pots = lined with TIN or STEEL?

by beauxgoris 11 years ago

I've heard that it's pointless to line a copper pot with stainless as it just takes away it's heat conductivity, and that although it's more pernsnickty to use tin is the better choice. People are ...

Vintage copper questions grab-bag

by betsy_VA 1 year ago

I've been doing some eBay and Etsy shopping for vintage copper pieces and have some questions for the hive mind. 1) Some copper pots and pans have brass handles and some (supposedly) have bronze...