Tel Aviv

The Best Spring Break Food Destinations

Going on spring break is an American right of passage, and even though drunken debauchery is often part of the equation, a huge part of the excitement for these early spring travelers is getting to...

Tel Aviv in March

by gailwasserman 4 years ago

We are going to Tel Aviv in March (including a Saturday night) and the recommendations on Chowhound are very old. Any recent suggestions? THanks!

Kosher French in Israel

by PotatoPuff 5 years ago

What are some good kosher French places? Preferably Tel Aviv or Jerusalem areas, not too expensive.

Dr Shakshuka relishes

by QueenPeachie 5 years ago

Am finishing up a holiday in Israel and made the visit to Dr Shakshuka. I LOVED the relishes they served with the meal, but the waiter wasn't very helpful in giving us the names (Hebrew or otherwis...

Israel for a first timer

by PotatoPuff 5 years ago

Going to Israel with some friends, one of whom has never been before. What is on your "not to be missed" list for a first timer? While it has to be kosher for me, my friend doesn't keep kosher, s...

Turning 40 in Tel Aviv - Best Restaurant?

by delpesco 6 years ago

Longtime listener, first time caller : ) My wife and I are in Tel Aviv for work this month, and our visit coincides with my 40th birthday. I tried to make a reservation at NOMA (http://noma.dk)...

Hummus Diplomacy: Israeli Cafe Discounts Meals Shared By Jews And Arabs

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 years ago

"...On Oct. 13, Kobi Tzafrir, owner of the Humus Bar in a shopping mall in Kfar Vitkin, north of Tel Aviv, advertised a 50 percent discount to Jews and Arabs who eat together on his restaurant's Fa...

Best restaurants in tel Aviv and Jerusalem

by amykate 6 years ago

Going on a family trip to Israel and looks for great restaurants both high end and casual. There will be 6 of us including kids from 10-15 years old. I am a chef and am looking for the best food I ...

Cheap, good, and weird in Tel Aviv

by bigwheel042 6 years ago

I'll be in Tel Aviv for a week in September for a wedding, staying near the Yemenite Quarter, and am hoping to have at least a few free meals to explore. Specifically, by "weird" I mean that I'm...

best restaurants in Israel

by koshergourmetmart 6 years ago

got a great deal $600 r/t to Israel (Orbitz/Turkish air). Was wondering what are the best kosher restaurants in Jerusalem, Herzilia, Tel Aviv?

Tel Aviv festive restaurants to celebrate 13 yr old daughter.

by Michmarx 6 years ago

Most festive Tel Aviv restaurants to celebrate my 13 year old daughters birthday. It's doesn't need to be Kosher just ALOT of fun. Arriving in late August.

Nanuchka, Tel Aviv

by cresyd 6 years ago

I was very surprised to read in Haaretz today that Nanuchka (Georgian restaurant in Tel Aviv) had gone vegan after having been quite the omnivore's delight for over ten years. Would be very curio...

Gluten-free friendly in Tel Aviv

by cresyd 6 years ago

http://www.haaretz.com/misc/article-print-page/1.655790?trailingPath=2.169%2C2.1246%2C2.203%2C2.206%2C I'm pretty sure none of these places are kosher, but I could be wrong.

Must eats in Tel Aviv?

by DeisCane 6 years ago

We will be in TA for a week after shavuos, staying near Allenby close to the beach. What are some chowish places that would still work with 10 year olds?

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