The Hawaiian and Not-So-Hawaiian Histories of the Mai Tai

With coronavirus making travel a tricky and even potentially dangerous prospect this year, we're embracing the summer staycation. All week (and all summer) long, we'll bring you transportive flavors...

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Review: Kahuna's Tiki Bar & Grill: The Hawaiian Hooters

by dinaofdoom 12 years ago

Kahuna's Tiki Bar & Grill 6301 W. Parmer Lane (Plaza w/Chipotle's and Little Woodrow's) 512.336.7873 http://www.kahunastikibar.com/ Preface: Living in NW Austin, there aren't a lot of non-c...

Has anyone been to Jardin Tiki on a Saturday night?

by cricri7 12 years ago

I know....I know.....pretty kitschy with very bad food, but my birthday is coming up and I thought it would be fun to go to a place with atmosphere. I heard about Le Jardin Tiki on Sherbrooke est, ...

iso: Tiki Cocktails

by ScubaSteve 12 years ago

i don't know what it is about Spring but my tatste buds always seem to crave Tiki drinks this time of year. i struck out at Deep Ellum and a couple of offerings i had at Drink really didn't do I...

Kahuna's Tiki Bar & Grill - January 2009

by Lovetroll 12 years ago

There's a new sign where the Curra's Long Bar used to be at Parmer & McNeil (behind the Starbucks) for Kahuna's Tiki Bar & Grill with a website listed: http://www.kahunastikibar.com/ The site ju...

Review: Tiki Bar in Minneola

by hmp2z 14 years ago

We went to the Tiki Bar in Minneola today, so I'll post some of the highlights of our visit: The Tiki Bar shares a parking lot with the Lake Minneola Inn. The inn is charming, right on the water...

Tiki Taco vs. Lex Mex in LBI

by diablo 14 years ago

I ate at both of these places twice recently. Lex Mex wins hands down for food. Tiki Taco is cheaper, decent food, but not so good take-out. Eat there. Lex Mex is dependable either way. The fi...

Tiki Bars in New York City Area?

by jksterling 13 years ago

Hi everyone, With the whole new wave of tiki drink inspired cocktails entering the haute-bar scene, I wanted to try to experience the real deal. With both Trader Vic's closed, where else can a...

Voodoo Tiki Tequila?

JK Grence the Cosmic Jester
by JK Grence the Cosmic Jester 13 years ago

While browsing my local well-stocked bottle shop, I spied Voodoo Tiki brand tequilas in the usual silver/reposado/añejo. The bottle is certainly quite charming, with a little glass tiki statue at ...

Tiki Bar Recommendations in LA/OC?

by AquaW 15 years ago

Ok, we all know Trader Vic's went down the cahoots (mostly food, but even drinks taste sub-par compared to what it used to be--) so wondering if there are any places to go from you guys about great...

Oakland - Breads of India – Free-range chicken tiki masala, wild salmon tandoori & organic naan

by rworange 15 years ago

The two year drama of this place opening got to me. So when it finally did open, I had to go. Get the tandoori dishes ... I didn’t ... and I looked on in despair as the next table was served the...

Any Fun Tiki Restaurants?

by kresge86 14 years ago

I'm looking for a FUN tiki/Polynesian dinner place for a friend's 40th birthday. I had hoped for a Polynesia dinner & dance show, but it looks like we don't have any in the SF area (I can't find a...

Seeking Retro Tiki (Chef Shangri-La? new Trader Vics?)

by Steve Sanders 14 years ago

An old family favorite, Beyond the Reef on the southwest side, closed a few years ago, and I'd like to find an old-fashioned (i.e., 60s/70s-reeking) "Polynesian"/Tiki bar and restaurant in the Chic...

Santa Cruz - Tiki Restaurant / Batik Indonesian

by So Ho La 14 years ago

I was recently visiting Santa Cruz for the day and noticed that there seems to be a Tiki Bar / Restaurant (near Logo's Books, side street) and an Indinesian Restaurant ("Batik"?) on Soquel. Anyone...

Good Restaurants near the Mission Tiki Drive-In?

by fergusmccool 14 years ago

Not too familiar with the Pomona/Montclair area. Any kind of food suggestions are welcome. Not chain restaurants so much though (e.g., Chili's, TGIF, BJs, etc.). Thank you.

Tiki Bar-style drinks

by childofthestorm 14 years ago

Hey, strange question...I promised clients I would take them out for a lunch on Friday that would include drinks in coconuts with umbrellas and whatnot. They're keen on this idea. So now I'm stuck,...

Polynesian/Tiki style recs

by abf005 14 years ago

Since Trader Vic's downtown closed up awhile ago, where are there some other good Polynesian/Tiki Hut style places around town? I'm looking for something preferably in either Downtown, city Northsi...

Any good eats near Tiki Ti? (walking distance)

by AquaW 15 years ago

I heard Tiki Ti has good (and unsuspectingly potent) drinks and no food... so wondering what's a good place within walking distance for a couple of folks to sober up and fill up. (was thinking Eat...

Tiki Drinks

by chowhunt46 15 years ago

With the closing of Trader Vics I need advice as to where to find good tropical (tiki) drinks anywhere in the Chicago area. The food is a very secondary consideration. Although places in Chicago ...