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Good food in the Thousand Oaks area - any suggestions?

by sunnygordy 15 years ago

I am going to be in the Thousand Oaks/Westlake Village area around lunchtime tomorrow & I was wondering if there was any recommendations on where to go from my fellow 'Hounds. I'm open to anything...

India Sweets & Spices - Thousand Oaks?

by the donut 15 years ago

The India Sweets and Spices webpage claims there will be a new branch of this store opening up in Thousand Oaks. (http://www.indiasweetsandspices.org/locations.htm). Does anyone have any details,...

Diar Market (Middle Eastern) in Thousand Oaks - FRESH Pistachio Nuts, Still in Their Skins

by liu 15 years ago

I don't remember ever having a FRESH pistachio nut that was still in its soft outer skin; after easily peeling this away, simply open the inner shell (which is already partly opened) to reveal an u...

Takahashi Sushi in Thousand Oaks

by Hiko Ikeda 19 years ago

Has anybody been to Takahashi Sushi at 3835 E Thousand Oaks Blvd, Thousand Oaks? Although many sushi places are reviewed on this board, nobody has ever mentioned this restaurant?

Good Mexican Restaurants in Thousand Oaks

by malibumike 15 years ago

I would like chowhounds recommendations for Good Mexican Restaurants in the Thousand Oaks area of L.A. county. TIA

latino place in Thousand Oaks or Simi area to watch soccer?

by mstrimel 15 years ago

Traveling alone, staying in Simi and seeking a local hangout where I can practice my Spanish and watch the Mexico v. Argentina game. If there's a big screen, I'd be willing to drive as far as LA. ...

Thousand Oaks?

by Okie 18 years ago

Moved out to the Conejo Valley about a year ago after 10 years on the Westside and as you might expect, I'm struggling to find interesting restaurants. I love Galletto Café in Westlake Village an...

Please identify only the best sushi bars from Thousand Oaks to Studio City

by lmno 15 years ago

Please tell me what you think are THE BEST sushi bars from Thousand Oaks and Westlake all the way to Studio City. Thanks! I am with visitors who want several sushi LUNCHES through the next few week...

Latino Market in Thousand Oaks

by LesThePress 15 years ago

I went to the Latino Market on T.O. Blvd. today at lunchtime. I must have passed this place a hundred times and never really noticed it. The entrance is on the side, not on T.O. Blvd. Once you...

Mastros in Thousand Oaks

by LesThePress 15 years ago

In response to previous posts I drove past the previous American Bistro location where Mastros's will be opening later this year. I looks like they're starting from scratch because only the frame...

thousand oaks/newbury park recs?

by running pig 15 years ago

Hey all....open to any good suggestions for a nice weekend dinner way out West. THANKS

Huevos Rancheros in Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, Newbury Park?

by avgirlie 15 years ago

Does anyone have a suggestion on where the best might be found? Thinking of going to out for breakfast this weekend and we live in this part of Ventura County.

Brunch in Thousand Oaks?

by senor hamachi 15 years ago

Have to do Easter brunch with the parents and grandparents and Thousand Oaks or thereabouts is the most convenient area for everyone to meet. Anything remotely chowish out there? Thanks

Brent's In Thousand Oaks- Any News Yet?

by Pamplemoose 15 years ago

I'm getting a little impatient for the Brent's in Thousand Oaks/ Westlake Village to open. It seems to be taking forever! Does anyone have any news or updates about how that is going and a possible...

Thousand Oaks Meat Locker

by WildSwede 16 years ago

Went to a wedding on Saturday and they served BBQ from this place. They served BBQ chicken, beef ribs, baby backs and tri tip. All BBQd on premises. Really good. Not sure of what price is, but if y...

Birthday Dinner Restaurant in Westlake, Thousand Oaks vicinity

by Alice 16 years ago

Hi everyone, We all know there are a ton of chain options, but are there any new or good restaurants in Westlake/TO/Agoura area worth checking out for a birthday dinner? Anyone been to P6 - is...

ISO good eats in Thousand Oaks Area

by hushpuppy 16 years ago

Hi Chowhounders, I recently moved to Thousand Oaks and am in search of good ethnic eats. Anything besides the ubiquitous bar and grill will do. I've found a great Japanese place called Takahashi...

Thousand Oaks Mexican - Harold's House of Omelettes

by Snackish 16 years ago

Go figure. I have posted about this place before, after I had breakfast there. Tonight we had dinner and I am telling you to go check this place out before it closes down due to competition from al...

Lunch between Thousand Oaks & Santa Monica

by Doris 16 years ago

I will be staying in Santa Monica and want to meet a friend who lives in Thousand Oaks. Can anyone suggest a place for lunch in between these 2 locations? Thanks Doris

Brent's Coming to Thousand Oaks!!!!!

by Pamplemoose 16 years ago

Hallelujah!!!!! I saw an article that Brent's was in heavy negotiation to move into the Ottavios/Reds/Paul's building next to the Hyatt! To all those who live or work in Conejo Valley let's hear a...