Thousand Oaks

Restaurant Gems in Torrance and Thousand Oaks?

by Rubee 18 days ago

Hello all! We're road tripping from Phoenix to California and will be spending most of the time in Torrance and Conej...

Melanie Wong

Melanie Wong commented 8 days ago

Business Dinner In/Near Thousand Oaks?

by kaleokahu 3 months ago

Hi, I'm entertaining a European client after business meetings in TO next week. I need suggestions for a nice, convi...


gdodgerfan commented 3 months ago

Kid friendly recommendations

by luvs2shop 12 months ago

We will be in Camarillo for a soccer tournament this weekend. We will be staying in the Thousand Oaks area. So, withi...


BrianShaw commented 12 months ago

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Jeanette's Edelweiss Thousand Oaks

by SIMIHOUND 2 years ago

After reading local reviews about this new restaurant my wife and I decided to see what it was all about. The restaur...

Harold's House of Omelets - Thousand Oaks Sunday AM

by Servorg 4 years ago

Stopped in at Harold's http://eatatharolds.com/HHO/HOME.html for breakfast at opening (6 AM) on Sunday (and I was ac...


Raymondo commented 4 years ago

Thousand Oaks 2014

by WADiNGA 4 years ago

Here is my list of what's worth eating in T. O. In no particular order- please let me know if I'm missing something. ...


WADiNGA commented 4 years ago

Thousand Oaks

by susans 4 years ago

We are going from Long Beach to the Fred Kavli Theater in Thousand Oaks for a concert Saturday night. I know lots of ...


whiner commented 4 years ago

Take out BBQ between Thousand Oaks and Burbank

by Pamplemoose 4 years ago

I've been put in charge of getting take out BBQ for a small party for a Sunday night and I was wondering about great ...


cartbaby commented 4 years ago

Legit Bad Ass Taco stand in Thousand Oaks!

by Sgee 4 years ago

I was driving along Thousand Oaks Blvd this evening and came a across a green neon sign emblazoned with "Street Tacos...

cant talk...eating

cant talk...eating commented 4 years ago

Thousand Oaks/westlake village

by jwexler 5 years ago

any good restaurants in Westlake village or thousand oaks... no more than 40 pp for food. give or take 10 dollars. An...


liu commented 4 years ago

recs for Thousand Oaks/Camarillo

by sue 17 years ago

Hello! Seattle Chowhound here. I'll be visiting friends in Thousand Oaks and Camarillo in late June and am looking fo...


Servorg commented 4 years ago

Boba in Thousand Oaks (and Szechuan food!?)

by cant talk...eating 5 years ago

I was amazed to see both at a truly unremarkable steam-tray Chinese place deep in Thousand Oaks: Han's Chinese Exp...


liu commented 5 years ago

mexico in thousand oaks

by DFox 5 years ago

why has'nt anyone gone to the latina market on thousand oaks blvd it the bomb, walk in and feel like your in old mex...


liu commented 5 years ago

Garage Dogs in Thousand Oaks

by LesThePress 5 years ago

I stopped by to try Garage Dogs today for lunch. The place is very nice, very clean with tables both inside and on t...


SIMIHOUND commented 5 years ago

Camarones ahogados at Mariscos Cancun, Thousand Oaks

by cant talk...eating 5 years ago

After getting acquainted with this dish over the years at Mariscos Chente, I was really glad to see it at a more loca...


liu commented 5 years ago

Smashburger - Thousand Oaks

by nikkihwood 6 years ago

Opens 7/11, they pretty much looked ready when we drove by today. In the Whole Foods center, in the former Chuy's spa...


LesThePress commented 6 years ago

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Cal Lutheran Scandinavian Festival is coming - April 14 & 15 in Thousand Oaks

by WildSwede 6 years ago

I am sure a good time will be had by all. Enjoy! http://scandinaviancenter.org/scandinavian_festival/

Rec's for Group in THOUSAND OAKS Sun Jan 15

by sablouwho 6 years ago

NEED: Non-chain restaurant/wine bar/lounge suitable for GROUP -- we will be coming directly from a theater performanc...


sablouwho commented 6 years ago

Nate N Al's in Thousand Oaks

by ElleBeavero 8 years ago

I saw a sign that said it was opening in November. Does anyone have more information about it?


uklimeyboy commented 6 years ago