I-10 east of tallahassee

by janebold 13 years ago

Will be going back and forth across the state and have found suggestions for Tallahassee and west. Any places in Lake City and east before Jacksonville? Breakfast and lunch spots in Lake City wou...

Great Indian in Tallahassee

by jangita 5 years ago

I had a great experience a t Persis Indian Grill. In the shopping center across from Publix on Mahan--east of Big Lots. We were a large party so we tasted many dishes. All were really tasty, not...

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Royal Red's

by 3MTA3 5 years ago

Will be in Tallahassee and Panama City, any shops selling Royal Red Shrimp ?

Tallahassee Barbeque

by fl bob 14 years ago

Is there any real barbeque near Tallahassee? JB's was the closest thing I could find, but it has closed. Does anyone know of another true BBQ joint? If you are thinking about saying Sonny's, ple...

Mutt and Jeff's Slaw Dog

by 3MTA3 6 years ago

Tallahassee, in the '50's. Father in law got a little misty eyed talking about leaving for lunch in a '38 Roadster, with 8-9 other high schoolers literally piling on the vehicle, with less than a h...

In Tallahassee, looking for spices?

by shidoddle 10 years ago

Just visited Seattle and had amazing grilled corn with aleppo pepper and ground sumac at Lola restaurant. Does anyone know where I can find aleppo pepper and ground sumac in Tallahassee or nearby?

Driving Across Florida: Need Lunch ~ Tallahassee, Other Ideas

by efjmiller 10 years ago

I'll be driving from New Orleans to Miami and looking for a non-chain lunch spot near I-10I-75, probably near Tallahassee. Also, any must-stop places along I-10, I-75, or the Fl Tpk appreciated.

Foodie spots in Tallahassee

by cwmcm54 6 years ago

My husband and I will be in Tallahassee for a full week in November between a football weekend and Thanksgiving weekend. We always seem to be taken to favorite local places over and over, That's no...

Visiting Tallahassee - Where to eat?

by sal_sal 7 years ago

Spending a few days in the area, so what are the best places to eat at? Anything from fine dining to food trucks works.

Great Taqueria in Tallahassee

by jangita 7 years ago

We have been meaning to try Los Reyes on Apalachee Parkway (outside of Capital Circle, next door to Jim Bennet's Plumbing) for a while. Finally made it there last night and were more than satisfie...

Locally sourced food in Pensacola/Tallahassee/Orlando/Jacksonville

by mollyandollie 7 years ago

My husband and I will be in Florida shortly, and he has been challenged by his employer to seek out meals at cafes, coffee shops and restaurants that serve locally-sourced food. My Google efforts t...

Saturday Night in Tallahassee

by eliselaurel 7 years ago

I'm going up to Tallahassee Saturday for an afternoon wedding. Is there any place in central Tallahassee I can get a good, decently priced late night diner?

Great new Indian restaurant in Tallahassee

by steakman55 8 years ago

Went tonight to Mayuri, located in an out of the way spot formerly the Catfish Pad, at 1108 S. Magnolia. Sampled three apps-- samosa, chicken with scallions and poblano peppers, and some vegetable...

Tan's Tallahassee

by jangita 8 years ago

Quick report on Tan's which is the neighbor to the South of Esposito's. You may not even realize it's there but the food is great. I have only ordered off the "Indonesian" menu so I can't speak f...

New taqueria in Tallahassee? Pensacola and Cap Circle

by onrushpam 8 years ago

I noticed a new sign on what was a convenience store (they took the pumps out) at the corner of Pensacola and Cap Circle NW. I think it says Tienda Mexicana Taqueria. There were a bunch of cars p...

The Front Porch in Tallahassee

by steakman55 8 years ago

I have heard mixed reviews with a decidedly negative undertone...the food, the service. Been once for a drink and group meal with limited menu, so I can't really judge, but would love to hear what...

Help! Need gluten free, dairy free take-out in Tallahassee

by onrushpam 8 years ago

A friend is coming to visit this week and I thought I had our dinner figured out. I need to pick up something on my way home from work. No time to cook on this one... Tonight, I learned she has ...

Root Cellar--Tallahassee

by jangita 8 years ago

I have eaten 3 times now at the Miccosukee Root Cellar: http://miccosukeerootcellar.com/ and had 3 very satisfying meals. If you are really into local eating, well prepared food and a very inter...

Georgio's northside location in Tallahassee, RIP

by steakman55 8 years ago

Just heard tonight that Georgio's has about a month left. Lease problems with the new Trader Joe's moving into that strip mall....Parkway location will continue

Joe Mama's Wood Fired Pizza in Tallahassee

by steakman55 8 years ago

Never thought I would say that I found a pizza I like as well or better than Barnaby's, but Joe Mama's is it. Start with the name of the place; how could you not stop in? Only pizza I have tried ...