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Fun Friday & Saturday dinners for group of 8

by laurent692 4 years ago

Hi everyone! Heading to Montreal in 3 weeks with a group of 8 ladies in their late-20s and am looking for Friday and Saturday night dinner recs. Looking for moderately priced places with a fun,...

Apella Eatontown- 2016- WOW!!!

by sockster 4 years ago

We were driving past here and just stopped in. As soon as we sat down in this bright and cheery place, they put down warm bread with fresh tepenade which was excellent. Since we were here for lu...

ISO Pre-concert dinner for 3 adults, 2 teens

by anewton 4 years ago

Hello Fellow Hounds: My wife and I will be in Vancouver in early April to attend a concert at the Orpheum. Prior to the show, which starts at 8 pm, we will be meeting my wife's best friend and her ...

Lunch in Venice

by kathrynanne 4 years ago

I am looking for a restaurant in Venice that is open for lunch, takes reservations, and will appeal to seafood lovers and non-seafood eaters alike. Hopefully it also will be somewhat easy to find! ...

Dinner after fundraising event

by nyra987 4 years ago

Hi everyone, I'm participating in Cycle for Survival at Metropolitan Pavilion (125 W 18th St) on February 26th from 6-10 pm. It's an indoor cycling event to raise money for rare cancer research. I...

ISO Jewish Christmas Restaurant Recs

by brooklynsabra 4 years ago

Hello & Happy Holidays Everyone! Every year we meet the same family for Chinese Food on either Christmas Eve or Day. Last year, we went to The Bao for soup dumplings, the year before, it was Pe...

Looking for a restaurant with similar menu to Blue Ribbon.

by sgny 4 years ago

Looking to take wife to Blue Ribbon on a Saturday for dinner around 4:30/5:00pm. Just a little nervous about no reservations. Any places out there with similar menu and quality to Blue Ribbon th...

great restaurant in Westchester or Greenwich?

by MarthaWT 4 years ago

We are celebrating my son's 23rd birthday on Saturday. Does anyone know a great restaurant in Westchester or Greenwich (we're in Rye Brook)?

Birthday Dinner for 12 people

by meggie boo 4 years ago

Hi everyone, I am looking for a place to go for a Birthday Dinner. We are 12 people in our mid to late 20s (Birthday Girl is 29). I'm looking for a place that is reasonably priced (something like $...

Tricky request - Charlotte

by MelMM 4 years ago

I have some friends coming to visit from San Francisco in a couple weeks. Generally, their visits consist of me cooking for them three meals a day for five days, and they have no interest in eating...

Are reservations for wine bars really needed?

by rosalita 4 years ago

Heading to Paris next week with my mom. My plan is to go the Louvre Wednesday late afternoon/early evening, check out the view with a drink at Café Marly, and then make our way to a few of the win...

Downtown light bites/tapas/small plates that takes reservations?

by kathrynanne 5 years ago

Hi everyone. I am looking for a place in the village, Soho, Tribeca or LES that would be good for small plates. Tapas or Izakaya might work but it has to take reservations. Pretty open on price and...

Dinner suggestions -- St Louis

by worldrunner 5 years ago

So normally I wouldn't have much issue finding something but I'll be joining my GF and her daughter on the last two days of their vacation for my birthday dinner in St Louis. I've been to STL s...

Dinner reservation for 5 in Toronto this week?

by ampersand5 5 years ago

Hi everyone, I used to be a frequent Chowhound Toronto reader but I have been away from the city for a long time. In fact, I even wrote an article about the best restaurants in Toronto based on ...

If you've been to Laurel, how did you get a reservation?

by middleagedfoodie 5 years ago

Anytime I've looked at OpenTable, there's nothing or only very early or very late. How far in advance do they take reservations by phone? It looks to me like they may hold back the desirable times ...

Bakery/pastry shop with seating for large group (12-14)?

by Amy Mintzer 5 years ago

Any suggestions? French, Italian, old-fashioned American--any genre will do and long as it's really good. I just have to be able to accommodate a large group (and reserve for it).

Gabriel Kreuther- Fabulous!!

by sockster 5 years ago

Went last night. Beautiful space. GK has only been open a few weeks. Tables far from each other. Service was generally excellent. Bus staff a little quick to try and remove half eaten plates, bu...

All'Onda- terrific

by sockster 5 years ago

We came here for restaurant week. We were given an extremely warm greeting by the maitre'd and promptly seated for our reservation. Service was really good as was the food. We ordered three rest...

Birthday Dinner before Shoreline Amphitheater

by alisa1273 5 years ago

I'll be visiting from out of state and am organizing a 40th birthday dinner for a friend before going to a show at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View. I would love any suggestions for a qu...

Waterfront table for 3 on a Friday evening in July?

by hsquare2southend 5 years ago

Can anyone tell me where I can make a reservation for an outside water-view table in the city on a summer Friday night? I have an out of town guest who wants to see the water while eating and drink...