12 Coffee Products You Never Knew You Needed

Does social distancing have you missing Starbucks—and frantically Googling how to make good coffee at home? All you really need are good beans, a decent coffee maker, and maybe one or two of these useful...

Jam Pan

tim irvine
by tim irvine 1 year ago

If, hypothetically, you were getting a jam pan, would you get a copper basin or a stainless steel one like a Kilner? Which would you pick and why? Assume that any canning of things likely to be da...

Oatmeal with Hot Water Kettle

by yondavies 9 years ago

Hi all, I'm moving into my dorm in a week and there's a possibility I might not be getting a microwave in the room. This isn't a problem, since all I use it for is coffee, tea, and oatmeal. Th...

Glass cook tops

by Iliketheoldstuff 10 years ago

I have an old pyrex Coffee and Tea pot, and Corning Ware pot, I have a new stove, and need to know if I can still use them????

Cleaning limescale from a tin lined tea kettle

by BrookeCook 6 years ago

I have a really nice English tea kettle that is tin lined. It has a build up of limescale from hard water. Normally you can use vinegar, lemon juice, typical lime remover or something abrasive. Ho...

ISO loud whistling teakettle

by IlseM 15 years ago

Since the recent demise of my old teakettle I am having trouble finding one with a whistle loud enough to be heard 1 or 2 rooms from the kitchen. I purchased & returned a copco bellini due to...

Mauviel Tea Kettle - bad idea? (rust)

by virtualdestructor2 3 years ago

Anybody knows what is up with quality of Mauviel tea kettles? Looked inside one at Williams-Sonoma store today - bottom half-inch was hard-core rust belt (real flaking rust, not yellow/reddish spo...

Recommendations for a stovetop or electric kettle?

by arvi 4 years ago

Can anyone recommend a tea kettle they like? I'm hoping to find one that is all stainless steel or with minimal plastic inside, but I'd appreciate any recommendations. I nearly bought the Chantal M...

Cast Iron Roasting Kettle

by HabaneroLady 4 years ago

So I have an ongoing debate with someone who recommends cooking certain dishes in a "cast iron roasting kettle." I have asked him what on earth a "cast iron roasting kettle" is. When I ask that, he...

Repaint my Le Creuset enameled whistling kettle

by mplimarthur 4 years ago

My kettle has some 'burns' and I wish to repaint the area. Can someone recommend a good enamel spray heat resistant paint?

Aoyoshi Seisakusho Casual Products 1 Liter Kettle

by zippy2u 4 years ago

This was recently suggested as an ideal accompaniment for heating water and pouring it for drip coffee makers like Melitta cones or Chemex. They're pricey and apparently cannot be placed directly ...

Post your 2015 cookware finds and deals here

by sueatmo 7 years ago

I enjoyed participating in the Holiday 2014 ed. of this, so I thought I'd start a 2015 thread. As it happens I found a blue Chantal enamel over steel teakettle at Home Goods today. It was priced re...

Burned kettle, is it ruined?

by BonBon79 6 years ago

To dry the interior of my kettle the other night after boiling some water, I placed the empty kettle on an open flame to evaporate the water. I usually do this and only leave it on for 10 or 20 se...

Black Spots on Nickel Plated Kettle

by thesilentwind 6 years ago

Hi everyone. I have this lovely Japanese nickel plated copper kettle which I use for boiling water for tea and the like. Recently, the kettle developed some black spots, and when you open the kettl...

Scorched Calphalon teakettle

by EWSflash 6 years ago

I could swear I posted this before but wasn't able to find it. somebody boiled my Calphalon (original, not nonstick, it's 20 years old or so) teakettle dry and there's a lot of scorching around the...

Anodized aluminum kettle leaving "stuff" in the water

by redheadsara 12 years ago

Hi Folks - I have had an anodized aluminum water kettle for a month or so and, every time I look at the water after it's boiled and cooled off (like when I take the lid off to add more water), I s...

Is this kettle safe to use?

pistachio peas
by pistachio peas 6 years ago

I just bought this Bodum electric kettle at a thrift store for $4. It was all taped up and I didn't bother to look inside. Now I see this. Is it safe to use?

Nambe Stainless Tea Kettles versus Oxo Good Grips uplift.

by alexrander 6 years ago

Speaking of obsessions with tea kettles on another topic, I wondered if anyone has experience with any of the Nambe kettles. It seems like there are 4 different styles, all of them stainless. Wit...

Help! Is this Staub teapot worth keeping?

by k761110e 7 years ago

Hi! I am new but created an account our of desperation. I just purchased this Staub teapot off of eBay. It was listed as being in excellent condition and hardly used. I was a little disappointed w...

Looking for stainless steel Kettle, preferably not made overseas.

by comfortablynumb 12 years ago

I'm looking for a new Tea Kettle, well actually have been for several years now. I want a stainless kettle, and prefer it to not be made over seas. Main reason I say that I've had 2 now that where ...

What colour is your toaster, kettle, blender....,

by snax 7 years ago

I've just received today in the mail a 4 slice toaster. I ordered the silver but upon opening the box they accidentally have shipped me the candy apple colour. My blender, kettle, toasted sandwich ...