Revisiting - Costco and the mechanically tenderized steak?

by CookingChemicalEngineer 2 years ago

Hi, I've read here at Chowhound and in addition seen plenty of verification elsewhere that steaks sold by Costco US are often mechanically tenderized (micro needling). But I've also seen repor...

Tenderizing a processed Turkey

by CeeWM 2 years ago

Ok, so I’m broke and cooking for 12. I sucked it up and got the $5 Safeway bird, it’s 20lbs. Package claims it is 1240mg sodium per lb. is this considered pre brined? I’m considering my options, I ...

baking soda as a tenderizer - has ruined my food twice now....

by xiaobao12 10 years ago

the first dish was a hoisin stir fry and the second dish was japanese curry (S&B)...i was using chicken breast both times (not the ideal meat but that's what i had) - not a lot of fat so i'd though...

Tenderizing octopus

by Howard Metz 18 years ago

How would I go about tenderizing octopus before grilling over charcoal? How long do you grill it? Thanks Howard


by pumpkin donut 5 years ago

Does anyone have experience with both an upright mallet & the kind that looks like a hammer? I've had a hammer one forever & the coating starting flaking off. It certainly did it's job easily but...

Confusion over needle tenderizers - thoughts?

by tastyjon 13 years ago

I've noticed some notable chefs giving a lot of praise for the needle tenderizers - those hand held devices full of sharp pins. On the one hand, I can see it being a good device to tenderize f...

Needle tenerizer for marinade absorbtion

by zackly 6 years ago

I got this inexpensive device this week to tenderize beef steaks. Today I used it on a whole chicken (split) and it really seemed to facilitate rapid marinade (jerk rub) absorption. Usually just th...

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