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Top sushi spot in Tokyo? Recommendations please

by AraEatsTheWorld 5 months ago

Hello - a group of 5 of us (I know it’s a lot and makes it hard for reservations) are going to Tokyo for a few days in December. We are trying to choose a good higher end sushi restaurant for dinne...

Traditional Dinner in Rome near Piazza Farnese

by adi 5 months ago

Hi Originally I hoped to make reservations at Armando al Pantheon but they don't have availability for 5/24 for 7 people. Any suggestions for a like experience in that general vicinity? TIA Adi

Eating in Albuquerque

by jwilbur 7 months ago

Hello my sister and I are coming into ABQ from Washington DC the last week of April and are looking for some cool places to eat preferably non chain for lunch and dinner. Also if we could find a ni...

Ramen in Manhattan

by CAMPA 1 year ago

I'm looking for a ramen restaurant for a HS graduation dinner for approx 10 people on Thursday 6/21. I prefer someplace that is on the quieter side if that is possible. It needs to take reservati...

Reservation to Meadowood

by adelabar 1 year ago

I have a reservation for Meadowood Saturday, June 16, 2018 at 5:45 PM for 3--let me know if you want it! We are teachers and our school year was extended so our trip is postponed! If you want it se...

Paris Latin Quarter weekend dinner and Beaune on Sunday?

by cgtb 1 year ago

Anyone have a favorite Latin Quarter bistro that takes reservations? Also, I will be driving to Beaune from Paris next Sunday to spend the night and would like to find someplace great for tradi...

Best Korean BBQ in Korea town?

by silencespeak 2 years ago

Hi hounds, I'm looking to bring some coworkers to kbbq in Korea town. What are the best reasonably priced kbbq restaurants that takes reservations? Could be 3 to 10 people depending on who can ...

New Orleans With Kids

by veralouise 2 years ago

Going to New Orleans for four days with two kids - they are 8 and 12 so they aren't super young - trying to find a place that's "kid friendly" but every time a search family friendly in New Orleans...

Barcelona - One dinner, mid-range, sit-down

by analogarsonist 2 years ago

Hi, Looking for a restaurant to bring my parents - they're a bit older, so would want to sit down; ideally a place that takes reservations. Tables are preferred, but barstools would be ok. Prio...

Budget Dinner, Reservations accepted, Unique

by DDewil 2 years ago

I ave family visiting from out of town and between the 8 of them they have tried many varieties of ethnic food, all Asian, all European, all North American. A. We are Foodies B. I am a pescata...

Osaka restaurant recommendation please

by rainbowbagel 2 years ago

Any suggestions on a restaurant near Osaka station that could accommodate a group of 7 including one vegetarian on Friday night? (Accepts reservations) Looking for good food (open to any style but ...

Need upscale casual for 8 people near Sheraton Centre

by 16crab 2 years ago

Looking for a place within (short) walking distance of the Sheraton Centre for a group of 8, preferably that takes reservations. One person is not adventurous at all and has made it very clear that...

Wharf late lunch

by eatgirl 2 years ago

Need to find a place somewhere between Marriott In the Wharf area and Alcatraz tours for a late lunch, say around 2:30pm, on Memorial Day. We prefer somewhere that takes reservations or that is eas...


by macdog 2 years ago

We will be in Rome in May and I'm starting to do some research on dinner places. We will be staying on Via Del Giubbonari and don't want to travel too far afield for dinner. So far I have Pianostra...

Cool and Fun Dinner Midtown

by dhkoenig 2 years ago

My brother and his wife are coming to NYC with another couple and we want to take them somewhere trendy/cool for dinner but want good food AND a bar scene that takes reservations. I am a little ov...

West 53rd and 6th

by Fort Point 2 years ago

Staying at Hilton Midtown arriving Sat. evening. Would like to find a restaurant that is an easy walk (one or two blocks) that takes reservations. Moderately priced (about $125 for two). French, ...

Suggestions for a super-cozy, non-stuffy romantic dinner

by LM225 2 years ago

Hi experts -- Anyone up for a challenge? :) My wife and I will be visiting for a few days, and I'd be grateful for your help in finding a restaurant with the following parameters. Adding a fe...

Special occasion for 8 serious food lovers in SF/East Bay

by OakTownHound 2 years ago

My mother-in-law's 70th birthday is coming up in a few months and she's coming to the Bay Area from the East Coast for the weekend. We're looking for a special occasion restaurant that can take a g...

Reservations at Restaurant near Moulin Rouge

by dantonuccio1 2 years ago

Hello! I'm looking for suggestion for restaurant that takes reservations near Moulin Rouge. We have 4pm Eiffel Tower tix and 9pm show tix. so I really need a place very close by that I can make r...

Boston: Bar seat Reservations

by goody1720 2 years ago

Looking to find some places that accept bar seat reservations. I'll even take good restaurants that have a queue at the bar.