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Chili is many things to many people, but let's drill down into a few specific styles and see: What is the difference between Texas chili, Cincinnati chili, and regular chili? Regardless of the details...

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Update on Reata in Alpine

by Greg Spence 18 years ago

Flew out there for a dinner last Tuesday afternoon and had a really good meal. Started with an appetizer of bacon wrapped shrimp with a charred onion jam and a cornbread star. The shrimp were fre...

Gene's Recommendation

by Greg Spence 18 years ago

On Phil's mention, I went to Gene's (cajun soul food in Austin) today for lunch. I had the jambalaya special, with three fried chicken wings, smothered green beans, potato salad and french bread t...

San Antonio - Family reunion dinner

by Molly 18 years ago

Any ideas for a relaxed and moderately-priced place for a family reunion dinner? Needs to be centrally located, (suggestions on that welcome too -- maybe Riverwalk or Mercado area?) Either Tex-Me...

Faye Willie's (San Antonio)

by Richard H. 19 years ago

I just got back from a trip to San Antonion, Texas. I had a marvelous meal at Faye Willie's in San Antonio, a barbecue joint near the Alamodome. I'm curious to know whether this place is a fitt...


by KHW 18 years ago

Hello out there in Lubbock! Is anyone listening? Can you tell me where to find a good steak, or a good Chinese or seafood meal in town or within a half hour's drive? Is it possible there's no gourm...

Anyone remember a little restaurant near Rowena(Runnels Co)

by chuck 18 years ago

In October 1980 (or 1979), coming back from a football game in Lubbock with parents, we stopped at a little restaurant near Rowena, I believe. A friend from Ballinger had recommended it. As I rec...

Chez Nous in Austin

by Greg Spence 18 years ago

Went by Chez Nous in Austin for a light meal before a Sixth Street birthday party and left somewhere between shocked and disappointed. Some of you may remember that the owner of this nice bistro ...

McAllen area - Looking for good chow

by Val G 19 years ago

Any recommendations for the McAllen area? Looking for good chow on either side of the border. Thanks!

Oysters in Austin

by Simon 18 years ago

Is there anywhere to buy Oysters and crabs in Austin? Somewhere where I can take them away - not eat them there? Is Central market my only option?

BBQ close to Houston

by Carter 18 years ago

I was reading the James Beard Foundation award nominees, and I saw that a barbecue story from the Houston Press was nominated. I've included a link to the story below. BTW, The Press had 2 of the 3...

Lebanese South of Houston

by Curtis 19 years ago

Some baba ganouj or kibee would be refreshing. Hell, even a decent falafel. I've heard there is The Cedars in Houston, but what about south? Anything?

Eats in Lubbock

by KHW 18 years ago

I will be in Lubbock soon, probably for the better part of a week. Can any 'hounds point me to good asian, steaks, and seafood places?? and please don't tell me that there is nothin' edible in Lubb...

Gonna be in San Antonio in May...

by George Lynch 18 years ago

...and we are looking for advice on the whole San Antonio experience: places to eat, places to stay, things to do. Regarding places to stay: we could, of course, stay in one of the chains (pr...

Food-Shopping in Austin

by Val G 18 years ago

I have the good fortune to escape my cold northeastern home and visit Austin for 3 months. We've tried and enjoyed many of the restaurants mentioned on this board. I'd like to ask about food shoppi...

Thanks to Austin Chowhounds

by Celery 18 years ago

Just spent a weekend in Austin with an old friend - neither one of us had ever been so were total newbies to the city. Thanks to the Austin posts here - we ate well! Despite having the tail en...

Riverwalk restaurants, San Antonio

by Eliza 18 years ago

I'll be in San Antonio at a conference for a week near the beginning of June, and I'm looking for some interesting places to eat. Unfortunately, I'll be very limited in the time I have available ...

San Antonio vs. Austin: Which Is the Better Chowhound City?

by George Lynch 18 years ago

Because of our impending visit to San Antonio in May, I've been perusing this board to glean the wisdom of the locals on where to eat and where to go. I couldn't help but notice a friendly Texas r...

Kreuz's Market to serve ... beans

by Carter 19 years ago

I saw in the today's Austin American Statesman a John Kelso column where he reveals that legendary barbecue place Kreuz's Market will start serving beans in the next couple of weeks. This is notabl...

San Antonio Italian/Mexican/BBQ

by Laurie Bozek 19 years ago

So glad I found this site (in People magazine of all places)! Going to San Antonio from May 7th-12th and interested in Italian, Mexican & of course, BBQ - all moderately priced. Just read all the...

Best menudo in Pipe Creek

by cindy 18 years ago

I've tried menudo a few times while living in San Antonio and never really found one I liked. I recently moved to Pipe Creek (northwest of San Antonio) and tried a little local place on Hwy16 call...

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