Great taquerias have solid beers, margaritas, and killer tacos. Find the best in your area and discuss what makes them great (or less than awesome) with other taco-craving Chowhounds.

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East Boston Taqueria Tour, 5/18!!!

by galleygirl 19 years ago

Okay, the final details of the East Boston Taqueria Troll is that the hounds will convene right outside the Maverick T-station at 11:30 tomorrow morning...While the places are indoors, we will be w...

Update on Taqueria Guadalajara, Healdsburg

by Melanie Wong 19 years ago

After reading Chron’s mention in Wednesday’s piece on Mexican food in Sonoma County, I thought I’d post on my visit last week to Taqueria Guadalajara. MarkB has recommended it as well and I last m...

La Costa Taqueria in Oakland now open

by Ruth Lafler 19 years ago

I drove by the new permanent La Costa (of the Mariscos La Costa taco truck fame) taqueria location Sunday and they were open and doing a brisk business. This location, on the corner of Internatio...

Portland - Taqueria Uruapan #2

by Jill-O 19 years ago

That's numero dos to you, bub... The Willamette Week (which must be a discriminating publication of quality because they publish Jim Dixon's reviews ;o) ) came out with it's Cheep Eats listing a...

Taqueria Santa Maria in Petaluma?

by Melanie Wong 19 years ago

Yesterday as I was leaving Thang Long I noticed the sandwich board sign in front of this taqueria a few doors down promoting weekend specials of barbecued goat, menudo and fresh snapper. What's th...

Santa Barbara--another taqueria

by Tom Hilton 20 years ago

On the way back from Oxnard, my sweetheart decided to stop in SB and try to track down La Super Rica (for which we didn't have an address). We got off at Milpas, which seemed reasonably likely, fo...

Chela's Taqueria- oh yeah!

by Detlef Chef 20 years ago

Oh my word, we had some amazing food at Chela's Taqueria in Redwood City today. On a friends enthusiastic recc. we ordered the Goat Soup along with Lengua, Al Pastor, Chicken, and Carne Asada taco...

taquerias in the 7000s?

by leek 20 years ago

Hi, a friend kept raving about this taqueria on Clark somewhere in the 7000s (where there are, oh, a million of them :) and finally remembered which one. It was Uptown Taqueria, 7027 N. Clark. (i...

Why are taqueria's named after lighthouses?

by Mark Miller 20 years ago

So, Im sitting here in a friend's apt in San Franciso. Having just finished one of the finest burrtios this ny'er has ever tasted we got to discussing various taquerias in the Sf area. Having jus...

Taqueria La Frontera, Vallejo

by Melanie Wong 20 years ago

I finally had a chance to check out the other taco truck in this neighborhood. La Frontera is parked in the furniture store lot near the corner of Sonoma Blvd. and Marineworld Pkwy, across the roa...

2 more taquerias to ask about

by zim 20 years ago

So i found a link to a web page and book that are devoted to burritos and tangentially to tacquerias. One poster on the site (of the two who it seems may be semi-trustworthy) mentions two places i...

good taqueria in hayward

by patrick 20 years ago

my partner and i found ourselves in hayward on monday, and during a time of peckishness were pleased to find a taqueria that advertised tacos al pastor right there on the sign. It's called El Ca...

HELP: Taqueria in Park Slope tonight?

by alex 20 years ago

Anyone have recommendations for a good take-out taqueria/burrito-joint in Park Slope? I have had it with La Taqueria on 7th Ave. It just doesn't do it for me. Other places on 7th Ave. have disap...

Taqueria Paraiso, Cloverdale

by Melanie Wong 20 years ago

After last night’s wine and food indulgences, a soothing bowl of menudo to chase away the last vestiges of a hangover was an appealing idea this morning. I headed to the closest source, Taqueria P...

California/San Francisco - style Taqueria

by Thomas Gorman 20 years ago

I am fiending for my good old SF mexican food. Those huge hulking super burritos. Fresh guacamole. Rich greaseless carnitas. Pollo asado. For those from the bay area who want a comparison. ...

Strike-out at Taqueria Torres, Santa Rosa

by Melanie Wong 20 years ago

At lunchtime Monday it was too blazing hot to sit outside at the taco trucks, even under the tented canopies. This seemed like a good time to check out one of the many taquerias that line Sebastop...

Taqueria D.F.

by tamara 20 years ago

Has this hole in the wall with a counter at Fifth Ave. and 23rd in Brooklyn been discussed here? We (me, husband, two teenagers) stumbled over it on Sunday when we had to find a fast lunch while wa...

Burritos in SF: La Taqueria

by GreatSFBurritoTour 20 years ago

Here is an abbreviated version of our collective "reporting" from our most recent expedition (see Burritos in SF thread below). We are touring again on Monday, 27 August. All burrito-lovers welcom...

Lolita's Market y Taqueria

by gordon wing 20 years ago

finally found my way up to Petaluma and Lolita's ...had a good lunch .... cabeza and the al pastor soft tacos, an horchata plus complimentary salsa and chips. I ate at the counter - good view of t...

La Palma Mexicatessen; Taqueria San Jose

by Cloudy 20 years ago

Just got back to NYC from a trip to the Bay Area and, while I had done some pre-trip research on this board, I didn't do quite enough. We eagerly galloped into La Palma Mexicatessen but trotted aw...

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