Your definitive guide to Thanksgiving: Chowhounds ask and answer all the burning questions, from turkey temperatures to what makes the perfect pumpkin pie.

The Ultimate Guide to Thanksgiving

The best way to cook a stress-free dinner is to think ahead, which is why we've created this comprehensive Thanksgiving guide with tips, techniques, and game plans that will help you host your best...

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Pasadena for Thanksgiving....advice for evening dinner?

by Chris 21 years ago

We are flying to Pasadena on Thanksgiving for a wedding that weekend. Can anyone suggest a restaurant that will be open for dinner on Thanksgiving? We are due to arrive by 5 pm. It doesn't neces...

Restaurant For Thanksgiving?? (Besides Chelsea Bistro)

by Paula 21 years ago

Looking for a restaurant to celebrate Thanksgiving...something festive. I love Chelsea Bistro for these types of occasions but they are booked. Need a place in Chelsea, Village or below...any ideas??

Where can I get a great dessert for Thanksgiving?

by Tatyana 21 years ago

Any bakery you can recommend? I am mostly thinking of getting a pie or cheesecake. Thanks!

Thanksgiving in LA

by Aleece 23 years ago

Does anyone know of a restaurant in LA where I can get a good Thanksgiving dinner?

Takeout Thanksgiving

by Dave Feldman 21 years ago

A friend's mother is in NYU hospital (34th and First) and her family, which lives in Queens, is going to bring in food to the hospital cafeteria. They could bring in food from Queens, but they'd p...

Day after thanksgiving restaurant confusion.

by frank 21 years ago

I am suffering the misfortune of having to plan a dinner at a restaurant for my family and inlaws(a total of 12 people). We need a restaurant downtown that is not too expensive (around $35 a pers...

Restaurant for Thanksgiving Dinner in Scottsdale

by Chris Palmieri 21 years ago

We're having thanksgiving Dinner in Scottsdale w/ friends.Most of which arefrom out of town (including me)Dinner can be either Traditional or Non as long as it is of the Highest quality. the Dinne...

Union Square Sunday After Thanksgiving and DiFara's (Ari take note)

by Miriam 21 years ago

We have theater tickets, matinee, for the Sunday following Thanksgiving--2 teenage boys, parents, grandparents. Any thoughts for on-the-cheap, non-American? Haven't been to Japonica in years; does ...

thanksgiving pie

by glenn 21 years ago

It's almost Thanksgiving. Any updated suggestions for delicious pie in NYC, the Bronx, or Westchester?

Thanksgiving Dinner Restaurant NYC?

by Steven 21 years ago

I am looking for a restaurant preferably in the upper east side which will be serving a Thanksgiving dinner. Not too fancy but anywhere from 50 to 100 dollars for two. Any one have a suggestion? ...

Chinese for Thanksgiving

by Rachel Perlow 21 years ago

We're planning on foregoing the traditional Thanksgiving dinner this year (actually we already had it with my family before my parents flew south for the winter) in favor of the Chinese Banquet. S...

Thanksgiving wine recommendations?

by rjka 21 years ago

Planning a traditional type Thanksgiving dinner for 6-8 people and would like some advice on a decent white wine to serve. The majority of guests are not red wine fans so most of the ideas I see in...

suggestions open for Thanksgiving

by ED 21 years ago

My wife isn't cooking - so what else is new? - and we wanted to be like Calvin Trillin and go for pasta not the t-bird for Thanksgiving dinner. OK it doesn't have to be pasta - and we'd like it to...

Veggie Thanksgiving

by Kristen 21 years ago

Does anyone have any ideas for an eat-out veggie thanksgiving? My "super-picky" mother-in-law who is newly vegetarian will be in town and wants to go out. All I can find is a buffet at Country Li...

Looking for a nice, friendly place to have Thanksgiving dinner

by George Lynch 21 years ago

We have a good friend coming to town over the Thanksgiving weekend and would like to go out to dinner with her on Thanksgiving Day. We could, of course, make a reservation at one of the upscale pl...


by allison9090 21 years ago

We have decided this year to spend Thanksgiving holiday in NOLA. Any suggestions as to where we can have a spectacular Thanksgiving dining experience? I'd like to reserve early but want to make s...

Thanksgiving resources

by stacey 21 years ago

Planning on spending Turkey Day in Tampa area (New Port Richey) with my new in-laws and want to atleast help and maybe totally take care of Thanksgiving Dinner. Looking for places in area that can ...

Chattanooga for Thanksgiving!

by Nancy 21 years ago

I am planning a trip to Chattanooga for Thanksgiving weekend. Any suggestions for a restaurant for the traditional Thanksgiving feast? Also, I would love some Tennessee BBQ,(Memphian transplated ...

A Thanksgiving Departure

by John Tracey 21 years ago

Thought it would be nice this year to skip the 72-hour Thanksgiving warmup, all-day cook-a-thon, and two-day cleanup by suggesting that we join together (both sets of in-laws) and eat at a great re...


by Bev 21 years ago

Can anyone recommend a family restaurant in Boston serving Thanksgiving dinner?

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