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Pineapple & Pearl

by Worldwide Diner 11 months ago

Break the piggy bank and search under the seat cushions for change. Pimp out your body. Sell your mother, or your f...


Steve commented 16 days ago

Trois Mec Ticket for Monday, May 1st

by SFDiner2015 25 days ago

Hi, I have 1 ticket for dinner at Trois Mec on Monday, May 1st at 9:30pm. Unfortunately I will not be able to make it...


SFDiner2015 commented 22 days ago

Aska / Ko / Brooklyn Fare

by Jess145 1 month ago

Milestone birthday coming up, and I'm trying to find a new experience. We're a couple of tasting menu vets (EMP, Per...

estufarian commented 27 days ago

One Dinner in Paris

by mike_s 2 months ago

My wife and I have a layover for 15 hours in Paris and want to spend the evening having a great meal somewhere with c...


mike_s commented 2 months ago

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TOKYO FOOD CRAWL - DAY 5 (2nd Part): Modern Kaiseki Dinner At The 1* 'La Bombance'

by Charles Yu 2 months ago

This is the last substantial sit down meal of our trip. The reasons behind our selecting the 1* La Bombance were ...

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Over Proof in SF

by petek 2 months ago

Visiting SF in July and I'm wondering if anyone has tried Over Proof's tasting menu/booze pairing? Cheers!

France in Spring

by SFDiner2015 9 months ago

Hi, I'll be visiting France this spring and have begun creating a list of a few places I'd like to dine at. I was i...


SFDiner2015 commented 3 months ago

Abe's Kitchen Counter @ EN Japanese Brasserie

by sgordon 3 months ago

So last night the SO and I were lucky enough to get one of the eight seats at Chef Abe Hiroki's monthly "Kitchen Coun...

thegforceny commented 3 months ago

Kitchen Table/London

by Multifoiled 4 months ago

Heading to London for the last week in April 2017. My husband and I have been to London twice in the last 5 or so yea...

Multifoiled commented 4 months ago

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Solo Dining Quebec City

by JennaBean 4 months ago

I will be traveling on Quebec City on my own the last weekend in February. I have booked a late dinner on the Sunday...

Fabulous Dinner at Smyth

by masha 4 months ago

We went to Smyth for the 8-course tasting dinner on Saturday evening to celebrate a special occasion and had a wonder...


cocobinga commented 4 months ago

Home tasting menu

by offtoanywhere 5 months ago

I've experienced tasting menus in restaurants but wanted to try it at home with friends and family over the holidays....

hotoynoodle commented 5 months ago

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Single Thread Farms Ticket

by SFDiner2015 5 months ago

Hi, I recently made a reservation at Single Thread Farms for Saturday, January 14th. Unfortunately something has co...

Babu Ji feedback

by princeofpork3 6 months ago

Did the chefs tasting here last weekend. IF you don't do the chefs tasting you don't get to make a reservation. Its...


tex.s.toast commented 5 months ago

Mexico City Trip Report - August 2016

by djquinnc 5 months ago

My apologies for not posting my experiences after getting so much good info from the board. Better late than never an...


djquinnc commented 5 months ago

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Raiz - Polanco

by arosen10 6 months ago

Hello, Wife and I are look for interesting tasting menus in the city for one fine dining experience (we've booked ...

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Budapest Tasting menu suggestions?

by thephoebster 6 months ago

I am going to Budapest for the first time with my partner. I love food, and he likes the idea of having a many course...

The Best Value Tasting Menu in Toronto is in Scarborough

by jjmellon 7 months ago

I've been lucky enough to try several of the well known tasting menus in Toronto over the past few years -- Colborne ...

estufarian commented 7 months ago

Cheap thrills: economical dinner menu that wows

by free sample addict aka Tracy L 7 months ago

I was going to make a lavish dinner for a friend, but need to scale back as I had a financial set back. He loves Ital...


Madrid commented 7 months ago