Feedback on Daubieres

by gooster 1 month ago

OK, the allure of shiny, pretty objects has me in it's grasp. Please save me! For those of you with copper daubiere...


Libranflight commented 2 days ago

Copper cookware--Duparquet

by HungryHobbit 12 days ago

Anyone familiar with this brand? Is it comparable to Brooklyn Cooper Cookware (I doubt it)? The site seams to lack so...

kaleokahu commented 11 days ago

Can we flambé in a tin-lined copper pan?

by Computta 16 days ago

I was wondering if we could do this since the burning temperature of ethanol is much higher than tin's melting point....

Newlyn_Tinning commented 14 days ago

Need buying advice on vintage tin-lined copper pan

by damiano 1 month ago

Hi all, I've seen this tin-lined copper sauce pan for sale on a local craigslist-like site. It's marked 'made in fran...


am47 commented 19 days ago

Suggestions for Copper Pan w/ Lead Tested in the Lining

by manolotraveler 3 months ago

I recently bought an unusual copper pan on ebay from France, and since it looked pretty old I decided to give the lin...


manolotraveler commented 1 month ago

Copper pots brands stamped or not? Thickness in first!

by TJFRANCE 1 year ago

I see that some people still raises the question of whether a tinned copper pot thickness of 3mm or more with a mark ...


dtchacos commented 1 month ago

Tin Lined Copper Cookware. Health Effects & Benefits.

by Newlyn_Tinning 1 month ago

Here's a study on tin that may interest all you tin lined copper cookware lovers or those thinking of making the move...

Newlyn_Tinning commented 1 month ago

Question about my tin lining

by manolotraveler 4 months ago

I just picked up another copper pan on ebay (sorry, wallet) and the lining looks a bit different from the other coppe...

TJFRANCE commented 1 month ago

Reddish stains on tin?

by manolotraveler 4 months ago

Hello! I just bought (another) copper pan on ebay... a little tin-lined copper saucepan to be exact. I just cooked m...


manolotraveler commented 3 months ago

Advice on saving a very blackened copper pan?

by manolotraveler 4 months ago

I stumbled across the following very, very dirty looking copper pan on ebay this morning, and I'm wondering whether f...


manolotraveler commented 3 months ago

Muffin Tin Shepherds Pie Suggestions

by BostonTparty 3 months ago

My son went away to college. Over the summer he became enamored with Shepherds Pie. I would like to freeze a batch an...


stockholm28 commented 3 months ago

Why say copper pot is for lifetime? I do tinning in video.

by TJFRANCE 4 months ago

Hello everyone ! For those who want to know why it is said that a copper pot can last a lifetime and even more, he...

TJFRANCE commented 3 months ago

Advice for cooking in wide tin-lined copper saute pan

by manolotraveler 4 months ago

So as I mentioned in a couple of other posts, I've just started investing in a few tin-lined copper pieces of cookwar...


manolotraveler commented 4 months ago

Newly tinned copper pot with cracked lining

by Computta 6 months ago

Hi Guys, just received a pot back from a retinner and it does not look nice. In the photo attached there are webbed c...

TJFRANCE commented 5 months ago

Tin lining - need retinning?

by Staubfan 8 months ago

Hello- I recently made caramel on an electric cooktop with my copper pot (despite knowing better). Upon removing t...

TJFRANCE commented 8 months ago

Thermodynamics again: Copper linings

by Bluecroc 10 months ago

Hello again! I am back at the discussion table with a new question on linings for modern copper pans. I have learnt -...

BreadCat commented 9 months ago

Action acidic foods on tinned pans

by TJFRANCE 1 year ago

Hello, as promised, here are some pictures of a pan that has been tinned new then used for 2 years (about 50 firings)...

TJFRANCE commented 1 year ago

Brooklyn Copper Cookware - artisanal masterpieces!

by Toronto416 2 years ago

The big box from Brooklyn Copper Cookware (BCC) arrived this evening, and I just unpacked the 6 QT casserole + lid, a...


Toronto416 commented 2 years ago

High heat and Tin plated copper pot / pans?

by thesilentwind 2 years ago

Hi everyone, I recently purchased a couple of nice tin-lined copper pots and pans (all new). I tried boiling milk ...


alexrander commented 2 years ago

Relining an old Copper pot with worn nickel lining

by gestur 6 years ago

I have several related questions about getting a copper pot of mine re-lined. First of all, it’s a very well made Fre...


alexrander commented 2 years ago

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