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The Cheesecake Factory

Do you love the Cheesecake Factory? Talk about new and old locations, the cheesecake itself, and more, and find out what Chowhounds think about the chain.

Cheesecake Factory

by MufiesMom 14 years ago

For those of you who may eat out in non kosher restaurants but try to avoid certain ingredients, here is some info th...


rconfetti commented 1 year ago

The Cheesecake Factory is a strange place. . .

by RussTheRaccoon 3 years ago

This Saturday, I met a group for a late lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. It was my first time there, and it was a ve...


BiscuitBoy commented 2 years ago

Cheesecake factory

by Lisasimmarco 3 years ago

Just went to the Cheesecake factory for the first time. I live in Gainesville, FL and everyone raves about their chee...


eatingjoy commented 3 years ago

Cheesecake Factory Coming to ABQ

by sandiasingh 3 years ago

Not my restaurant of choice, but the Albuquerque retail market is definitely heating up.


ninrn commented 3 years ago

Do you have a favorite cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory?

by ipsedixit 8 years ago

I don't want this to get into a pissing match over the desirability of the Cheesecake Factory as a purveyor of fine f...


uwsister commented 3 years ago

Cheesecake Factory gift card

by Whamsey 4 years ago

We have a Cheesecake Factory gift card and am wondering if anyone out there knows if they can be used anywhere else ?...


carolinadawg commented 4 years ago

775 Gastropub closing--to be replaced by a Cheesecake Factory... [Reno]

by NVJims 5 years ago

Last meals will be in the middle of February. Excellent, made-to-order food being replaced by a chain food place.(CF ...

c oliver

c oliver commented 5 years ago

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Questions for ... Cheesecake Factory's David Overton, CNN Money

by HillJ 5 years ago After 15 consecutive quarters of...

Please, not Cheesecake Factory or Burger Bar! [San Francisco, Union Square]

by walkoffdinner 5 years ago

Those have been suggested following an outing to Union Square! There are 3 ladies this Saturday--budget is 2-3$ signs...

c oliver

c oliver commented 5 years ago

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Coral Tree bought Cheesecake Factory in Brentwood. Will be Steakhouse.

by maudies5 5 years ago

Disappointed to learn that The Coral Tree has bought The Cheesecake Factory in Brentwood. Huge restaurant, full bar, ...

recipe for stuffed mushrooms from cheesecake factory?

by ChrisKC 8 years ago

I have looked high and low for this recipe. Described as having fontina, parmesan, garlic and herbs. They were exc...


ChrisKC commented 5 years ago

Cheesecake Factory changed their French toast on the brunch menu?

by MisterBill2 6 years ago

My wife and I have been to brunch at Cheesecake Factory several times (yes, I know it is not gourmet food) and always...


MisterBill2 commented 6 years ago

The Cheesecake Factory, per Atul Gawande....Really?

by Layne Murphy 6 years ago

I adore Gawande although his field is medicine and not food. Nevertheless, he posits in the New Yorker that hospital...


tcamp commented 6 years ago

Wild Mushroom Burger @ Cheesecake Factory - last night

by Servorg 6 years ago

Had this with the sweet potato fries, just as shown in this pic done medi...


FriendOfTheDevil commented 6 years ago

A rave for the ... Cheesecake Factory [moved from Boston]

by Swankalicious 7 years ago

OK, OK, at the risk of losing all Chowhound credibility ... Mr. Swank and I had a very nice experience at the Burling...


jujuthomas commented 7 years ago

Half price gift cards for Cheesecake Factory at American Express

by phantomdoc 7 years ago

You can get $50 gift cards for 2,500 membership rewards points.


aynrandgirl commented 7 years ago

New menu at Cheesecake Factory

by givemecarbs 7 years ago

Went to the Cheesecake Factory in King of Prussia Pa last wednesday, it was my first time ever. I heard one of the wa...


givemecarbs commented 7 years ago

Cheesecake Factory--What to order?

by SASSYMI2 9 years ago

I know that the Cheesecake Factory is a chain and therefore repulsive to many on this board. But I love food and happ...


inaplasticcup commented 7 years ago

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Cheesecake Factory Fettucini with Chicken and Sun-Dried Tomatoes. ?

by benchmarkman 7 years ago

I'm thinking of going to CF this friday to celebrate my birthday. I'm thiking about the Fettucini with Chicken and S...