Tamarind Paste

How to Cook with Tamarind

Look at the long, lumpy, brown pods of the tamarind tree and it might not surprise you to learn they're legumes (like peanuts—and snap peas), but inside their brittle shells, there's sticky, fruity...

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What the heck do I do with all my tamarind paste?

by ucanahdooit 9 years ago

So, I bought a big block of tamarind pulp for a vietnamese sweet and sour soup that I made (boy was it awesome). But, now i have a huge block of tamarind pulp - I barely used any of it- and have NO...

Where to buy Tamarind paste

by Dianne T 9 years ago

I have visited several Mexican Markets without success in finding Tamarind Paste, know of any place in the South Bay area of Los Angeles where I can find it ????

Advice on how to use Pantai tamarind paste (in a jar)?

by DCcook 9 years ago

Hello, I attempted to make pad thai for the first time yesterday. I think it came out fairly ok but the recipes I used as references called for tamarind paste in block form. I'm temporarily liv...

Tamarind Paste/Sauce in San Diego

by Saabiar 10 years ago

Does any where I can purchase, checked at 99 ranch but couldnt find. Thanks in advance, S

Where can I buy tamarind paste in Chicago?

by eakarink 10 years ago

Hi all, I'd like to try my hand at Thai cooking, but the main thing stopping me is that I have no idea where to buy tamarind paste. I tried the Hong Kong Market in Chinatown, which is my go-to A...

Where to find tamarind paste in block form?

by foodtrip 10 years ago

Does anyone know where I can find tamarind paste in block form? So far I've only been able to find the more jam-like tamarind concentrate in jars. Rockville/Gaithersburg area is preferred, but I'...

Tamarind Paste Where to find Stamford CT

by nbermas 10 years ago

I am trying to make my own soda and I hear this is the perfect ingrident, so where and what kind should I get? Thanks

Best Tamarind paste in Toronto

by omegasea 10 years ago

Wondering if anyone can recommend a good brand of tamarind paste they've tried, and best place to buy it in Toronto?

Tamarind Paste or Brick in TO??

by ILikeMyEats 11 years ago

Does anyone know where I can find some tamarind paste, or even a brick of tamarind concentrate from which I can make my own paste? Does Whole Foods carry the paste? Anywhere in St. Lawrence? I...

best brand of tamarind paste/concentrate for chutney?

by meeshbaze 11 years ago

We love central Oregon but really miss the good Indian food of the midwest and the awesome Indian food of southern California! Making more and more at home as we jones for it and our only Indian r...

I have tamarind paste. What should I do with it?

by Megiac 12 years ago

The husband loves the taste of tamarind, so insisted that I buy some tamarind paste at a local spice shop recently. He's shown no inclination to use it, so I think it's going to fall on me. Any g...

In Search of Tamarind Paste

by cajeska 13 years ago

I'm in search of tamarind paste for a pad thai recipe. I tried 99 Ranch in Cupertino today with no luck (they only had a tamarind cake). Can anyone recommend a market that carries this between Sa...

Tamarind Paste vs. Concentrate

by LindaWhit 13 years ago

I'm making Chef Ana Sortun's Tamarind-Glazed Short Ribs tonight for dinner, and her recipe calls for "tamarind paste", and talks about straining the liquid after cooking to remove the tamarind seed...

Tamarind paste in Philly?

by SmokeyTom 15 years ago

Does anyone know where to find tamarind paste in Philly? I have a pad thai recipe that I need to try!

locating tamarind paste

by colin 15 years ago

Where can I find Tamarind paste? In 212 preferably... thanks a lot c

ISO tamarind paste, dried turnips

by Sunshine Girl 15 years ago

I know this belongs on home cooking, and I'm posting there as well, but because I'm looking for these items here in West Los Angeles, I figured I'd make my plea to this group as well: Anyone know...

Where to Find Tamarind Paste?

by Bonz 16 years ago

I can't seem to locate Tamarind Paste in any of my usual haunts. Anybody know a store where I can find it? DC is best, Arlington is fine, and so is Rockville? Thanks in advance!

tamarind paste

by mouse 16 years ago

I just found an unopened block of tamarind paste in my fridge that I bought about six months ago for a recipe I never ended up making. does it go bad or can I still use it? Thanks!

Tamarind Paste

by Fidelixi 17 years ago

I've just bought some tamarind paste for an indian dish and I don't know how to store it, or how long it keeps. It came in a little plastic jar with a screwtop and no directions at all. It is ju...

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