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Mauviel Tea Kettle - bad idea? (rust)

by virtualdestructor2 9 months ago

Anybody knows what is up with quality of Mauviel tea kettles? Looked inside one at Williams-Sonoma store today - bot...


conate commented 9 months ago

Recommendations for a stovetop or electric kettle?

by arvi 1 year ago

Can anyone recommend a tea kettle they like? I'm hoping to find one that is all stainless steel or with minimal plast...


arvi commented 1 year ago

Cast Iron Roasting Kettle

by HabaneroLady 1 year ago

So I have an ongoing debate with someone who recommends cooking certain dishes in a "cast iron roasting kettle." I ha...


alexrander commented 1 year ago

Repaint my Le Creuset enameled whistling kettle

by mplimarthur 1 year ago

My kettle has some 'burns' and I wish to repaint the area. Can someone recommend a good enamel spray heat resistant ...


JRC14 commented 1 year ago

Aoyoshi Seisakusho Casual Products 1 Liter Kettle

by zippy2u 1 year ago

This was recently suggested as an ideal accompaniment for heating water and pouring it for drip coffee makers like Me...


MikeG commented 1 year ago

ISO loud whistling teakettle

by IlseM 13 years ago

Since the recent demise of my old teakettle I am having trouble finding one with a whistle loud enough to be he...


eabanks commented 2 years ago

Burned kettle, is it ruined?

by BonBon79 3 years ago

To dry the interior of my kettle the other night after boiling some water, I placed the empty kettle on an open flame...


DuffyH commented 3 years ago

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Black Spots on Nickel Plated Kettle

by thesilentwind 3 years ago

Hi everyone. I have this lovely Japanese nickel plated copper kettle which I use for boiling water for tea and the li...

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Scorched Calphalon teakettle

by EWSflash 3 years ago

I could swear I posted this before but wasn't able to find it. somebody boiled my Calphalon (original, not nonstick, ...

Anodized aluminum kettle leaving "stuff" in the water

by redheadsara 9 years ago

Hi Folks - I have had an anodized aluminum water kettle for a month or so and, every time I look at the water after ...


MichaelKnightthenightrider commented 3 years ago

Glass cook tops

by Iliketheoldstuff 7 years ago

I have an old pyrex Coffee and Tea pot, and Corning Ware pot, I have a new stove, and need to know if I can still use...


sgfsgfsgf commented 3 years ago

Is this kettle safe to use?

by pistachio peas 3 years ago

I just bought this Bodum electric kettle at a thrift store for $4. It was all taped up and I didn't bother to look in...

pistachio peas

pistachio peas commented 3 years ago

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Nambe Stainless Tea Kettles versus Oxo Good Grips uplift.

by alexrander 3 years ago

Speaking of obsessions with tea kettles on another topic, I wondered if anyone has experience with any of the Nambe k...

Help! Is this Staub teapot worth keeping?

by k761110e 4 years ago

Hi! I am new but created an account our of desperation. I just purchased this Staub teapot off of eBay. It was liste...


nikkib99 commented 3 years ago

Looking for stainless steel Kettle, preferably not made overseas.

by comfortablynumb 9 years ago

I'm looking for a new Tea Kettle, well actually have been for several years now. I want a stainless kettle, and prefe...


PutSomethingTogether commented 3 years ago

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Cleaning limescale from a tin lined tea kettle

by BrookeCook 3 years ago

I have a really nice English tea kettle that is tin lined. It has a build up of limescale from hard water. Normally ...

What colour is your toaster, kettle, blender....,

by snax 4 years ago

I've just received today in the mail a 4 slice toaster. I ordered the silver but upon opening the box they accidental...

tim irvine

tim irvine commented 4 years ago

Help me choose a kettle

by jljohn 4 years ago

I have a Simplex kettle, that sadly is not holding up. I bought it maybe 4 or 5 years ago (literally about a week be...


kaleokahu commented 4 years ago

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Whistle on Older Le Creuset Kettle Questions

by BonBon79 4 years ago

I just bought a Le Creuset kettle with a ball-shaped whistle. When did Le Creuset switch to the flip whistle from th...