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Tamarind paste into Tamarind juice

by DGresh 4 years ago

I have a jar of tamarind paste, and a recipe which calls for juice. Any suggestions on how to turn one into the other...


caroldarby commented 12 months ago

What is the purpose of tamarind water (naam makham) in Thai cooking?

by mattyicecooks 2 years ago

Why do Thai recipes call for Tamarind water? It comes up a lot especially in green papaya salad. To me it tastes lik...


paulj commented 1 year ago

What do I do with tamarind paste?

by missliss 12 years ago

I've been coming across recipes that call for tamarind paste for years & I ran across a jar the other day, bought it,...


Bada Bing commented 2 years ago

How much Tamicon tamarind paste in a pad thai recipe?

by arielleeve 2 years ago

So I attempted my first home cooked pad thai a few weeks back. I thought I had every essential "authentic" ingredient...


shenanigan commented 2 years ago

Storing Tamarind Paste

by singleguychef 12 years ago

Quick question: I bought a block of tamarind for the first time this weekend. Once I start using it, how do I store t...


kfitts commented 3 years ago

ISO kosher tamarind paste

by p.j. 13 years ago

Help! I have been reading Jennifer Abadi's cookbook, "A Fistful of Lentils," (from the library), and want to try some...


BeauLavine commented 3 years ago

Tamarind paste?

by medrite 5 years ago

Hey Hounds, I was making the eggplant stuffed with ground lamb recipe from Jerusalem & came across this ingredient, ...


mels commented 5 years ago

Tamarind Paste In Houston

by James Cristinian 6 years ago

Watching a Gordon Ramsey Ultimate Cookery Course show, a great cooking show BBC America 264 on DTV, tamarind paste wa...


James Cristinian commented 6 years ago

dried lemons, sour cherries, tamarind paste - mail order source

by AdinaA 6 years ago

Sharing a mail order source for stuff that can be hard to find unless you live in Great Neck or Pico Roberston. ...


serenarobin commented 6 years ago

Tamarind Paste vs. tamarind concentrate

by Dinermite 6 years ago

Im looking to make a batch of Pad Thai over the weekend, and couldn't find tamarind paste, but rather concentrate. I...


megjp commented 6 years ago

A few questions about tamarind paste

by CindyJ 7 years ago

I bought some seedless tamarind paste to use for making tamarind water for pad thai. There's a lot left over so I wr...


blinknoodle commented 7 years ago

Tamarind paste in Toronto?

by jasper87 7 years ago

I've looked at previous threads suggesting stores to purchase tamarind paste but haven't managed to track it down in ...


justsayn commented 7 years ago

ISO Tamarind Paste

by koshfoodie 7 years ago

Does anyone know where I can find some. I have been able to find tamarind pulp but its the paste that I am really aft...


delys77 commented 7 years ago

Tamarind paste - what to do?

by sweetpotater 11 years ago

I bought some for a recipe and now have lots leftover. Suggestions?


TigLily commented 7 years ago

Tamarind paste in Paris?

by perduinparis 7 years ago

So I was at Tang Frères today and picked up some fried tofu which I decided would be great for a Pad Thai à la my fav...


Parnassien commented 7 years ago

Where can I buy tamarind paste?

by Jpan99 7 years ago

I want to make a spicy chickpea recipe for the 4th but it calls for tamarind paste and I don't know where to find tha...

MC Slim JB

MC Slim JB commented 7 years ago

Tamarind Pulp vs Tamarind Paste

by mymommasays 7 years ago

I have a recipe I really want to try. It calls for tamarind "pulp". I've seen references to tamarind PASTE in other r...


mymommasays commented 7 years ago

Does Ralph's La Jolla carry tamarind paste?

by mayache 8 years ago

Anyone know if Ralph's or Vons in La Jolla (UTC) carries tamarind paste? Tried calling the store but they didn't wan...


honkman commented 8 years ago

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