The Worst

The Worst Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Thanksgiving traditions vary by region and by family, but some of the most iconic components of the meal inspire equal amounts of adoration and abnegation. Even the turkey is contentious (if you don...

Applebee's - Worst National Chain Ever?

by BobB 13 years ago

I would - literally - sooner eat at a McDonald's than an Applebee's. And their pretention that they're offering something that could possibly be confused with real food, not prefab frozen deep-fri...

What is the worst wedding reception dinner you've ever had?

by alliegator 8 years ago

I've had some pretty bad stuff at receptions, and I've had some good stuff, too. But tell us about the worst meal you've ever choked down on someone's big day?

Really, really BAD KOREAN food - Saddest and Worst meal this year!

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 5 years ago

Be warned!! Stay away from this newly opened ' Buk Chong Dong Soon Tofu Korean Restaurant ' next to ' The Emperor ' at Bayview/Blackmoor, Richmond Hill! Do not be deceived by the fact that the ...

Your disappointing purchases from Costco

by Monica 10 years ago

Mine definitely would be premade sushi...I couldn't finish it....no matter how much I tried.

"WORST" dish in 2016 ( thus far )

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 5 years ago

As warning to fellow hounds, may be a post with above captioned title to mirror " Best Dish in 2016 " might be of help and fun?! My candidate: - Yang's, Richmond Hill: 'Stirred fry Razor clams...

Worst Pizza....

by LEOFONT 6 years ago

After years of eating pizza I can truly write that the worst pie I EVER tasted (and didn't finish) was at "Blaze fast Fired Pizza" in the new Clark Commons Mall in Clark NJ......if your a veteran p...

Forget the best burger... how about the worst burger in boston?

by slvrspoon1 6 years ago

why is it always about the best and the worst never gets any love and attention. i think the worst is a special combination of high price and low performance, perhaps garnished with bad service......

West on Centre, a warning

by devilham 7 years ago

I had one of the worst burgers at this place last night. The meat was flavorless, and devoid of seasoning (salt people, it's a necessity). There was far too much orange cheddar, that was far too ...

Worst Restaurants in NJ

by legsdiamond12 7 years ago

Saw a post on the NY thread that I found intriguing regarding "Worst Restaurants in Westchester County," and wondered what the result would be with a similar thread regarding my home state. Don't w...

Best and Worst Recipes You Made From a Cooking Show

by Rocknrope 15 years ago

Hi gang, A thread I posted about the Best and Worst Cooking Shows has been pretty popular: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/360187 And one of the qualifications of "Best" was how much did y...

McDonald's Burgers Ranked Worst in the U.S. - Cutting Menu Items

by snooze button 7 years ago

The ranking isn't a shocker, but with their upcoming strategic changes I wonder how they plan to improve the taste of their food. McDonald’s will "remove eight items altogether from its menu and...

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