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Riverwalk restaurants, San Antonio

by Eliza 19 years ago

I'll be in San Antonio at a conference for a week near the beginning of June, and I'm looking for some interesting places to eat. Unfortunately, I'll be very limited in the time I have available ...

San Antonio vs. Austin: Which Is the Better Chowhound City?

by George Lynch 19 years ago

Because of our impending visit to San Antonio in May, I've been perusing this board to glean the wisdom of the locals on where to eat and where to go. I couldn't help but notice a friendly Texas r...

Kreuz's Market to serve ... beans

by Carter 19 years ago

I saw in the today's Austin American Statesman a John Kelso column where he reveals that legendary barbecue place Kreuz's Market will start serving beans in the next couple of weeks. This is notabl...

San Antonio Italian/Mexican/BBQ

by Laurie Bozek 20 years ago

So glad I found this site (in People magazine of all places)! Going to San Antonio from May 7th-12th and interested in Italian, Mexican & of course, BBQ - all moderately priced. Just read all the...

Best menudo in Pipe Creek

by cindy 19 years ago

I've tried menudo a few times while living in San Antonio and never really found one I liked. I recently moved to Pipe Creek (northwest of San Antonio) and tried a little local place on Hwy16 call...

Marine's Empanadas in Houston

by Charlie 19 years ago

Marine's is a great place ... monstrous selection of empanadas (deep fried pies) ... custom made after you order them. Great filled w/ raspberries or apples or mixtures of fruits ... some not fami...

West Texas

by michael 20 years ago

I am going to be in west Texas (Big Bend area, including El Paso) this January. Any suggestions for Tex-Mex eateries or BBQ would be greatly appreciated. P.S. I do not mind travelling an hour or ...

Biga on the Riverwalk - SA Restaurant

by ron aaron 19 years ago

It's new and fabulous. Great food. Wonderful decor. Amazing menu. Outstanding personal service. And no, I don't own it, work for it or even have a financial piece of it. Just loved our dinner...

looking for DimSum in S.A.

by rcschweers 19 years ago

New to san antonio and really miss my lazysusan dumpling sundays!!!! can anyone tell me where i can get my fix?

searching for good burritos in San Antonio

by dave M. 19 years ago

We relocated from the SF Bay Area last year and miss those great burritos from the Mission District. Those burritos are really big and have everything inside: rice/beans/meat/guac/sour cream/chees...

Deep fried turkeys

by Mike Williams 19 years ago

So what's the low-down on deep fried turkeys? I heard they're popular in south Louisiana. I don't think I want to try it myself (maybe) but what about any places in Central Texas that are known t...

Visit to San Antonio

by Dave 20 years ago

I'm going to a meeting in San Antonio the 8-12th but am stayin on 'til the 16th. Saw the postings available. We'd love to get to some local Mexican and 'cue spots away from the river walk. We have ...

La Reve: As good as the hype?

by Sara 19 years ago

My husband and I are headed to San Antonio for our anniversary. We have read that La Reve is the best restaurant in Texas...what do you all think?? Any ordering suggestions?

Dim Sum and Chinese food in Austin

by Jbies 20 years ago

There are basically three restaurants serving Dim Sum in Austin at this point; Tien Hong 8301 Burnet Rd. (at the corner of Burnet and Olin) 512/458-2263 TNS 10014 North Lamar 512/339-8434 Tw...

Sunflower Downhill alert

by JBies 19 years ago

Sadly, the quality of the cooking at Sunflower Vietnamese restaurant in Austin has declined. Whether from the stress of popularity or just inattention is hard to say. I'm in the process of lookin...

Anything decent in Waco???

by Tom G 19 years ago

Stuck in Waco for a few days...Is there anything good to eat in this town????

West Texas Suggestions?

by David Cook 19 years ago

I'll be heading out to El Paso at Xmas time. Are there any good suggestions for a place to eat around the Fort Stockton area? That's usually about the time we get hungry on the trip. For that ma...

smoked turkeys

by Jenji 20 years ago

I heard an NPR story around Christmas time about a guy in Texas who makes the most fantastic smoked turkeys in the country. Has anyone heard of him? Where is he? Does he send smoked turkeys thro...

Carnitas in El Paso

by David Cook 19 years ago

Just got back from visiting my sister in El Paso and managed to have 1 really good chowhound meal that's worth passing on -- Carnitas Querrotaro. Pork carnitas cooked just right, beef or lamb barba...

Liberty Noodles and Korean restaurants in Houston

by worldlyman 19 years ago

This pan-Asian trendy fusion restaurant is located in the Rice Hotel downtown. My take on this place is this so far. I tried the "Korean rice bowl." The quantity is very huge, I'll say that much....

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