Boba 101: How To Make Bubble Tea at Home

With coronavirus making travel a tricky and even potentially dangerous prospect this year, we're embracing the summer staycation. All week (and all summer) long, we'll bring you transportive flavors...

Next food supply shortage: Boba on the West Coast

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 10 months ago

"Shipping containers from Asia are piling up at West Coast ports, delaying the arrival of much of the country’s supply of chewy tapioca balls. Boba wholesalers say their orders of boba just aren’t ...

Recs for Bubble tea /boba tea on Bloor or south of Bloor

by prima 1 year ago

So many choices. Which are your favourite shops for bubble tea? What are your favourite orders? I've enjoyed some passionfruit bubble teas, royal milk tea bubble teas, and a mango bubble...


by Querencia 1 year ago

Searching for Minute Tapioca (for some reason it has disappeared from the earth) I ended up at a fascinating website I did not know about, Nuts.com, which has what sounds like the same product for ...

Minute Tapioca, Not

by Querencia 1 year ago

Kraft's Minute Tapioca has disappeared, not sure why, but there isn't any. I have bought "French Granulated Tapioca" (online from Nuts.com) which sounds like about the same thing for making tapioca...

Making my own shrimp chips?

Dave MP
by Dave MP 2 years ago

I'm thinking about making my own shrimp chips, since it sounds like a sort of drawn out project that I actually now have time for. It seems like it could be fun. I found this recipe: https://ww...

Tapioca vs. Cornstarch?

by fat kitty 14 years ago

Hi. I have a cherry pie recipe that calls for tapioca to thicken the filling. I assume they mean tapioca flour. This is not something that I have around the house, but I do have cornstarch on hand....

My fruit pie recipe's instant tapioca did not dissolve

by sweet100s 13 years ago

I made a pie that called for 2.5 tbsp of instant tapioca, as a thickener I believe. Following the directions exactly, the tapioca never did dissolve. Any suggestions for next time?

Instant (minute) tapioca or tapioca flour (starch) for sour cherry pie? Does it matter?

by qwerty1 5 years ago

I know most people use instant tapioca for cherry pies, but I came across a recipe on Serious Eats where it called for tapioca flour. I wondered if it made any difference if I used instant tapioca...

Tapioca Starch vs Tapioca Flour

by lulumoolah 10 years ago

I have a recipe for pão de queijo, the Brazilian cheese puffs, and the recipe calls for tapioca starch. I took a quick trip to a few stores in my neighborhood and could only find tapioca flour. I...

CH Pie Mavens--I Need Your Help! 2 Questions

by nofunlatte 6 years ago

Question 1: What is the ratio of powdered tapioca starch to tapioca pearls (e.g. Minute tapioca)? I have the former, with a cherry pie recipe that uses the latter. Question 2: The other week I p...

Kozy Shack Rice Pudding

by Heidi 22 years ago

I have recently discovered Kozy Shack rice pudding in the dairy cases of many local stores. Let me tell you, it is REALLY good, clean, uncomplicated, homey tasting rice pudding. An added perk, and ...

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