Quenching HOT Pots from Re-lining

by mobiledynamics 1 month ago

Been watching a few -retinning- videos. What am I missing here. Piping red hot copper pans being retinned. Then quenched. In one video, the craftsman quenched it in 7 different buckets. No idea if ...

Caveat emptor

by am47 4 months ago

Generally I try to steer clear of scouring other forums for suspicious cookware listings, but this one stood out as likely fraudulent. I'm curious what some of the real copper fans here on Chowhoun...

Unboxing my 9-piece set of Navarini Rame tin-lined copper

by josemartinlopez 1 year ago

My Navarini Rame tin-lined copper skillets, pots and rondeau were shipped some time back, but I got too busy to open all the boxes. I got these via the Archibald London sale. Here are long delayed...

The Great Copper Cookware Gallery on Chowhound

by SognSpatula 2 years ago

It was recently mentioned in another thread that we should have a central gallery for copper cookware since so little real info is available online. This is that thread. So post up your copper ...

Copper: Tin lining vs Stainless steel lining. Falk vs Mazzetti. Which is better?

by Tektrex 3 years ago

Ok so after much research both here and elsewhere I've pretty much learnt all there is to know about copper cookware and thus am fairly informed of the various quirks owning such a piece might enta...

Cooking shakshuka in a tin-lined copper skillet?

by josemartinlopez 1 year ago

When I try cooking shakshuka for one in a stainless steel skillet, some of the crushed tomato and diced onion and bell peppers sometimes form a burnt crust at the bottom. Would this be easier avoid...

Mazzetti / Bottega del Rame Copper thickness q.

by ceasar2k6 1 year ago

I specifically want to ask those who have their 2.5mm or 3mm models to measure the thickness in a few areas. Since it's hammered, it would be not exactly 3mm thick, so I am curious to see what thic...

Shiny rivets on old copper

by coppernew101 1 year ago

I am getting a 2mm hammered copper tin lined Windsor pan from etsy for $90. Tin looks to be in good condition. The handle is a bit rusted and just noticed shiny new looking rivets on it. Almost loo...

Heat tint from burner on copper pan

by coppernew101 1 year ago

Just started cooking with copper. Got a 34cm, 3mm, tin lined hammered two handle pan from Bottega del Rame. Made pancakes and sauted some onions. I have 2 concerns. First is I have burner heat tin...

BPA - canned fish

by borisabrams 2 years ago

Hi! I was wondering if anyone knew any stores/brands selling BPA-canned fish. I can only see Wild Planet, which seems to only be tuna. What i really want is sardines and salmon! Thanks!

HELP!! tin baking pan black after dishwasher cycle

by cinvowell 10 years ago

I'm sorry if there is a recient thread like this, but I'm new. I'm at my wits end. I have a tin pan that was my mother's when I was growing up. It's been through the dishwasher countless times. ...

White crust / coating on tin?

by manolotraveler 2 years ago

Hi all - I recently picked up a nice old Barth & Son copper saute pan, and I'm trying to decide if it needs retinning or not. There's a dull, white layer over the tin and I'm not sure if it's some...

Learning about my new copper pan

by manolotraveler 2 years ago

I'd been wanting a larger copper saute pan for a while since my 10" was getting kind of crowded for some meals, so I finally took the plunge and got this new one on ebay. Now i'm trying to learn m...

Are all tinnings equal?

by adriageerz 2 years ago

Hi everyone, While looking at the different tinning techniques used by some manufacturers, I wonder if there are tinnings that are better than others? Do the tinning methods make any noticeable ...

Who has copper saucepans of 1.1 / 1.3mm?

by TJFRANCE 2 years ago

Before developing an idea that is important to me, I would like to know if you have saucepans of 1.1mm / 1.3mm thick? If so, what interests me most is to have an idea of the number of people who n...

Saute pan, Wok and tin wok suggestion needed

by gamma50g 3 years ago

Can anyone suggest a saute pan and a medium sized wok. I'm looking for something lighter than cast iron. I need the saute pan preferably to be nonstick (not TFal but seasonable if that's an option)...

New Copper Roaster Help

by luisbravoavi76 3 years ago

Hello all, Im a big fan of copper cookware, I have a few pieces by Debuyer, some from Mauviel and recently a new roasting pan from CU Artigiana in Italy. The roaster is tin lined and is around 16" ...

Would you re-tin or cook in this copper pan?

by BreadCat 3 years ago

So, I saw this pan on eBay, cheap. Seller described it as vintage, great condition. Per the photos, I could see the inside was not in great condition. Dark patches, greenish areas, what looked like...

Saddest Tin Lined Copper Pan in the World...

by rmarisco 3 years ago

This is (was?) an heirloom crepe pan. It hadn't been used in years. I put it on my glass topped stove on the only burner that would fit it, which happens to be the hottest burner. The rest of this ...

Copper retinning in France

by Vinomattic 3 years ago

Does anyone have the name/contact info of one or more reputable copper retinners in France? I have to get some pans retinned, and would hate to have to carry them back and forth. Thanks in adva...