How to Cook with Tamarind

Look at the long, lumpy, brown pods of the tamarind tree and it might not surprise you to learn they're legumes (like peanuts—and snap peas), but inside their brittle shells, there's sticky, fruity...

What do I do with tamarind paste?

by missliss 13 years ago

I've been coming across recipes that call for tamarind paste for years & I ran across a jar the other day, bought it, came home, and can't remember a single use for it! Please send hints and sugge...

Tamarind Braised Short Ribs with Vanilla Glazed Carrots Report - Long

by Tracy L. 13 years ago

Yesterday morning I woke up to much cooler weather than I was expecting and thought it would be a perfect day to try the Braised Short Ribs with Vanilla Glazed Carrots from Ana Sortun’s Spice: Flav...

How much Tamicon tamarind paste in a pad thai recipe?

by arielleeve 3 years ago

So I attempted my first home cooked pad thai a few weeks back. I thought I had every essential "authentic" ingredient to nail it: preserved radish, dried shrimp, tamarind paste, fish sauce, palm su...

tamarind powder

by phoenikia 8 years ago

I have some tamarind powder in my pantry. Most recipes seem to call for tamarind paste, concentrate or pulp.I realize I could try to substitute my powder for the paste or concentrate in some recipe...

Storing Tamarind Paste

by singleguychef 12 years ago

Quick question: I bought a block of tamarind for the first time this weekend. Once I start using it, how do I store the block? Can I still keep it in my pantry after I unseal it or should I refrige...

ISO kosher tamarind paste

by p.j. 14 years ago

Help! I have been reading Jennifer Abadi's cookbook, "A Fistful of Lentils," (from the library), and want to try some of the recipes. A frequently used ingredient in Syrian-Jewish cooking is tamari...

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