The Hawaiian and Not-So-Hawaiian Histories of the Mai Tai

With coronavirus making travel a tricky and even potentially dangerous prospect this year, we're embracing the summer staycation. All week (and all summer) long, we'll bring you transportive flavors...

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Pacific Paradise, ABQ: Real Deal Sichuan in a Tacky Tiki Room

by finlero 7 years ago

Last year I had the good fortune of getting to visit Chengdu with a UNM professor who grew up there (the food was easily the best we had in China, and being from NM we got to impress everybody by b...

which island has the best food / cocktial (tiki) bars

by Dapuma 9 years ago

No idea which island to choose and just starting to look into a trip to hawaii and have never been there before...So figured I would base a starting point for research on looking at what some of th...

Tiki Iniki on Kauai Now Opening "Winter 2013"

by kathryn 8 years ago

Their Twitter profile now says: Aloha! Tiki Iniki Lounge and Restaurant Opening winter 2013 North Shore Kauai North Shore Kauai · tikiiniki.com

Tiki drinks party - some questions

by tokyopix 8 years ago

As I've written before, I have cocktail parties about once a month. I prepare a menu of cocktails and have snacks then we pile in cabs and go to dinner. Dinner party made easy (b/c I don't cook the...

Bloody Mary, closest to Tiki Ti's

by Dapuma 8 years ago

My wife and friends all agree that the best Bloody Mary they have ever had was Tiki Ti's version I do not like bloody Mary's however I have been tasked with creating a great bloody mary for the ...

Trip Report: tiki Ti, Red Medicine, Bouchon, Bottega Louie

by Dapuma 8 years ago

Tiki Ti was a blast, that place has a lot of character, and the drinks were excellent. The Ray's Mistake was quite good as were all the drinks, they were a touch on the sweeter side compared to Smu...

What's your favorite tiki bar out of the less than half a dozen that are still standing in LA ?

by kevin 8 years ago

Though I do believe in the past few years there has been a resurgence. Once mixology is a thing of the past, tiki drinks might be back in style ?

Best laid back place for Tiki Drinks in Manhattan.

by CharmCityBivalveLove 8 years ago

I'm a chowhound newbie planning a day trip to Manhattan to see an old friend that I met on Oahu. Looking for a place to get frozen drink with an umbrella in the city. Places I've seen look like nig...

Tiki? Tikki? Tiki Bar? Enlighten me

Kris in Beijing
by Kris in Beijing 8 years ago

On more than one current post, CHers are lamenting the demise and disappearance of THE TIKI BAR. At the ripening age of 44 with a completely nonalcoholic background, I'm clueless. Say "tiki" to ...

Tiki Bar

by Gizmo56 9 years ago

I have a craving to drink a zombie cocktail out of a skull mug in an establishment that has dried puffer fish suspended from the ceiling. Does anyone know of a real tiki bar in the Puget Sound a...

Jun - Former Hayama and Mr. Tiki sushi chef in san diego

by Eric Siegler 16 years ago

I need help finding Jun, maker of sexy roll, iron man handrolls, something special with Eel, truck driver, alpine fantasy, etc. He worked at Hayama in San Diego for a long time,then went to Mr. Ti...

Okolemaluna Tiki Bar in Kailua-Kona, any reports?

by susancinsf 9 years ago

Other than a brief in passing mention in a thread on tiki bars statewide, that veered into a more general discussion, I can't find any reports on this tiki bar on the Big Island: http://www.okol...

tiki drinks.....ingredient substitutions help

by SBackes 9 years ago

I just got two Beachbum Berry Tiki drink books and there are a few ingredients I can't use due to having a nut allergy.....so I'm looking for substitutions ---Falernum....I may have to resort ...

Tiki Tiki Pop restaurant up at the Phila. Art Museum outdoor Terrace.

by suzy 9 years ago

I have tickets for Sunday. Just wondering if anyone attended and how they like it.

Tiki's with new chef?

by mwest9 9 years ago

Anybody been here since new chef Ronnie Nasuti from Roy's took over last summer? http://tikisgrill.com/2011/06/leaving-roy%E2%80%99s-to-upgrade-tiki%E2%80%99s-waikiki-table-talk-midweek-com/ ...

Where to go after Tiki Ti ?

by Dapuma 10 years ago

Going to be visiting LA from Phoenix mid Decemberish and plan to finally make it to Tiki Ti for some good cocktails (especially after our TV's closed down) After 3 or 4 rum filled cocktails we w...

Best Tiki Bar and/or Tiki Drinks in DFW

by chipsandsalsa 10 years ago

Any suggestions on where to get good Tiki drinks and cocktails in DFW? We've been wanting to have a cocktail night, but since Trader Vic's closed, don't know where to go for the best Tiki drinks ...

Tiki Party

by Cheftiger 10 years ago

I need some ideas for a tiki party menu. rumaki chicken satay etc.?????

Tiki Drinks?

by Clyde 10 years ago

Where can I get a good tiki drinks- during daylight hours too? Tiki Ti always seems to be closed when i try to go, and Formosa for a Mai Tai doesn't open until 6 on weekends. Trader Vic's drinks ...